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There are possible indications of sudden rises of hospitalisation in areas which had high prevalence in the first wave. This is the opposite of what we’d expect from acquired immunity, and may indicate ADE – those with mild or symptomless infection in the first wave requiring hospitalisation in this wave.

Thanks for this. On My evidence, that would seem correct.

My area Inverclyde, had the Highest Positive rates in the first Wave ( in Scotland ).. But in this Second Wave, the Lowest.. Till maybe four / five weeks ago..When it’s been racing here again.. We feel that one of the reasons is that people were coming here in Droves to shop..because we were Tier 2. Whilst places like Glasgow, and Ayrshire, were T-3…We were Surrounded by T-3, I think Dumbarton Too.
I’ve been shielding Again for three weeks now..I was dreading it at this time of year Dark Dark Wet.. Hard going .. But DOUNE Will Be A Huge Boon 2021…HUGE OPEN FIELDS…Rivers Mountains, Colours, Music, Fire, A Teeny bit of Rain. Friends..JOY.. Aye I’ve Gotta Keep this Image.