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ET, I think death certification must be about right, because (1) the covid death graph tracks the general mortality graph, (2) the covid death graph rises and falls with the infection test result graph but after a delay of about two weeks, which is about the average time for covid-19 to cause death, and (3) I reckon medical staff are pretty good at ascertaining cause of death.

But why are you even bothering, ET? “Duck” claims that covid mortality is being inflated by a factor of eight, and that the hump in the general mortality curve is being caused by “lockdown”, even though England hasn’t had one since summer. For this to be true, medical staff would have to be recording 88% of cancer deaths, domestic murders and manslaughters and, yes, being hit by a bus, as covid-19 deaths. Why they’d be doing this in the UK is left to the imagination; only intensive care funding issues in New York is offered as an explanation. And how this produces mortality graphs with curves shaped just like those of an epidemic is simply never mentioned.

This is unmistakeably conspiracy theory, and it is up to commenters such as Steph to recognise it as such.