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OK J, so you must think that the New York firefighters were in on the conspiracy. Just after hundreds of their comrades had been killed in the collapse of WTC2, the conspiracy somehow told the remaining firefighters “move the public back from WTC7 because we’re about to detonate a load of explosives it was already rigged with but which we never told you about”. Why the sudden change in heart, from secrecy and mass slaughter, to warning the firefighters and evacuating an exclusion zone? But whatever, the firefighters just did as they were told, like unthinking morons. These hundreds of men, many of them ex-military, brave enough to enter the burning Twin Towers, furious at the death of their comrades, just meekly obeyed their faceless masters and moved the public back with the words “move back, that building is about to blow up”, as recorded on video. I can’t express how utterly ludicrous I find such a proposal. The firefighters knew, but they didn’t object.

“Why? Why this grand charade of officialdom to pretend demolition did not occur? Why did NIST falsify it’s own data to conceal demolition?”

Well possibly because the emergency demolition of WTC7 would release masses of asbestos and other toxins into the air. It would be a deliberate, premeditated act, so whoever authorised it would be liable to pay out compensation for the damage to people’s health, and when people started dying of asbestosis, anyone involved with the demolition could be charged with premeditated murder.
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“Why did NIST pretend something impossible happened three times in one day?”

J, someone must have told you that the collapses of the Twin Towers were impossible without explosives, causing you to build a scenario around that. I’ve seen dozens of websites that make that claim, many citing Chandler’s paper and Newton’s laws. But it’s not true; those sites mislead. The Twin Towers collapsed just as Newton’s laws predict for such structures. I know that because I’m reasonably good at Newtonian mechanics; I considered the structures, watched multiple collapse videos repeatedly, sometimes frame by frame, did a few sums and worked it out for myself. It’s all consistent – the initial crush at the damaged zone, the accelerating internal collapse, the peeling of the perimeter, the brief survival of the core remnant – everything I’ve seen, right down to the stripped bolts and the disposition of the debris. Structural failure initiating progressive collapse, just as maintained by the global mechanical engineering and building safety communities in their hundreds of thousands.

Look inside, J; ask yourself why you need to ridicule someone who, rather than accepting a common story told on multiple websites, hunts down the evidence, does the sums and works it out for himself. What’s so much better about believing an unofficial story just because it’s repeated on multiple websites, compared with believing the official story because it’s repeated in papers and on TV? Is it secret knowledge that you crave, a sense of being “in the know”? How can you be sure the conspirators didn’t deploy the story of Twin Tower demolition as a fall-back? The only safe strategy is to work it out oneself, so that’s what I’ve tried to do.

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