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A report in the Sunday Times over the weekend suggests that the decision not to impose “circuit breaker” restrictions was influenced by a meeting involving the prime minister, the chancellor, and three proponents of a “herd immunity” approach to managing the virus: Prof. Sunetra Gupta and Prof. Carl Henegan, University of Oxford, and Prof. Anders Tegnell, Swedish epidemiologist.

Sunetra Gupta has been given extensive coverage in the corporate media, claiming that far more people have been infected than serology surveys indicate. We wouldn’t be having the current wave if Gupta had been right. Her position contradicts the scientific consensus.

Carl Henegan made an appearance on this thread on Nov 26, for his article in the right-wing Spectator political magazine that contradicts the scientific consensus that use of masks reduces cross-infection through source control.

And Anders Tegnell…

Anders Tegnell designed Sweden’s catastrophic covid control policy, so much praised and promoted by the covid deniers and trivialisers; “Sweden has no lockdown!!!”. As recently as late October he was predicting that Sweden’s second wave would be tiny compared to its first. Now, as current hospital occupancy breaks Sweden’s own record set in April, Tegnell at last admits that he was wrong.
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Cherry picking.

The prime minister cherry picked three “experts”, all three of whose “expert” opinions contradicted the scientific consensus. He included in that meeting the chancellor, whose job, correct me if I’m wrong, is all about money.

How utterly sick I am of opinion. Steph directed many insults at me, but the only one she got right, I do not regard as an insult. Yes, I am angry. Angry with the deniers, trivialisers and conspiracy theorists, and especially the fuckwit politicians who think they can pick and choose “experts” to suit their neoliberal economic agenda.