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SA – Thank you for your post. I’m afraid I continue to disagree with you. You are saying it is OK to say ’60,000 people have died from covid-19’ because it was covid-19 that was the terminal event. But I am trying to point out that without the other causes listed they would never arrive at that event. It is chicken and egg, you can’t have one without the others. You can’t just pluck covid-19 from the list and say ‘this was the cause of death because it was the last thing that happened’. It is not at all unrealistic to suppose that on many of those certificates, it was actually pneumonia that was listed at the top, and thus the ‘direct cause’ of death which terminated life. But it was superseded by a serious covid-19 infection. Which was serious because of a compromised immune system. Which had been caused by cancer. Are you happy to say that in these cases it was not covid-19 but pneumonia which was ‘the cause of death’ because if they hadn’t developed pneumonia they would have lived on and died of something else? I rather suspect not! In your system that would also be a death from covid-19. All causes of death listed must have played a part in the death if they appear on the certificate, there are no ‘incidentals’ and no single cause should be selected and stated as the cause of death if you want meaningful figures.
No, I am not an ‘antivaxxer’ or a ‘covid denier’ insofar as I don’t have any particular objection to vaccines per se or ‘deny’ the existence of covid-19. But I do note the popular use of those particular terms, and the derogatory manner in which they are applied. More examples of ‘slap on a label for instant dismissal’ in many cases I fear. Your Dr Gorski is simply dripping with smug scornfulness!