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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Ell – I am glad to hear you say: “I am not giving up I have tried to contact journalists via Twitter, FB, direct email etc NO_ONE is INTERESTED!” Your reply has reassured me that I would probably not have accomplished very much at all by succumbing to the pressure to join Facebook, Twitter or the like, and the conscious avoidance of such spaces has greatly helped me to maintain my sanity! I really don’t know how these platforms function so I would be fumbling in the dark trying to get my feeble sound-bites noticed by the high profile aficionados who attract all the attention.

Still, there is no reason why you and others should not keep trying if you are familiar with these spaces and how they are best able to publicize an important message. Gone are the days when you could just look someone up in the phone book and give them a call… so call me a dinosaur! I really feel that if we could get the team from “Led by Donkeys” interested that they could put a giant megaphone to the project. There are also a number of really good Investigative Journalists out there who would have a huge boost in getting to the bottom of this mess aided by all of the data you have so diligently collected.

You say that: “I cannot get the formatting right over there and would really like a repository to place all of this in.” I do not have an alternative space, but I do have a formula for turning your data tables into easily transferable, customized to fit images you will be better able to post on your Blog and elsewhere. “Bear with;” I am no Techie. In an effort I should realistically describe as the blind as a bat leading the marginally visually impaired, I will try to explain how I have managed to spatially manipulate the content that I posted on my long neglected Blog.

When I was out in Indonesia as a Medical volunteer after the Boxing Day tsunami one of the local Doctors taught me a how to use PowerPoint to accomplish a whole lot more than creating training presentations. I was able to produce a complete floor plan of the Surgical treatment area and sterile core to illustrate a proposal I needed to present to WHO. Now, I routinely use PowerPoint for my design concept drawings as I find it really quick and easy to use for this task, but you can create data tables too if you do not need all the special features of Excel..

Creation Space: I chose PowerPoint to create my controlled print boxes and I used the simple “Table” feature in Power Point to create data tables. I use PP because you can expand your content well beyond the edges of the slide you are working on and then adapt it to fit the area you want latter on. Do not feel confined to the slide space, just extend sideways as much as you require, but use other options to stay as compact as possible. I also use a pastel background colours within my tables as this makes it easier for dyslexics to read.

Font & Fudging: Then it is important to select a compact font because it appears to be the width of your document that’s awkward to accommodate. I use a narrow san-serif font like Arial Narrow, but I prefer one called Agency FB; as a dyslexic I find this one easier to read and I always avoid Serif fonts like Times New Roman for the same reason. The font size can be enhanced using “Bold” and even “Text Shadow” to keep the text tight, but readable. By fudging I mean organizing the size of the title boxes to give you more height than width. The numbers below take up far less space, so it is just one large box at the top.

Capture as an Image: It does not matter if your table stretches out past the edge of the screen as your next move is to capture your completed table in its entirety and use the “group” function to unify it as a block image. Then all you need to do is “Copy” and select “Paste Special” from the “Paste” menu. You can now turn your table into one of several types of picture file.

Adapting the Image: Once this is accomplished the picture can be adapted to fit the space where you want it displayed. Within reason you can distort the image to increase the height and diminish the width by differing proportions to make your table fit into the posting area on your blog page. If someone wants to reprint your data all they need do is copy and paste what is now a picture.

Using this technique you can make your tabulated data easily readable on your own Blog space and easily transferable to be added to an email or document you send or print out. Keep signing the Petitions and sharing them with your friends; if you look for a much earlier post #50261 that I created on February 17, 2020 at 08:25 you will find a total of nine related Petitions calling for investigations into various aspects of this rigged Election including my own. We cannot give up as All Votes Must Count: it is time to “Rescue our Watchdog!”

PS: I will not be in the least bit offended if one of the more Techie inclined younger contributors has a far easier and more efficient way to fudge the awkward dimensions of a data table into a blog post: please share.