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Ginger root and meteorite dust: the Steiner ‘Covid cures’ offered in Germany”?

That article in the Guardian offers an indication of the power of the Steiner cult in Germany, and how it is having a field day with SARS-CoV2 and Covid-19. [1]

Steinerites are in positions of power in the “health”, “education”, and agricultural sectors in many European countries, and in a number of royal families too. (Watch out for references to “epochs”, “Alcuin”, etc.) They are also among the main pushers of homoeopathy. If “the prestigious Charité university hospital” (in other words, a hospital) in Berlin is referring Covid-19 patients to a Steiner-cult clinic, that will be because the Steiner cult has already infiltrated the senior echelon at the said hospital.

Interesting to read that Germany’s highest grossing chemist’s (“drugstore chain” in the US English that the Guardian uses), DM-Drogerie Markt is run by self-professed anthroposophists.

The general rule is don’t trust any organisation with a Triodos bank account.

There are probably Steiner-loony references in the World Economic Forum’s pandemic-related “Great Reset” [2], especially given the involvement of Britain’s deranged and mentally subnormal crown prince.


1) The reference in the article to Steiner schools as “left-leaning” is totally ignorant and mistaken. Indeed the Guardian’s hyperlink for that very assertion goes to an article about the support those schools have received from Michael Gove, who is not known as being leftwing. And it is not simply that Steiner loonies got into “organic farming” in the 1960s. The very term “organic farming” comes from Steinerism – not from the 1960s but from long before then. (Look up “Betteshanger Conference”.) We should keep our antennae out for Steiner-significant framing and spinning of official SARS/Covid propaganda in all countries.

2) Klaus Schwab (founder of the European Management Forum which became the WEF) got his doctorate at ETH Zurich I see. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steiner cult has a great deal of power in that institution.