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South Africa – for the week from 30 Dec to 5 Jan, covid-19 more than doubled the average death rate – 10,907 excess deaths out of 20,063 total.

Manaus, Brazil – Last April, Manaus held the record for hospital admissions. Infection was so widespread that a scientific study suggested that Manaus had achieved herd immunity. 44% of a sample of the population tested positive for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2; extrapolating for further infections over the following months suggested that 76% of the population had been infected.

…well, in just the first 12 days of this January, Manaus has had more hospital admissions than in the whole of last April. Burials in Manaus are five times the usual rate for this time of year.

Barts NHS Trust – has confirmed another case of reinfection. The first instance was mild, the second critical, life threatening. This has been seen in other cases of reinfection. If it turns out to be a common pattern it could help explain the situation in Manaus.