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@ SA

There is a conflation between corona-viruses and flu, but by your own admission corona is less severe.

There are over 600,000 deaths a year in UK, and even if we accept the latest figure of 10,000 ‘corona-related deaths’, this still leaves 590,000 ‘non-corona-related’ deaths a year. So is it rational to impose a lockdown due to the 10,000 and not the 590,000?

However according the “Office of National Statistics, weekly all-cause mortality surveillance 2019 to 2020” the overall death rate this year is below the average for the preceding 5 years.

But as is revealed by the use of the words died with, after and now related, as opposed died FROM corona there is a deliberate misuse of words to artificially increase the ‘corona death figures’.

There is also a policy to heighten the apparent severity of the disease, by the severity of the restrictions (which make no sense) to tackle it, such as stay at home, when going out is better for general health and well-being. And the lockdown hasn’t saved lives, but will cost many lives and livelihoods.

The other undeclared (real) reason for the severe measures is to impose a ban on political meetings and assembly to stop people protesting against the criminal lockdown under fear of arrest, under the guise of protecting the people from a virus.

The purpose of the deep state MSM driven panic is to wreck the economy and blame Trump for mishandling their crisis. This shows the satanic nature of the deep state, ready to crush humanity to defend the 1%. And shows why Sanders supporters and socialists should switch to Trump who despite his faults is a threat to the Washington swamp and preferable to the Mafia/Democrats.

Trump initially and correctly identified this, and wanted like Boris (and Sweden) a proportionate response, but due to the wall to wall MSM scaremongering calling for a extreme lockdown, had to outflank the plot with some lockdown measures and (got to laugh) turned it to his advantage with daily Whitehouse briefing that have boosted his popularity.

And the difference this time compared to for example 9/11 is this lockdown hurts everyone to varying degrees, (except the 1%) but because its dressed up as a medical matter there is already massive debunking, as many people naively reveal the truth, not aware of the political agenda behind the crisis.