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Bill Thomson

John @ May 12, 2020 at 12:40 did you ever resolve your issue?
I note that is OK for a leftist to berate other posters as nazi or racist but non personal comments opposing a leftist view of the world sometimes don’t get through. And that’s with me biting my tongue more often than I post. It does come across as “not fit[ting] a certain agenda.”
One wonders if there is a problem with Akismet and their notion of spam.
My inclination is to simply abandon this site. It is Craig’s site and he is entitled to publish what he wishes but it presents as being open to discourse. If it is being mod-ed to fit an agenda then it is as bad as the Daily Mail.

[ Mod: On the contrary, ‘Bill Thomson’ – you posted in the same threads using different identities: ‘Bill Thomson’ and ‘Barry Guillain’ with the same email address (but we would have spotted it anyway). The moderators suspended those comments and drew your attention to the corresponding blog rule:

[ Mod: You use the screen name ‘Barry Guillain’ (or ‘Bill Thomson’, as appropriate), and you posted with both identities on both the Barnard Castle and Ozymandias threads. Kindly note the following guidance in the moderation rules for commenters:

… the adoption of multiple identities within the same thread is not to be allowed.

The detection of sockpuppetry renders comments under all related identities eligible for deletion. Kindly retain a single screen name. ]

But it seems you’d rather cast false allegations and announce a decision to leave. First, though, would you care to explain why you adopted multiple identities? ]