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michael norton

Another problem ( not that they need any more) for
The Middle East is the recent collapse of Crude Oil prices, Brent Crude has dropped from
70 $ plus a year ago, to just above 33 $/barrel.
So almost halved in twelve months.
Saudi Arabia needs a price of 80$ plus for their economy to prosper.
Russia can cope with 20$/barrel, to proper.
Saudi Arabia wanted a world reduction in production, to assist in keeping the price higher but Russia would not play ball.
Russia has America in its sights.
The Fracking industry of the U.S.A. cannot make any money at 30$/barrel.
The Hegemony of the pertrodollar is doubt.
This could take The Donald off course in his November presidential election, as Donald has put the American Economy as his success.
As America is now moving into a Coronavirus explosion, so the American Economy will feel a cold breeze.

The only country in
The Middle East, to so far, not report any Covid-19 cases, is Syria.

All these commotions, can only play to the strengths of Syria and Russia.
The Syrian people, in the Syrian Government parts of Syria, have been tested to their limits over the last nine years, the ones that are left are healthy and strong, they are on the winning side of history.