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It’s pretty hard to unpack your sentences, Dave – the density of falsehoods is huge.

D: “[…] to wear them, in public”

Actually, only in public when you cannot avoid getting close to others. Not in the open air. Most definitely not while distant from others, on your own. Some people choose to do so, though, it’s up to them.

D: “, in the open air, ”

Utterly untrue. There is no requirement to wear masks in the open air.

D: “…undermines public health, because they are harmful in many ways to the wearer and society as they’re used as part of a pretend health policy ”

Ah, see what you did there? You’re bootstrapping. It’s harmful _because_ it’s part of a pretend policy. A “pretend policy” only in that you’re asserting this to be so. And it must be a “pretend policy” because it’s harmful. One thing that does undermine health policy are baseless conspiracies, lies and scaremongering.

D: “to push expensive vaccination, on behalf of the donors, ”

False. They are being provided at cost – the Oxford vaccine is also going to be made available to the third world at cost. Nobody is being forced to have one either.

Incidentally, do you think the entire notion of vaccination is false/fake?

D: “rather than healthy living and therapeutics, ”

False. There is nothing stopping healthy living, in fact exercise is being encouraged. Unsure what “therapeutics” you think are being banned.

D: “and as an excuse to cancel democracy for political reasons.”

False. You’ll notice America just had elections – even though Trump wanted to cancel it because of the virus!
I suppose you think all parties just agree to “cancel democracy”? Oh jeez.

Actually, I don’t think elections should be cancelled. No reason we cannot all have postal votes, for instance.

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