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It could be that Mary is authorising the release of the tapes of her aunt Maryanne because her uncle Robert has died. (I can’t connect the dots there, but…families and stuff.)

It could be that she is timing it in cooperation with other anti-Donald Trump people to try and weaken him or bring him down before the convention concludes. She’s a decent and sane person and wants to end his presidency. Logic suggests she will cooperate with others who are in the same category in order to increase the chances of success.

It could be that she didn’t make the tapes but someone else did, and she’s been told “We’ve got the tapes. No problems saying you made them?” and she has said “Hell no. Go right ahead.”

In any case, go Mary!

This is a nightmare for Donald Trump – two women (one of whom has known him since he was born) are cooperating to express their uttter contempt for him and his career in public. How long until he accuses them of bleeding out of their eyes with fury, or out of their “wherevers”. It’s going to be very interesting to see whether he calls his sister Maryanne a liar. She’s around a decade older than him and he may not have the guts to contradict her or slag her off. We’ll soon find out.

The Kushners will be furious! “That guy is supposed to be our property, and he can’t even control a couple of shiksas he’s related to.”

The contrast between his response to Stephen Bannon’s arrest and how he commented on Ghislaine Maxwell’s was remarkable. He said he didn’t know anything about Bannon’s project and then he followed up by saying he decided not to be involved with it because he didn’t like it. Well he must have known something about it then. What didn’t he like? That it was a private business operation? He doesn’t like to encourage private business operations by his associates because he puts his government role first? Really? He also strongly implied he hasn’t spoken with Bannon for ages, although I noticed he didn’t say so explicitly and said instead that he hasn’t been “involved” with Bannon for a long time. Sounds as though that was on legal advice. The “I don’t know anything” attitude gave a similar indication. I hope he gets caught lying about his financial involvement with Bannon. Will the Supreme Court help him keep his tax returns out of New York state prosecutors’ hands until after 3 November?