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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – As I said before you’re right to draw my attention to why we “have not seen a similar attack on the 2019 election results.” One other thought though is that Cadwalladr one or more of the other investigative Journalists might actually be working on this already’ if so they would not want to break the story until it was well and truly solidified because to go off half cock would wreck a vital opportunity to restore justice. I sometimes wonder if Craig is on to this too. I think we should try to make contact with Cadwalladr and find out where she stands at least. With the inside knowledge she already has, she must have some good contacts as already said, “no one should need to persuade her that the result of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was so completely illogical and unfathomable that it reeks of industrial scale fraud… it’s hard to believe that anyone was fooled by the propaganda attempting to legitimize the 2019 vote.” Does anyone know how to message her without relying on Twitter?

Cadwalladr knows the power that Cummings can wield by manipulating the public via access to personal data and now Covid has provided the perfect opportunity. The most seriously alarming revelation from the CSW was that, “Under the deal, McKinsey is authorised to process personal data for test and trace personnel, contractors, customers, users and suppliers, for seven years after the work is completed.” They will be gaining access to data they have no legitimate need of; it’s closer to the data points Cummings requires to crawl inside your head. It, “includes people’s names and addresses, driving licence details, pay, biometric data, next of kin contacts and medical conditions. Once the work is finished, McKinsey will own all concepts, tools and databases and other outputs it has generated. It has agreed to give DHSC a worldwide, royalty-free licence to use and copy any tools developed through the work.” This contract represents a data gold mine for the Dom; Cadwalladr should be hot on his case, but no one seems to care.

The Johnson/Cummings Tory Government pick ‘D’ for Dido Harding to join their disastrous line-up of Dunces! Harding is definitely not on a winning streak with regard to her managerial track record. Harding’s dismal failures with organizing the UK Track & Trace system was preceded by her stellar screw-up as CEO of Talk-Talk; earning the worst Customer Service reputation in the industry and suffering a massive, very costly, data breach. It would be a real challenge for Matt Hancock to appoint a more abysmal choice to take charge of this most crucial healthcare role. This jockey, a notorious horse woman, is taking us all for a ride, but we fear she will stumble and fall before the new organization even gets out of the starting blocks, just as she did with the rapidly abandoned ‘world beating’ Covid 19 tracing App! This isn’t a race the Harding Horse should be running, so please PM postpone the disruptive hurdles of a hasty Healthcare shake-up, scraping PHE or more scapegoating during this national crisis and put Dido out to pasture!

I was looking for more information on Dido Harding that might indicate why her catastrophic past managerial failures had not rulled her out of the running for her latest plumb job when I came across a Morning Star Article entitled: “The woman who will sell our NHS to the United States.” With an alarming headline like that I was eager to find out exactly who this privileged woman was and why she had even been considered for the challenging task she has now been assigned with regard to our NHS. They report that, “In the week test and trace has been declared inadequate, Peter Frost finds out a bit more about the woman friend Prime Minister Johnson put in charge. He calls her his Dido.” Frost reveals, “Surprise, surprise, Boris does have a real Dido in his life. How close the couple are is a tightly kept secret, but we do know Prime Minister Johnson has made her chairwoman of NHS Improvement.”

Frost elaborates on the background of Dido aside from the most obvious detail of ‘privileged elite,’ he says, “Her real name is Diana Mary Harding, Baroness Harding of Winscombe. She has long been close mates with Johnson and before him she studied policy, politics and economics at Oxford alongside David Cameron. These long-term political friendships have placed her in the leadership of the corrupt political cabal the runs Britain today. Most people first heard her name when in early May this year Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that she had been appointed to head up the introduction of the new world-beating coronavirus test and trace system. Later in May the Prime Minister told the House of Commons liaison committee that Dido, as he liked to call her, was a senior NHS executive. This was a strange way to introduce someone who didn’t work for the NHS, had never worked for the NHS and had certainly never been a senior NHS executive. Yes, it was another complete Johnson lie.”

Frost reports that, “In fact she is a businesswoman, with some interesting failures and shortcomings in her business career. But she is married to a Tory MP and close to the Prime Minister — just the qualification you need to be drafted in as something called chair of NHS Improvement. Her husband is John Penrose, Tory MP for Weston-super-Mare. Penrose is a key member of the advisory board of a right-wing Tory think tank called 1828. This think tank argues Britain should scrap the NHS in favour of an insurance-based system. Sounds like the softening-up of British opinion before we sell our wonderful NHS to some US pirate health set-up. 1828 has also called for the abolition of Public Health England, which has a key role in the coronavirus test and trace system now headed by, yes, you guessed it, Dido Harding.” Perhaps, with her track record of failure, Johnson thought Dido was just the right person to oversee grotesque misspending of NHS funds and catastrophic bungling to kill off our precious Healthcare system.

Frost elaborates on Dido’s NHS foray so far, “Harding’s first job was to get test and trace off the ground. Clearly, the world-beating app we had all heard so much about was the key part of test and trace. It failed to test or trace at all and was quietly pushed aside to play a minor support role (ie, no role at all). One reason the test and trace system didn’t work too well was because it isn’t run, as you might expect, by the NHS, but by Serco, the company that has become unbelievably rich from innumerable privatisations and public contracts. Serco has built a strong reputation over the years for inefficiency, money-wasting and not worrying too much about breaking the law. It has already illegally released the email addresses of some of its Covid-19 contact tracers. Many working for test and trace describe it as chaotic, so how the government gave Serco the job is a mystery.” He asks, “Transparent process? Competitive tender? No. Just as puzzling is how the woman Johnson calls Dido came to be in charge of the entire shooting match.”

Frost inquires, “So how did Johnson’s Dido get the job? When you know her background there is little real mystery. Silver spoons and mouths come into her early story. She is the daughter of the late John Charles Harding, 2nd Baron Harding of Petherton, an army officer and hereditary peer. She went to a private school and Oxford, where one of her friends was David Cameron. A Harvard MBA followed. Always keen on horses down on the pig farm, she became a successful jockey. She worked in a series of jobs until in 2010, for no clear reason, she was appointed as CEO of mobile phone giant TalkTalk. With Dido at the helm, TalkTalk, in October 2015, lost the personal and banking details of about four million of its customers. Harding was severely criticised for her ignorance about hacking and her incompetent response to this disaster. The Information Commissioner’s Office imposed a record fine of £400,000. TalkTalk lost £42 million and over 100,000 customers. Amazingly, CEO Harding kept her job.”

Frost explains how, “Rich Tories, like Dido Harding are rarely content with one job. Certainly she started to collect a few additional large pay packets. In 2014 she became a non-executive director of the Bank of England’s court of directors. At the bank she chairs the committee that decides our nationalised bankers’ pay. Her usual recommendation is ‘shitloads’.” But that’s not all, Frost says, “Ex-jockey Harding also became a director of the Jockey Club, which runs British horseracing.” This was to have special Covid 19 significance with regard to the timing and regulations applied during lockdown. More privilege was bestowed on Dido Harding as Frost reports that, “By now her old pal Cameron had elevated her to the House of Lords. He needed people who, like her, thought that maternity leave is too generous and held a bunch of other equally reactionary opinions. She became Baroness Harding of Winscombe in September 2014. She, of course, took the Tory whip. After all, since 1995 she had been married to a Tory MP.”

Frost says, “By May 2017 Harding had finally left her job at TalkTalk.” The company had earned an atrocious reputation for the worst Customer Service in the industry during her tenure. Frost reports that, “Five months later, despite her disastrous track record, she emerged, after a supposedly open recruitment process, as the minister’s choice for the new post of chair of the board of NHS Improvement. Pay £62,000 for two to three days a week. That would pay for a good few care home workers, many of whom have laid down their lives fighting the virus. Even the House of Commons select committee on health commented on her complete lack of experience of the health world. It also recommended that Harding should give up the Conservative whip in the House of Lords. Did she give it up? Not on your Nelly. It’s a bit unfair to suggest Harding knows nothing about dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.” Frost was about to elaborate on another on her deadly intervention.

Frost revealed the Tory dilemma, “For two weeks in March, Johnson’s government couldn’t make up its mind about the need for a lockdown. The virus rampaged through the country. The decision to allow mass gatherings certainly helped to spread coronavirus faster. The largest of these was the Cheltenham Horseracing Festival, which attracted over a quarter of a million people in March. The Jockey Club’s selfish and disastrous decision not to cancel the festival will rank as one of the worst examples of putting profits ahead of people’s health. Nearly 200 people died of coronavirus in local hospitals after the event, which is also generally believed to have sent hundreds of infected racing fans back to Ireland. Harding was a director of the Jockey Club and racecourse committee director at Cheltenham when the festival went ahead. We know the Jockey Club board lobbied the government to allow the festival to proceed but Harding has refused to talk about her role in this.” That warped health and safety decision increased the death toll!

Frost is sceptical, “Whether Harding will make a success of her current job is open to question. The associated app, trialled on the Isle of Wight, has disappeared without trace. Early reports suggest that Serco’s practical arrangements for recruiting and training trackers are chaotic.” Reports say those employed in contact tracing are given few leads to contact. He says, “No surprise, really. Our Tory masters have dozens of examples of giving failed firms like Serco and G4S plum public contracts loaded with bonuses. Nurses and other healthcare workers of course get public applause in lieu of decent wages. The NHS’s proven management could do the job cheaper and better than Serco but if we give it to the public health professionals there will no shareholder payouts, which are the guiding measure of Tory success. Add to this the fact that over the years the Tory cuts in public spending and reduced funding for local authorities have deliberately weakened the ability of local government to operate public health schemes.”

Frost criticized, “Even when she fails, Harding will simply be given another position in the Tory old boys’ (even if they are girls) network. Today in Britain it is still the same old story. Top jobs come not from ability but from the private education and social connections your parents have bought you. Even in 2020 we have a Cabinet made up in the main of Eton-educated men.” With this Tory Government there is no accountability, as Johnson clings to those who support him and his corrupt cabal. Despite multiple failures, the PM tried to reward ‘failing Grayling’ with another critical position of influence, but his inappropriate appointment was foiled. We were shocked Gavin Williamson even bothered to apologise for his exam grade debacle. We cannot stop demanding the removal of these incompetents, miscreants like Cummings and an unidentified accused Tory rapist. We must continue to demand a full Investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election; one out is not enough, we want this entire Tory Government out of office. DO NOT MOVE ON!