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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The second I wake up the words start cascading into my conscious mind, driven by the desperation of our dire national plight. So many Brits are calmly sleepwalking into the solidification of this Tory coup, unaware of the full impact of the dystopian nightmare that lies ahead if we do nothing to derail their rapacious assault on our democracy. It started well before the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, but it will be fully established once we are forcibly extricated from the EU in a chaotic crash-out Brexit. ‘Auntie’ has capitulated, the BBC has already been coapted into a Tory compliant mouthpiece; any mainstream media outlets that have yet to be coerced into reinforcing Tory propaganda are just sidelined and excluded access. I am fortunate to have time on my hands right now; I owe it to the people of our seriously endangered democracy, to use my time wisely in the pursuit of promoting protest and rebellion to seek justice by exposing the truth in the fast diminishing hope that we can eject this rabid Tory Government from office.

But wait, a glimmer of hope just emerged in a recent entitled “‘Get the Tories Out’ – Labour supporters publish new book on socialist social media.” They promote the new book authored and compiled by Andrew Godsell ‘Get the Tories Out,’ but this leading, well respected, alternative news outlet still accepts the myth of the ‘Tory Landslide’ victory in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. Getting Skwawkbox to rethink that defeatist stance is crucial to getting the Tories out! Describing the book they say that, “A group of Labour supporters has come together to produce a new book addressing what works and what doesn’t in social media activism to spread the real Labour message – and correcting the skewed Establishment narrative.” A press release by the group explains: “Get The Tories Out! is an impressive book of topical political commentary, written by a group of Labour Party members and supporters. This collection of short essays is rapidly gaining public attention, and independent media coverage.”

Sadly Skwawkbox continues to naively reinforce the Tory propaganda regarding the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, asserting that, “The Conservatives won the 2019 General Election, with a majority of 80 seats, while Labour were reduced to 202 MPs, the party’s smallest total since 1935. This was largely due to the loss of support in areas that voted to leave the European Union – with people disaffected by Labour’s switch to the second referendum policy.” This is not valid. Why would Labour members vote to reward the standard bearer of that controversial shift in policy by appointing him their Leader, if they believed it lost the election? Skwawkbox try to modify the widely accepted defeat by adding, “The scale of Labour’s defeat in 2019 is unparalleled in our lifetimes. Or is it? The significantly low level of seats masked the fact that Labour won 10,265,912 votes at the latest election, two and a half years on from 12,878,460 people voting for a radical programme, shaped by Jeremy Corbyn and a mass membership, during 2017”
Then Skwawkbox attempt to put the bad news into a more positive context for the accepted loss by introducing past comparisons, “The 2019 Labour vote total was higher than in three other elections in the current century – 2005 (Labour majority), 2010 (hung Parliament led to Con-Dem coalition), and 2015 (small Tory majority). Labour’s vote in 2017 had been exceeded in only four previous General Elections, those of 1950, 1951 (a defeat despite winning a higher popular vote than the Tories), 1966, and 1997.” However, I would contend that such comparisons are totally meaningless if the vote itself was rigged to give the Tories extra postal ballots in the precise amount necessary to take the exact number of marginal seats targeted through Dominic Cummings’s Voter Intention Collection System. VICS allowed him to precisely quantify and target where to steal votes for exactly 80 seats, just as he had promised and predicted. The best information on the Cummings plan is printed in the Daily GasLamp Blog which is a real must read.

Skwawkbox then very proudly announce Labour’s more impressive Election results, “The 2017 Election brought an increase in the Labour vote compared to the previous such contest of 3,531,187. This was the second largest gain of votes in Labour’s history. The biggest leap occurred in 1945, when Labour won power with 3,982,758 more votes than in the preceding election. With elections on hold during World War Two, the poll prior to 1945 had been held a whole decade earlier, taking us back to the 1935 result.” It’s highly likely that the 2017 Election was equally corrupted by stolen votes, but that the Tories miscalculated the extent of public support for Corbyn and the progressive Labour Manifesto. Shaken, the Tories knew in 2019 the media campaign had to be a lot more ruthless, the BBC would need to proactively support the Tory disinformation and the assault on postal votes would have to be targeted and comprehensive to win. Sadly the Tories achieved all of their corrupt goals and the truth has yet to be exposed.

While Skwawkbox assert that, “These figures suggest that talk of an existential crisis for the Labour Party is premature,” they still buy into the fallacy that the meaninglessly moronic “Get Brexit Done” message succeeded in haemorrhaged Labour votes to the Tories, by claiming, “Without the concern from 2016 leave voters that Labour was abandoning them…” There was no substance to this claim beyond the fanciful Tory media spin that the Labour Party made no real effort to combat! There is no question that the media onslaught was damaging, so for Skwawkbox to raise it as a factor was not an excuse, but a valid statement of fact. They wrote how if the Brexit impact had not, “combined with the massive mainstream media attack in 2019, Labour could have repeated the historically high vote of 2017. That vote had removed the small Tory majority in the House of Commons, when Theresa May, and her numerous Blue Tick supporters with ipads (who masqueraded as journalists), thought she was on course to increase it.”

Skwawkbox are correct to point out that, “The current crisis for Labour is largely a false construct from the opponents of our party. Sadly this narrative is being amplified by the misnamed ‘moderates’ in Labour. Their zealous nostalgia for Blairite Neoliberalism attacked the resurgent left during 2016, with the ‘Chicken Coup’ and ‘Labour Purge’, notorious failed attempts to break Corbyn and his supporters.” This is a good start as it will be vital for progressives within Labour not to buy into the prevailing concept that their enlightened manifesto was too radical, too ambitious, but most inaccurate of all too Socialist. It is important that left wing progressives are not coerced into thinking that Starmer’s swerve towards the illusive centre ground is necessary in order to make the party electable; it is not! Whenever I hear any talk of the proverbial ‘Centre Ground’ I am overwhelmed by a powerful image of the Monty Python team romping forward with their clip-clop coconuts in search of the Holy Grail; it really is that ridiculously fanciful!

In reporting Godsell’s objectives Skwawkbox said that following the 2019 defeat there had been “an enormous amount of positive activity… inspirational ideas about rebuilding support for the Labour Party and Socialism.” And they reported that many of them, “strongly believe the Tories will fail to deliver on empty pledges they made to win the Election.” While acknowledging that, “The Conservative Party have little or no interest in the working people” the talk yet again reverted to reinforcing that lie about lending the Tories votes to “Get Brexit Done.” They revealed that, “Months before Boris Johnson came up with his slogan, we were saying ‘Get The Tories Out.’ Actually we were often using #GTTO, one of the popular hashtags introduced by Rachael Swindon, a woman who has been a massive influence in putting the Socialist message into British social media.” It would be so incredibly valuable if we could manage to convince Rachael Swindon that the core premise of our demand for justice deserved her promotional support.

Skwawkbox report that “The strong advocacy of continued radical Socialism in the Labour Party, as the best way to challenge and defeat the Tories, gave Andrew Godsell an idea. He suggested, in January 2020, that we should capture some of this excellent content, in a cheap paperback. The response was very encouraging. In the next few days, excellent pieces were sent to Andrew, who put a summary of the developing plan on his Blog. Over the course of a few weeks, more pieces arrived. Meanwhile exchanges among the growing group of writers, via Twitter and email, produced new ideas for content, including some great memes to illustrate the book.” This is exactly the kind of grassroots movement we really need to promote the demand for a full investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. The only stumbling block is that so many people remain convinced that the result was a valid ‘Tory landslide’ victory; they think that there will be a free and fair election to oust the Tories in five years time!

Skwawkbox report that, “Little more than a month on from the original idea, Get the Tories Out! was published. This enabled the book to be part of a debate on the future of our party, during the Labour leadership election then in progress. The plan was to produce an expanded, and updated, edition after the leadership contest concluded, and this arrived in June. It is a literal Labour of love, with the contributors offering their pieces for free, and a cooperative publication on a non-profit basis – hence the bargain price!” They say that, “The pieces in the book explain the experience and views of individual campaigners, who are working with others – both online and in the real world – to build the collective strength of our movement. Amidst the dark days of Boris Johnson’s Premiership, here are strong messages of hope, as we analyse the reasons for Labour’s historic defeat, and show the way that a radical mass movement can regain the political initiative from the Tories.”

So who’s listed among the books contributors? According to Skwawkbox, “Some of the authors are familiar figures on political Twitter, with Rachael Swindon contributing two chapters. We also have pieces by Wolfie, Chelley Ryan, Rick Evans, Gayle Letherby, and Elaine Dyson.” Andrew Godsell has been writing about politics and history for many years, with ‘Why NOT Trust the CONservatives?’ being his most notable book in this field.” The Skwawkbox editor admitted having, “found it a delight to read a lot of great material from emerging left Tweeters, deservedly building a good audience. Besides essays by twenty different authors, the book includes suggestions for further reading – dozens of Socialist and similar books, plus independent media websites and radical Blogs are listed.” Because they are hoping that increasing numbers of people will be enthused to read the book, and share their message, I have posted most of this promotional article here which I hope meets with Skwawkbox and the author’s approval.

I’ve a lot to learn about the modern Social Media communications medium so I think owning a copy of this book would be a good place to start. For those interested in buying the book it’s listed for sale on Amazon and details posted on the Skwawkbox include the ISBN, “The 148-page book is available in paperback form under ISBN 9798617341746 for a price of £4.99.” I was surprised to see a contact email address for Godsell which couldn’t possibly have been included without his express permission. Few dare to be so bold in these uncertain times, but they write that, “for more information contact Andrew Godsell on [email protected].” I have written a rather lengthy email to Godsell pitching our controversial position on the 2019 Election result. While I hope he will consider our perspective and possibly even visit this Forum; he might just get lost in the weeds of my email. I would appreciate as many other followers of this Forum contacting him with the type of brief, succinct message for which I am not renowned.

All of the contributors to this book will have been in contact with Godsell by email so he will have contact information for all of them. Obviously he cannot pass on contact information without consent; I wouldn’t dream of asking this. However, he could communicate with all of the writers on our behalf and at least alert them to our efforts and our perspective on the election. The major thrust must be centred on the well established fact that our Electoral System is wide open to Industrial scale fraud. This fact was obvious over ten years ago and still hasn’t been addressed. A massive nationwide campaign sowing the seeds of doubt threatens the legitimacy of the Government and puts all future votes under a cloud of suspicion. The unexpected result and unacceptable anomalies in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, the public outrage over Covid mismanagement and the impending crash-out Brexit will put pressure on the Tories if they do not subject the electoral process to full scrutiny; after December scrutiny will be abolished in the UK!

We have a unique opportunity to corral the support of a group of people who excel in mass communication with a wide audience of well established followers who respect their input. We must change the narrative dominated by relentless Tory propaganda, the focus on accepting defeat, hand-wringing and trying to make the incomprehensible Tory ‘landslide victory’ appear credible. This group of progressive influencers could be encouraged to increase the pressure on this Government to release the Russia Report, fire Dominic Cummings and Robert Jenrick as urgent priorities. Protesters on the street are angry when another inquiry becomes an excuse to shelve important issues almost indefinitely. The Tory Government must start implementing the recommendations of the many reports that have been ignored and people must be held to account for serious failings. The importance of investigating the Covert 2019 Rigged Election will at least expose the flaws in our system, but it might just bring down this Tory Government.