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Kim Sanders-Fisher

While our sadly corrupted BBC now proudly tout “News from the UK and around the world,” the selective output of distraction I call ‘Handyfloss’ and blatant propaganda has increased exponentially. Despite serious and legitimate concerns over the algorithmic rejigging of exam results to further disadvantage the already disadvantaged, the sorry saga morphed into a massive distraction tool as the hapless Tory Education Secretary dithered and delayed over correcting the problem. Now the news has reverted to what is supposedly everyone’s most important priority: tourism, playing the travel quarantine lottery and the minutia of the Government’s shambolic smorgasbord of highly discriminatory lockdown restrictions that support leisure spending, the necessity to return to work and get children back in school while punishing personal and familial interactions that exclude a cash register. This was highlighted by Craig in his recent Post: “The Currency of Absurdity.” While we are distracted by such banal ‘Handyfloss’ what of the real news?

It was really important for ‘Auntie’ to double-down on the latest allegations regarding the highly predictable discovery of Novichok poisoning in the mysterious case involving opposition politician Navalny’s attempted assignation by the evil Russian state on the direct orders of Putin. In his Post: “Novichok, Navalny, Nordstrom, Nonsense,” Craig has dissected the logic-free analysis, arguing convincingly to demonstrate that this has all the classic indicators of another ‘false flag’ event. One need only consider how conveniently it ties all the Novichok lose ends together to target Russia as a major pariah global enemy. Meanwhile other grievous atrocities are ignored. The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is only noted for their beleaguered healthcare system’s inability to provide reliable data on Covid 19 while there is no mention of our continued supply of arms to the Saudi’s to bomb their citizens into oblivion! The ongoing Israeli atrocities persecuting the Palestinian people also remains under wraps.

The title of the Canary Article, “Israeli forces attack a 68-year-old Palestinian man using brutal knee-to-neck tactic” tempts readers who, following the brutal murder of George Floyd in the US, have started to question this ruthless tactic and its deadly origin as a technique of severe oppression used by authoritarian regimes. However, the full extent of the Israeli assault on the Palestinian people in the violent theft of their land continues unabated; it is exposed in this piece along with a call to protest. Under the final heading, “Get Involved” they appeal, “Palestine Action is holding a demonstration against Israeli Arms Company Elbit on Saturday 5 September. Join them.” The scheduled start time of 1:00PM at 77 Kingsway, London might provide too little notice for you to attend, but this pro-Palestinian solidarity group needs our ongoing support now more than ever and not just to: #ShutElbitDown

The Canary report that, “Once again, Israeli forces have been caught on camera using the brutal knee-to-neck tactic. This time it was to restrain a 68-year-old Palestinian man. On 1 September, Khairy Hanoun was savagely attacked after a demonstration in the northern West Bank. He was protesting against the confiscation of his land. Video footage shows the occupation forces shoving Hanoun to the ground, while one soldier rams his knee into the farmer’s neck. Meanwhile, other soldiers pointed weapons at those filming the assault.” The Bulldozing of land continues unnoticed by the Western media and our heavily biased BBC ‘world news’. They say that, “Hanoun’s land is located in Shufa village, close to Tulkarem city in the northern West Bank. Abdelkarim Dalbah, an activist and researcher from Tulkarem, told The Canary that Israel plans to confiscate around 800 dunums of land from Shufa village in order to build an industrial zone.”

According to the Canary, “Dalbah said: The [Israeli occupation’s] bulldozers came two weeks ago and started bulldozing the land and making roads for the industrial zone. People were prevented from being on their land. Of course, the inhabitants started to demonstrate in order to prevent this terrible Israeli project. On Tuesday we had four demonstrations in the area. The IOF [Israeli Occupation Forces] prevented us from reaching the land. They used sound bombs and tear gas on people. After the demonstration had finished, the Israeli soldiers followed some teenagers, so Khairy and some activists tried to talk to the soldiers to tell them not to shoot at the kids. You can see from the video what happened. We managed to release Khairy from their hands. Khairy is a great activist, and he’ll continue to demonstrate against the confiscation of his land.” The Israelis apartheid regime have felt emboldened by the unquestioning support of US President Trump who now endorses their expansionist takeover of the West Bank.

The slightest mention of the Israelis apartheid policy of Palestinian subjugation, persecution and confiscation of land is effectively silenced by the Israeli Lobby here and elsewhere as anti-Semitism is redefined to encompass any criticism of this rightwing rogue state. The Canary warns that the Israeli Government are, “Slicing up the West Bank. Dalbah explained the significance of Israel’s latest land grab plans. He said: ‘There’s already an Israeli industrial zone in west Tulkarem with ten Israeli chemical companies inside’. This existing industrial zone has had massive impacts on people’s health in the area. It even contains one factory which was forced to close down inside Israel’s borders because it was so hazardous. Dalbah continued: Now they are planning this new industrial zone in south Tulkarem. If the land is confiscated it will be terrible: it is the south gate of Tulkarem city and it is the only space that the city can expand in the area. This industrial zone will connect up the [illegal Israeli colonial] settlements in this area.”

The Canary provide historical context for the alarming territorial annexations by reporting that, “In 1949, the furthest advance of the Zionist forces onto Palestinian land became known as the Green Line, separating what the mainstream media now calls Israel and the West Bank. Then, in 1967, the Israeli military crossed the Green Line, occupying the West Bank, remaining an occupation force ever since. In the early 2000s, Israel built its illegal apartheid wall. A massive 85% of the wall is placed beyond the Green Line, stealing swathes of West Bank land. The new industrial zone will steal much more land. Dalbah said: The new industrial zone will be connected to the Green Line, cutting another Israeli corridor of land even further into the West Bank [isolating Palestinians from even more of their land].”

The Canary article highlights the additional Checkpoints saying that, “Dalbah argued that the plans will cut off Tulkarem city from other areas of the West Bank: It will isolate Tulkarem from the south region. Palestinian people will only be able to pass through under controls, checkpoints. Israel can claim that the industrial zone will provide work for thousands of Palestinian workers, but this is bullshit of course. According to the UN, Israel already imposes 58 obstacles such as roadblocks or checkpoints, on the Tulkarem area, preventing free movement for Palestinian people. And there are currently 593 obstacles all over the West Bank.” Netanyahu is increasingly coming under fire over corruption charges; he has only been able to avoid prosecution by remaining in office, but his luck may be running out. Bibi’s poor management of the Covid19 Pandemic has enraged Israeli citizens who are now taking to the streets in protest; he has thrown the red meat of sped-up expansion to his hard-core supporters in a desperate attempt to hang on.

Could Netanyahu’s waning popularity and the wrath of angry young protesters spell the end for Likud Party dominance, with a new opportunity to rescue the Palestinians from ethnic cleansing policies and a chance to salvage peace talks? The Canary make a heartfelt appeal to us, “Don’t forget the people of Palestine” They “asked Dalbah if the Israeli forces use the knee-to-neck tactic regularly on demonstrations. Dalbah replied: ‘Almost always.’ Israel’s brutal tactics are barely ever reported on in the mainstream media. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers and police officers continue to get away with extreme violence, knowing that there will be no consequences. The UN has reported that there have been at least 5,585 Palestinian people killed since 2008, and another 113,990 injuries. There have been many attempts by Israel and its supporters to smear Palestine rights campaigners as antisemitic. These attempts to shut down all criticism of the brutal Israeli occupation haven’t worked. Let’s all shout out for Palestinian rights.”

Written back when Boris Johnson chose his new cabinet, the Middle East Monitor Article entitled, “Priti Patel, who asked for UK aid for Israel army, now Home Secretary,” offers a stark warning based on Patel’s authoritarian beliefs and toxic connections. They reported that, “The UK’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed Priti Patel as Home Secretary despite the fact that she was forced to resign two years ago after holding secret, unofficial meetings with Israeli ministers. The former international development secretary made several unofficial meetings including with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and was accused of conducting her own foreign policy in the Middle East. The meetings included a visit to an Israeli army field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights; Patel asked officials within her department to look into whether British aid money could be funneled into the medical centre. In her resignation letter Patel herself admitted she ‘fell below the high standards that are expected of a Secretary of State’.”

MEMO said, “Her appointment has drawn outrage across the board due to her record on key human rights issues. Despite the fact that her parents migrated to the UK in the sixties, Patel has voted for a stricter asylum system and against banning the detention of pregnant women in immigration jails.” They said, “The Essex MP has suggested using the potential of food shortages in Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit as leverage against the backstop being introduced. In 2011 Patel supported the death penalty on the BBC’s Question Time arguing it would ‘act as a deterrent.’ Before being elected as an MP in 2010, Patel worked for the PR company Weber Shandwick, whose clients included the government of Bahrain, which has been criticised for its high number of torture and forced disappearance cases. Shortly after being elected the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs flew Patel to Bahrain to meet several ministers. She has also been on a UAE-funded trip to the country and attended a conference in Washington paid for by the Henry Jackson society.”

MEMO said that, “Patel will replace former Home Secretary Sajid Javid who is now Chancellor. Earlier this year Javid ordered that Shamima Begum be stripped of her British citizenship and let her two-year-old son die of pneumonia in a refugee camp in Syria. At the time her family accused him of making the decision based on political gain.Last week Javid labelled a number of Muslim organisations as extreme, including Cage, the Islamic Human Rights Commission and MEND, saying of Cage that it was ‘one of the most prominent organisations that rejects our shared values.’ Two years after becoming MP Javid told the Conservative Friends of Israel annual lunch that as a British born Muslim if he had to go and live in the Middle East, he would not go to a Muslim majority country: ‘There is only one place I could possibly go. Israel. The only nation in the Middle East that shares the same democratic values as Britain. And the only nation in the Middle East where my family would feel the warm embrace of freedom and liberty’.”

In a Guardian Article, written when Patel was fired by former PM Theresa May her unapproved meetings while on holiday in Israel, was examined when they posed the question, “What did Israel hope to gain from Priti Patel’s secret meetings?” They said, “The international development secretary’s covert summer trip was a gift to Israelis who seek to influence British policy. For the second time in less than a year, Israeli efforts to discreetly influence British policy has been disclosed. In January, the embassy official Shai Masot was caught in an al-Jazeera sting to ‘take down’ politicians regarded as unfriendly to Israel.” We should all be deeply concerned that the Israeli Government have already been caught red handed, actively interfering in UK politics to suit their own warped PR agenda. Both this and US interference in our democracy pose a far greater threat than Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The Guardian reported, “This time a bigger fish has been caught: the UK’s international development secretary, Priti Patel. Official visits to Israel by senior British political figures are common, but the sensitivities are usually acute; embassy and consulate staff carefully vet the locations and personnel visited by British diplomats and ministers. Visits are always accompanied by diplomatic staff, with agendas designed to reflect UK policy – for example, making sure to include meetings with Palestinians and groups and individuals who may not be popular with the Israeli government. Patel’s summer trip, organised with the head of the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby group, skipped all those protocols, despite a timetable that was highly orchestrated – including a reported visit to an Israeli field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights, which could have taken place only with both Israeli military and political clearance.”

According to the Guardian, “To Israeli officials her private visit would have seemed like a gift, not least because those involved would have been immediately aware that, unaccompanied by diplomats, Patel was operating freelance. Embedded in the more humdrum elements of her tour were three key encounters. The first was with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was ‘interested’ in meeting her, officials told the Guardian. Also significant were meetings with Yuval Rotem, the director general of Israel’s foreign ministry (a key appointment for Netanyahu, who is also Israel’s foreign minister), and Gilad Erdan, the abrasive minister from Netanyahu’s Likud party, who is in charge of public security, strategic affairs and information. They say Gilad Erdan, who is in charge of Israel’s attempts to counter the global BDS movement.”

The Guardian stated that, “The three – as Lord Polak would have known – represent key pillars of Israel’s international diplomacy.
‘[Lord Polak] has his own network,’ one senior figure involved in Israeli-British advocacy told the Guardian. The source was unaware of Patel’s visit, and suggested it had been clumsily handled. Israel’s interest in Patel is less hard to fathom. As well as wanting to promote Israel’s image, Patel’s department is at a key intersection of Israeli interest. The Department of International Development (DfID) gives aid to the Palestinian Authority as well as human rights groups that criticise Israel, including Amnesty International. Israel has pressed DfID to cut aid to the Palestinians due to the payments given by the Palestinian Authority to the families of people killed or jailed for involvement in attacks on Israeli targets. Patel ordered a review of some funding in 2016. Netanyahu also raised the issue of (it turns out, non-existent) UK funding for the Israeli civil rights group Breaking the Silence with Theresa May earlier this year.”

The Guardian said, “it is Erdan’s presence in meetings with Patel that is most telling because his role is largely unconnected with the work of DfID. As public security minister he has oversight of Israel’s police; as information minister he has a propaganda role; but of most interest is his position as strategic affairs minister. Erdan has emerged as the key figure in Israel’s international efforts against the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement [BDS], and against other groups and movements that Israel accuses of seeking to delegitimise it through criticism of its human rights record. In that context, Erdan’s ministry was asked in 2015 to ‘guide, coordinate and integrate the activities of all the ministers and the government and of civil entities in Israel and abroad on the subject of the struggle against attempts to delegitimise Israel and the boycott movement’.”

The Guardian reported that, “Most controversially, Erdan has been put in charge of large-scale efforts to target foreign individuals and organisations, reportedly including staff recruited from the Mossad foreign intelligence agency, the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency, and the military intelligence directorate. Among those who have fallen foul of Erdan’s ministry have been Isabel Phiri, a Malawian official in the World Council of Churches who was detained arriving at Ben Gurion airport and deported for alleged involvement in the BDS movement.” The Guardian said that, “Raed Jarrar, advocacy director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International – some of whose international projects are supported by DfiD – was prevented from crossing from Jordan into the West Bank. A spokeswoman for Israel’s interior ministry said Erdan had recommended he be denied entry.”

The token appointments of ethnic minority Tory MPs to Cabinet positions should not have us fooled when their toxic beliefs are equally as seriously xenophobic as the worst of the wealthy elitist lily white toffs infecting the Tory Party with alt-right nationalism right now. Their allegiance is to Israel and to Trump, who will feast on this nation as vultures prey on rotting carrion! As long as the catastrophic impact of crash-out Brexit only devastates the poor and disenfranchised the hard core Johnson/Cummings Brexiteers will keep steaming full speed ahead towards the ‘Titanic Brexit Iceberg!’ Real news heralding this horrendous impending disaster is being drowned out by the relentless propaganda and ‘Handyfloss’ news spin. We must ignore the ‘bums on beaches’ tripe, the success of ‘eat out to help out’ and complex lockdown restrictions deliberately designed to confuse. Craig Murray and other outspoken journalistic outlets need our support or the bright flame of free press in an open and just democracy is extinguished. DO NOT MOVE ON!