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Steph – “…as there were 95 covid-19 related deaths over a similar period at the height of the pandemic.”

Yes. If there were 95 deaths resultant from the first wave, that leaves 179 since then, most of which will have been in this ongoing second wave; so it’s much worse. And numbers are still rising, meaning that it will get worse yet.

Steph, why did you write “at the height of the pandemic”, as if the worst was over? Serology surveys from August showed that only around 6% of the UK population had been infected, leaving 94% still with as little immunity as those 6% had before getting infected. As 94% of the population is over fifteen times as many people as 6%, there is clearly potential for this wave to be over ten times worse than the first one.

Steph, do you think this is an “opinion” or a “view”, and consequently any other “opinions” or “views” are equally valid? Do you consider the chance of seeing a unicorn when you’re out shopping to be 50/50, since you’ll either see a unicorn or you won’t?