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Kim Sanders-Fisher

I had hoped that Jeremy Corbyn would make a more definitive stand against the overwhelming tsunami of seriously overblown fake news ripping apart the Labour Party that was profoundly ant-racist under his watch, but it seems he has cautiously rowed back on his truthful pronouncements of ‘exaggeration.’ It provides false legitimacy for the fantisemitism lies and strengthens the resolve of hateful opportunistic Zionists who seek to drive a wedge through the Party spliting it apart for the far-right. I sincerely doubt that the level of unwarranted public humiliation, vilification, self-flagellation and grovelling Corbyn has offered will be considered sufficient for the powerful Zionist Lobby and the BOD to cease its savage mauling of the Labour Left and their inspirational former Leader. Corbyn remains so dedicated to the Labour Party, with his judgement so clouded by the aspiration of unity that he continues the failed tactic of appeasement. When will he realize that the only way forward is to fight back and refuse to publically deny the truth?

The LabourList Article entitled “Corbyn on suspension: ‘I hope this matter is resolved as quickly as possible’,” will be seized on by the perpetrators of the fantisemitism lie to sink their racist teeth even deeper into the flesh of the progressive Labour movement. They report that, “Jeremy Corbyn has released a fresh statement on the subject of his suspension from the Labour Party in which he expresses hope that ‘this matter is resolved as quickly as possible’ and clarifies his comments.” Sadly, his statement does not clarify the genuine truth of what he originally articulated. They say, “He was suspended nearly three weeks ago after claiming that ‘the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents’ in his response to the Equality and Human Rights Commission report.” This was a clear statement of fact that the Mainstream Media have universally refused to fact check so that it can now be disposed of as untrue.

LabourList say that, “The report on Labour antisemitism had found that the party was responsible for ‘unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination’ and ‘serious failings in leadership’ during the time that Corbyn was in charge.” Despite the fact that the EHRC stated that Corbyn had an absolute right to make the truthful evaluation of the report without being penalised, Starmer used it as an excuse to remove his predecessor and totally expunge his progressive ideas from the Labour Party in a vindictive purge of the Left. Ignoring the officially correct procedural response Starmer was too cowardly to even admit his opportunistic targeting of Corbyn. They say, “A Labour spokesperson announced on October 29th that Corbyn was being suspended by the party due to ‘his comments’ and ‘his failure to retract them subsequently’, and the Islington MP had the whip removed.”

LabourList say, “Referring to his Facebook post on the day of the EHRC report, Corbyn has now said: ‘I regret the pain this issue has caused the Jewish community and would wish to do nothing that would exacerbate or prolong it.” Sadly his humble attempts to defuse the situation will embolden the rabid right of the Party and their Zionist backers and it will not be in the best interests of any Jewish citizens in the UK and it will help obscure the unfettered Israeli persecution of the Palestinian people. Although I am sure his new statement was well motivated when he said, “To be clear, concerns about antisemitism are neither ‘exaggerated’ nor ‘overstated’,” this is only true on a case by case basis, not as an honest assessment of the totality of the complaint level which has indeed been grotesquely over exaggerated for disgusting political reasons in a targeted attempt to discredit Corbyn and remove him from power. Appeasement will never bring the dishonesty to an end; it strengthens the rampant racial hatred of the Zionists.

He had meant that, ‘The point I wished to make was that the vast majority of Labour Party members were and remain committed anti-racists deeply opposed to antisemitism.’ LabourList say, “sources on the left of the party have privately expressed optimism about the possibility that disciplinary action against Corbyn will be dropped, either via a Labour national executive committee (NEC) panel or beforehand. LabourList understands that longstanding Corbyn allies Jon Trickett MP and Unite’s Len McCluskey have been working behind the scenes to de-escalate the row and create a way back for the former leader.The Jewish Labour Movement has voiced frustration that Labour discussion after the EHRC report has been dominated by the row over Corbyn, ‘who could have avoided his inevitable suspension’, secretary Peter Mason said.” In comments undoubtedly emanating from the Zionist supporting right of the Labour Party there are loud groans of dissatisfaction, but in reality nothing Corbyn could possibly have said would have gone far enough for the hard-liners baying for blood. LabourList say, “Some members today have pointed out that the former Labour leader has not apologised, nor does his statement offer support to the report’s findings, instead welcoming Keir Starmer’s acceptance of the recommendations. The Labour Party is not commenting on the new statement posted by Corbyn. But according to one well-placed source, a Labour NEC panel may be convened as soon as this afternoon to consider Corbyn’s disciplinary case.” Unless Corbyn is completely exonerated by the NEC for commenting within the permissible norms as stated by the EHRC, their rulling will represent a gross miscarriage of justice and erasure of the truth.

LabourList then printed the full text of Jeremy Corbyn’s statement on his suspension. Jeremy Corbyn wrote, “Last month, I was suspended from the Labour Party, after 54 years’ membership and four and a half years as party leader. On the day I was suspended I gave a broadcast interview to clarify what I had said in response to the EHRC report, and I also made a statement to the party to clear up any confusion about what I had meant, as follows:
“The publication of the EHRC report should have been a moment for the Labour Party to come together in a determination to address the shortcomings of the past and work as one to root out antisemitism in our own ranks and wider society. We must never tolerate antisemitism or belittle concerns about it. And that was not my intention in anything I said this week. I regret the pain this issue has caused the Jewish community and would wish to do nothing that would exacerbate or prolong it. To be clear, concerns about antisemitism are neither ‘exaggerated’ nor ‘overstated’. The point I wished to make was that the vast majority of Labour Party members were and remain committed anti-racists deeply opposed to antisemitism. I fully support Keir Starmer’s decision to accept all the EHRC recommendations in full and, in accordance with my own lifelong convictions, will do what I can to help the Party move on, united against antisemitism which has been responsible for so many of history’s greatest crimes against humanity.” Corbyn added, “I’m grateful to the many thousands of Labour party members, trade unionists, and supporters in Britain and around the world, who have offered their solidarity. I hope this matter is resolved as quickly as possible, so that the party can work together to root out antisemitism and unite to oppose and defeat this deeply damaging Conservative government.”

Does the Zionist Lobby and the BOD speak uniformly on behalf of all Jewish people in this country? You would certainly think so if you confined your absorption of the news to the BBC and the Mainstream Media, but every once in a while dissenting voices try, often in vein, penning petitioning letters in a desperate attempt to get their equally qualified opinions heard. In the Prole Star Article entitled, “Zionism, Israel & ‘Labour Antisemitism’ – The Unheard Jewish View,” written in mid October, David Hitchen set out to interview those whose opinions seem to be excluded from the debate. He writes, “Recently I travelled to London to The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations. I had with me a list of rabbis I was trying to contact who had signed a letter in the Islington Tribune in defence of Jeremy Corbyn. But as soon as I got there I was told ‘Sorry we can’t help you.’ However they gave me the telephone number of someone they said might be able to help. I phoned him but he put the phone down on me straight away.”

This was not a great start, but Hitchen was persistent, he says, “Not wanting to have travelled to London and to have wasted £100 on a train ticket… I just started stopping orthodox Jews on the street in Stamford Hill. Some said they couldn’t help. But I got speaking to someone who took a look at the article I was carrying around with me and then started to phone someone. They were speaking in Yiddish so I couldn’t understand what was being said. But he put me on the phone and the person turned out to be a rabbi who told me he could help and to take his number. I phoned him and we arranged to meet. I met with the rabbi and another orthodox Jew. They told me the problem of antisemitism in The Labour Party has been fabricated by the media. I myself agreed as even though I have witnesses to antisemitism on the left there is no evidence that it’s any more prevalent than in general society. In fact it is less.”

Hitchen recalls, “We spoke for a while and after denouncing the chief Rabbi stating that he doesn’t represent them, it wasn’t long until the topic of Zionism came up… I’ve met with plenty of people who oppose Zionism for political reasons. But I’ve never heard anyone so passionately antizionist as the Jews I met that day – for reasons central to the tenets of their Jewish faith itself. They called the state of Israel ‘evil’ ‘racist’ and even made a comparison with Hitler, stating that Hitler was once powerful in the early days and that Israel will fall in much the same way. They told me that the Holy Land was not to be taken by force, and that the formation of any Jewish state before the coming of the Messiah is strictly forbidden. It was interesting to hear opposition to Zionism from a religious perspective. They want the state of Israel to be completely abolished and they told me that it will soon come to an end because God won’t allow it.”

Hitchen appeared to have discovered a group of what the Zionists disparagingly call, ‘the wrong kind of Jew’ sometimes referred to by the even more disgusting label of ‘self-hating Jews!’ However, he seemed genuinely quite surprised to discover that the core tenant of their objection to Zionism was their Jewish faith. He said, “What was interesting is that what they were saying is in breach of the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination. For example by claiming the existence of the state of Israel is a racist endeavour. Yet am I really supposed to believe these people are antisemites themselves? Or perhaps a definition of racism which is more concerned with Israel than it is with Jewish people isn’t fit for purpose? It seems the IHRA definition infringes upon the religious liberty of antizionist Jews who oppose Zionism specifically for religious reasons.”

Hitchen said, “We agreed to meet again but next he is going to arrange for us to interview some more rabbis regarding the allegations of institutional antisemitism made against Labour. Before I was about to leave he gave me his card and it occurred to me who I had been speaking to. The Neturei Karta is a religious group of Haredi Jews, created in 1938 in British Mandate Palestine but now active globally, who are known for their fanatical antizionism. I’ve read about them protesting outside the Israeli Embassy in London and I’ve seen videos of them burning Israeli flags. One of their chants as I recall is ‘Judaism yes! Zionism no! The state of Israel has to go’.”

In conclusion Hitchen reported that, “Zionists seem to think they have the right to speak on behalf of all Jews. They label anyone who dares to criticise Israel or questions its existence an antisemite. Yet not all Jews are Zionists and, many orthodox Jews oppose Zionism on religious grounds. But after yesterday it got me thinking… It seems that from the point of view of the Neturei Karta, when it comes to Zionism and Judaism, you can’t follow one without turning your back on the other. As the orthodox Rabbi told me. Are they two different things that really aren’t compatible at all?” He promised, “Further interviews to follow…” In another Prole Star Article entitled “The Labour ‘Unity’ Con – And The Tragic Results,” They elaborate on “Appeasement, apology and the tragic results;” it sums up the fatal trap that Corbyn and the progressive Labour Left keep falling into.

The Prole Star report that, “The woeful strategy of appeasement and apology, supposedly in a quest for unity, with those on the right who were ruthlessly conducting a one sided civil war, against the left in the Labour party, was a central cause of the downfall of Jeremy Corbyn. The pitiful response of the left, apologising in response to every false allegation of antisemitism, was an embarrassment. Watching decent anti racist campaigners like Mark Wadsworth and Jackie Walker being thrown under a bus, (unity ???), was infuriating. Seeing the cowardly action of the NEC, unanimously adopting the full IHRA definition of antisemitism, was exasperating. These actions were the result of the failure to stand up to the bogus antisemitism smear campaign, and to call it out for what it was, and still is. As we have witnessed the consequences of this were an unmitigated disaster. Every step backwards by the left, led to the right taking two steps forward.”

LabourList earlier printed an, “Open Letter To David Isaac, Chair of the EHRC, Regarding allegations. It said, I am writing to you in your capacity as Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. I am writing on my own behalf and do not represent any group or organisation. I understand that the EHRC is now investigating allegations of antisemitism within the Labour Party. I read that the EHRC will investigate among other things ‘whether unlawful acts have been committed by the Party or its employees or agents.’ That being so, may I hope that it bases its inquiry on the historical definition of antisemitism which is a hatred of all Jews and of the whole of Jewish religion and culture, a definition which does not concern itself with any one state and does not discriminate between the different denominations or branches of the Jewish people? I point this out because the allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party are being made by certain of its members who wish to protect Israel from the criticisms which have followed on from its actions in Palestine.”

He noted that, “These see fit to associate in the public mind the contemporary and specific criticisms of the modern state of Israel with the long tradition of antisemitism which I have described above. It was to ensure that this equation was regularised that the IHRA definition of antisemitism was formulated. I feel therefore it is vital that the EHRC ignores the IHRA definition of antisemitism in this context as being politically-motivated, permitting the suppression of criticism of Israel and diverting attention away from the genuine problems many Jews face as they have always faced regardless of their allegiance or lack of it to Israel. I am myself a Jew, and feel this strongly. All this being said, then may I also hope that the EHRC asks the following questions in the course of its investigation, questions inspired by the kinds of actions historically taken against Jews by those who oppose them simply because they are Jews, i.e. by genuine antisemites?” He then provided a list of important considerations as follows:

1. “Have any Jews been required to identify themselves as Jews in their application to join the Party?
2. Have any Jews been excluded from the Party on the sole grounds that they are Jewish?
3. Have any Jews been required by the Party to carry or wear something which specifically identifies them as being Jewish?
4. Have any Jews been denied access to meetings, committees or conferences on the sole grounds that they are Jews?
5. Have any Jews been denied the right to stand as officers for, speak at, or in any other way contribute to meetings, committees or conferences, on the sole grounds they are Jews?
6. Have any Jewish officers been denied promotion within the Labour Party on the sole grounds that they are Jewish?
7. Have any Jews been denied membership of the NEC on the sole grounds that they are Jewish?
8. Have any Jews been denied the right to stand as Parliamentary candidates on the sole grounds that they are Jewish?
9. Have any Jews been denied the right to cabinet status on the sole grounds that they are Jewish?
10. Have any Jews ever been denied the right to stand for the Party leadership on the sole grounds that they are Jewish?
11. Is there any part of the Party’s constitution which includes Jews among those social classes of which the Labour Party is critical?
12. Are there any rules in the Party’s rule-book which are specific to Jews, both regarding how they must or must not behave and what kinds of discriminatory actions should be taken against them?
13. Have any representatives of the Party been permitted by the Party to speak or write against Jews in any public forum, or in so doing have claimed that they are speaking on the Party’s behalf?”

He wrote, “I am strongly of the opinion that these questions must be asked and answered if the desire of the EHRC is genuinely one of establishing whether or not there is real antisemitism in the Party, as against anti-Zionism, which relates only to the state of Israel, does not reflect on the Jewish people as a whole, and is the accepted position of many Jews, including Jewish members of the Labour Party.” He signed off by saying, “Thank you for your consideration, Yours sincerely, Richard Snell.”

The Skwawkbox are Posting “Breaking news on the Corbyn suspension case,” they say, “Corbyn readmitted to party, despite right-dominated NEC panel. Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been restored to the party ‘whip’ after his suspension was unanimously overturned in the last few minutes by a right-dominated panel of National Executive Committee members. Corbyn issued a statement on Facebook this morning, about his comments following the publication of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report, that appears to have been agreed with the party. It expresses ‘regret’ for pain caused to Jewish people by the issue of antisemitism but does not withdraw his comment or apologise.” There is a reprint of Corbyn’s statement that I personally already feel went way too far in acquiescing to Zionist demands that will ramp up further outrageous future demands.

Despite his venomous animosity and the desire to totally crush the well respected and venerated former leader the Party rules prohibit Starmer from interfering to ‘put the boot in!’ The Skwawkbox report that, Corbyn had said that, “in accordance with my own lifelong convictions, will do what I can to help the Party move on, united against antisemitism which has been responsible for so many of history’s greatest crimes against humanity.” Skwawkbox reveal that. “The carefully-worded statement allows Corbyn’s successor Keir Starmer to save face while rowing back on his and general secretary David Evans’s decision to suspend Corbyn for making comments that the EHRC report said he had a legally-protected right to make. ‘However, the Board of Deputies has attacked the statement and demanded that Keir Starmer block any readmission – but the EHRC report, which Labour’s opponents welcomed, forbids any political interference in disciplinary processes or outcomes, regardless of the source’.”

Starmer cannot intervene to reverse or amend the NEC decision, but as he fails to do their bidding the Jewish Lobby and the BOD will cry foul. The Skwawkbox report on a Tweet, “Hi @BoardofDeputies – ‘the Jewish community’ is not a monolith, just as we weren’t a monolith when we rejected your advice to stay quietly at home in 1936 and instead confronted Mosley’s fascists in the streets and smashed them. — Barnaby Raine (@BarnabyRaine) November 17, 2020 “ That was “One Jewish Twitter user’s response to the BoD’s dismissal of Corbyn’s statement.” The Skwawkbox claim that, “Labour must now immediately reinstate all members suspended for expressing solidarity with Corbyn or condemning his suspension.” One can imagine they will choke on their humble pie… We must robustly fight back against the lies of fantisemitism and the gross injustice of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election; a full Investigation could expose the truth, end the corruption and rapidly oust the Tories. DO NOT MOVE ON!