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Kim Sanders-Fisher

This Tory Government is moving steadily towards the end game of establishing an authoritarian fascist police state under the full Dictatorship of easily manipulated egotist Boris Johnson, but controlled by Dominic Cummings. The majority of the population are sleepwalking into this dystopian nightmare, while the few who recognize the dangers are railing against the increasing injustices, trying to derail the ghastly plan before it is too late, but some have already given up the fight. The sense of impending doom grows as the pace of change is picking up, but we cannot afford to give up because in a few short months all resistance will be a deadly endeavour. The UK public has been so easily distracted by the haphazardly constructed rollercoaster of Covid 19 that they have overlooked the other fast approaching disaster of Brexit. The crash-out scenario was an intentionally planned crisis to solidify the Tories totalitarian rule, a chance to deploy troupes to quell rioting and subdue all resistance in the destitute oppressed population.

Stark warnings abound, the Canary Article entitled, “Undercover soldiers: how the spy cops bill could bring the war on terror home,” exposes the UK’s steady advance towards becoming a police state. They say, “Most of the debate around what’s been dubbed the Spy Cops bill has focused on the UK police and security services. The covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) bill will allow state security agencies to break the law. This focus is entirely justified given the human cost of undercover cops operating with relative impunity in political movements over the years. But it isn’t the whole story. Less commented upon is the fact that one of the named beneficiaries of new proposals is the British military. It seems likely that special forces units on domestic counter-terrorism duties could use the new legislation. Although it’s hard to fully understand the implications without disclosure on the matter which is unlikely given covert military units and activity are exempt from freedom of information requests under national security rules.”

The Canary highlights the danger posed by what they refer to as “Secret Soldiers” saying, “The units in question would include the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, or SRR. Founded in 2005, and far more secretive than its SAS and SBS counterparts, SRR was officially the first special forces unit to accept women into its ranks. Unlike the SAS it remains extremely secretive, having not been subjected to the rafts of memoirs and movies by and about former members. What little we know is that it has operated in most major UK warzones, that its role is focused on surveillance over force, and that it’s operated in the north of Ireland. It was in the north of Ireland that the unit was put into effect, often with deeply violent results. The concept of undercover soldiers resulted in the creation of highly controversial plain-clothed units like the Force Research Unit, the Military Reaction Force, and 14 Intelligence Company.”

The Canary report that, “While designed as a way to expand military surveillance operations beyond Ireland and the UK, the SRR was also centrally involved in a 2005 counter-terrorism operation which resulted in the ‘mistaken identity’ killing of Brazillian worker Jean Charles de Menezes in Stockwell tube station in south London on 22 July 2005, just weeks after the ‘7/7’ London Bombings. Having been followed from a block of flats in nearby Tulse Hill, de Menezes was chased on to a tube train, pinned down, and shot eight times by armed officers. After numerous appeals by his family and the case reaching the European courts, judges ruled there was inadequate evidence to charge any officer with breaching human rights. The Met Police were, however, charged for breaking health and safety laws. The military made very little comment on the issue but Whitehall sources did confirm to the press at the time that soldiers had been involved in tailing de Menezes.”

The Canary point to the reality that forces initially trained and destined for use overseas could very easily be brought, “Home to roost,” deployed on the streets of the UK. They note that, “Policing in the UK has already become highly militarised though not yet to the degree that the US has seen with military hardware and paramilitary-style tactics adopted on a major scale. Some have argued that this is evidence of the violence we’ve inflicted abroad through the War on Terror coming home to roost. The CHIS bill could be read as another step along the way. Moreover, these new measures must be seen in the context of a wide range of authoritarian legislation and other proposals. These include:
• The Overseas Operations Bill, which would make soldiers immune from prosecution.
• The so-called Snoopers Charter, which would criminalise journalists.
• The extradition case of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange case.
• Home secretary Priti Patel’s scheme to intern desperate refugees on remote islands or in prison ships.”

The Canary point out that, “Just as concerning is the fact that the Tories have a substantial majority in parliament and that Keir Starmer’s largely supine opposition has, with the usual honourable exceptions, offered only lukewarm resistance to dangerous legislation. This new bill could give military units, with a far more aggressive approach than even the Met Police, effective carte blanche to break the law. It should concern anyone committed to human rights and the rule of law.” These changes bought into law by the fabricated Tory majority in Parliament under the guise of necessity in a crisis situation will pave the way for the shocking authoritarian crack down that lies ahead. People are already feeling the pain of forced unemployment with inadequate support that leads to destitution. Former Labour strongholds, cities in the north of England are being targeted with severe deprivation while this deceitful Tory Government continues to tout its propaganda of ‘levelling up;’ we need to wake up to the truth of ‘Decimating Down.’

Sadly I have just noted that one outspoken online Blog critic is talking of giving up the fight. The Daily Gas Lamp have provided a wealth of extremely valuable information, particularly on the issue of the weapons grade PsyOps so eagerly adopted by the master manipulator Dominic Cummings and the illegal data mining of Cambridge Analytica. Anyone who has not yet visited this insightful Blog should take a look at the material uncovered and exposed on Gas Lamp and add a comment; perhaps we can persuade the author to continue his efforts at least for a sort while longer as it is a real public service available to us during these troubling times. On the 8th of October the author warned of his intention to quit in a ‘Last Post’ ominously entitled “Game Over!” We cannot afford to lose such a valuable critic.

In the Daily Gas Lamp Post sadly they report that, “This is probably the last post of the Daily Gas Lamp. The fact of the matter is that we – the 99% – have lost. It’s Game Over. It is the epitome of George Orwell’s vision of the future: a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” The evidence that has led to this conclusion is then listed below.
“The Government is planning on shipping asylum seekers to Ascension Island. The unemployed will be next. And there will be a lot of unemployed… the Tories are happy to dump all sorts of employment sectors: arts&culture, manufacturing industry, retail, farming – under the bus!
• They are decriminalizing torture – the bill has already passed its first reading.
• The same bill allows many agencies of the state to break the law including a license to kill for undercover agents
• The government already has complete control of media, not just the right wing newspapers, but also the TV news channels and regulators are now under political control. Gaslighting will be the least of our future problems.”

The Gas Lamp warn of the rapidly increasing threat saying, “Capitalism is going to kill us, kill the planet – even the Pope says so. Many other commentators are making the point that the Government is exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic. But not that this is a natural pandemic.” Although it seems likely that Covid 19 was engineered in a lab, I am not totally convince that its release was carefully planned. These toxic bio-warfare labs exist all over the globe and their deadly experiments escape from time to time to cause devastation and global panic. I think that certain key figures would have been better prepared to personally navigate the crisis if the release had been planned; certainly Trump will have a hard time trying to sell the legitimacy of his stolen election to the US public.

The Gas Lamp claims that, “This is all part of a plan by eugenicists that has been going for decades. I’ll make this simple. (See previous Daily GasLamp posts for evidence).
• The Covid-19 virus is man-made.
• The pandemic was planned and deliberately released in China.
• It was designed to impact the West in 2020 to impact the Presidential elections. What comes next will be painful regardless whether it is Biden or – heaven forbid – Trump (he is quite capable of stealing the election.)
• In the meantime, the UK election was rigged to bring in this corrupt Tory Government
• This explains the “incompetence” of the Tory government – they weren’t being incompetent, they just didn’t care – they just wanted to sow fear, confusion and make a ton of money for themselves and the Tory Party donors.
• Billionaires are making a fortune, the people that run the country are being shafter. We are being pushed into a techno-medical fascist state.
• In the UK, even the opposition is ‘controlled’ and new laws are being brought in to completely control life and liberty. There will be no consequences for the government and there will be no safety nets for anyone not of the ‘right sort’. Do-gooders need not apply.”

The Gas Lamp then apologises for giving up the fight writing, “Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is it: Game Over!” We cannot give up the fight as too much is at stake. I do not believe that we have reached ‘Game Over’ yet. The protest from northern Labour Mayors demanding that the Government must compensate those who are being forced out of work is a start. The Tories set minimum wage was already below the required living wage so reducing that amount by a third would be deliberately driving people into destitution. Tory constituencies with higher infection rates are not being forced into the same crippling levels of lockdown. Last week’s Sunday Times reported on the inappropriate discrepancies, “No coronavirus lockdown for top Tory constituencies” noting that, “Leaked emails reveal that wealthier seats and new blue strongholds are being spared the harshest restrictions.” Does this spell rebellion with full recognition that the Tories never had any intention of ‘levelling up’ and are now actively ‘Decimating Down?’

The most powerful tool in this Tory Government’s hands right now is their propaganda through disproportionate control of the BBC and the Mainstream Media. It is only what is written by progressive Journalists in rebellious alternative media outlets and activist Blogs, who can change the narrative that is driving the population like lemmings to the cliff edge in complacent acceptance of their authoritarian Dictatorship. Exposure of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and a full Investigation into the stolen vote would totally delegitimize this Tory Government and drive them out of office. However, the lies that were used to sell the fabricated result to the British people will never be challenged until the entire fabric of their deception is torn down when the majority of the UK population realize they have been conned. It is sad to see Gas Lamp quit, but I will not give up writing because we need to convince possible Whistleblowers that there is a safe space where they will be believed and their evidence will be taken seriously and acted upon. DO NOT MOVE ON!