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Kim Sanders-Fisher

For once the other day I felt genuinely glad that the Covid 19 crisis had cleared the streets, as we were relieved of the jingoistic overkill that would have marked the 75th anniversary of VE Day. I do not begrudge the veterans that fought in WWII their time to shine with pride over defeating the Nazis, but it’s no longer about showing respect for fallen heroes, anymore than “Clapping for Carers” is about showing respect for beleaguered NHS staff and Care workers. Despite respectful praise for veterans this Tory Government is actively perusing an agenda to cull the last of them remaining alive today with their negligent and reckless lack of support for their Carers that now leaves them critically exposed to Covid 19 in Care Homes. An impressive fly past obscures the truth as Tories fly-tip the elderly in a “Holocaust of Care.” The Tories all cheered when they denied the Nurses pay rise; their hypocrisy is absolutely sickening.

Why is there no expense spared to celebrate the victory of WWII or the remembrance of those who died? It servers a hugely important purpose in preparing the next generation of cannon fodder in readiness for the next unnecessary foreign intervention. Naive lads can join the Army at 16 when they are considered still too young to vote. We now have the military visiting our schools to soften up impressionable minds bombarded by constant messages of patriotism and pride in the Empire we once ruthlessly controlled, wielding cruelty and exploitation across the globe. We cling on to the redundant Trident subs in the pretence that we remain a global super power, but all we are now is the go-to place for supplying deadly weaponry to foreign despots. Despite the lunatic in charge of the largest and most lethal arsenal on earth, America is calling the shots now; the British are sinking into global irrelevance, but still longing for those glory days.

Reported in a Morning Star Article: “MoD admits to dropping bombs on Iraq two weeks ago despite supporting global ceasefire during Covid-19 pandemic; The Peace Pledge Union accuses the government of attempting to hide from scrutiny.” According to what is reported in the article, “BRITAIN staged air strikes in Iraq during PM Boris Johnson’s hospital stay this month just a week after the government offered support for a global ceasefire during the Covid-19 pandemic.” They reported that, “In an online statement, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said that the government was continuing to take “whatever steps are necessary … to keep the nation safe.” This occurred despite Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announing on April 3 that Britain backed the UN’s calls for a global ceasefire during the crisis. According to the article, “The Peace Pledge Union (PPU) accused the government of attempting to hide from scrutiny by quietly mentioning the bombing while the media is focused on Covid-19.”

The damage still being wrought through foreign intervention is exemplified in this Canary Article that elaborates on how, “US sanctions have helped to make Iran the biggest coronavirus victim in Asia.” In the article the Canary reveal how, “The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has hit Iran harder than any other country in Asia. At the time of writing, it has a death toll of 6,486. One factor that has contributed to such a high number has been US sanctions, which Donald Trump’s government actually increased during the pandemic.” They contend that, “This situation highlights why it’s more important than ever to stand up to Washington’s awful US foreign policy machine.”

Another Canary Article exposes the latest US attempt at regime change in South America featuring: “A dramatic sea invasion of Venezuela by US mercenaries shows just how bizarre the coup attempt has become.” In the article the Canary state with some surprise over the candour of the reporting paper that, “based on this latest attack and historical analysis, it seems that they were right all along. Even the Washington Post commented “Maduro may have a point” about the threat of US intervention in the context of this latest episode. Though the US government and its puppet Guaidó have so far denied having a hand in this latest escapade, history shows conclusively that it would hardly be out of character.”

In a critique of British pride and exceptionalism the Canary article: “Why I won’t be celebrating Britain on VE Day” summed up exactly how I feel. They highlighted how, “Other countries celebrate May Day as International Workers’ Day and observe it on actual May Day (1 May). But in the UK, we’ve become wedded to the idea that it has to be on a Monday.” Our May Day celebration was, “far from memorialising the achievements of workers around the world.” This year May Day was moved from the Monday the 4th to the Friday the 8th to merge with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

In an all out attack on our pompous British superiority complex the article pointed out why the UK is not so special. “Because it isn’t. OK, the NHS is one of the world’s best health systems. But as a country, we’ve hit a pattern of voting for politicians committed to its demise. So what else have we got? Shocking levels of inequality. A not-very-free press. And a staggeringly, brain-meltingly awful government response to the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe the UK is different. Just not in a good way.” The author relayed personal sentiments regarding the call for celebration saying, “But I won’t be helping our feckless, clueless, shameless government sweep its failings under a red, white and blue carpet of nostalgic jingoism. No ‘socially distanced street party™’ for me. Maybe I’ll clear the drains instead. It would feel more appropriate.”

Considering the obscene level of Tory propaganda that swamps our airwaves via the heavily right leaning BBC it is a wonder anyone is aware of any other news beyond the dictates curtailing our freedoms due to Covid 19. There is an awful lot that the Government we would rather we didn’t know about, so we do not ask awkward questions that expose their horrific genocide agenda both here and overseas. But relentless scrutiny and demanding accountability has never been more important than it is right now. The Covid 19 crisis has stopped all talk of Brexit so the Tories can crash us out of the EU without a deal. The gathering rumours about the Covert 2019 Rigged Election have been quelled as people worried about their own safety due to Covid 19, but the two issues are inextricably linked because a full investigation exposes the truth we are cursed with the dangerous decisions of Boris Johnson. We need the Tories out of office ASAP.