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CNN on the five people who died in the event at the Capitol yesterday:

1. Ashli Babbitt, airforce veteran, shot dead by police (in the neck according to a named witness, in the chest according to yesterday’s uncited report)
2. Kevin Greeson – heart attack
3. Brian Sicknick, police officer – no cause of death stated, but use of a chemical weapon against him has been speculated
4. Benjamin Phillips – no cause of death stated
5. Rosanne Boyland – no cause of death stated

I would have thought that if numbers 4-5 had been shot by the police a statement would have been released by now to that effect. So how did they die? Was somebody using chemicals?

Five is an awful lot of people to have died in such a small incident. (Contrary to press commentary, it wasn’t an “insurrection”.) I have attended much larger events in which there has been MUCH more violence than has been shown so far as occurring yesterday in the Capitol, events where HUNDREDS have been injured both among demonstrators and the police and yet where nobody or only one person has died.

So there is a bit of a question mark, to say the least, as to how so many people were killed.

The report that a group among the combatants were seeking to find and kill Mike Pence may be true. It fits in with the way such types think, fired up as we know by an admiring reference to Adolf Hitler that they heard from the platform at a pre-event gathering, by the kind of fantasy that is promoted in some neo-Nazi literature, and probably also by online videogames. It could be that among the rabble who got what they wanted by sitting in rooms they’ve seen on TV with their feet on famous people’s desks, taking photos of themselves on the smartphones they were idiotically carrying, there was a smaller unit that “planned” to kill Pence, and they all got offed. Just a thought. If there was such a unit, you can betcha bottom dollar they were infiltrated.

The Aryan Brotherhood (very powerful in the US prison system, cf. the Thieves-at-Law in Russia) probably see the Viking-horned trapper-costumed guy as a right “Walt”.