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SA – I am not defending the West as I’ve already said. I’m criticising the Russian regima and defending Navalniy. You seem to think anyone that is against the West is a brilliant moral agent of truth. Childlike.

Putin imposed the sanctions on the Russian people. The West imposed sanctions on Putin’s gangster circle, Putin imposed sanctions on imported foodstuffs that hurt the Russian people. Get your facts right.

Yes the US and UK have not poisoned their own citizens or shot them on the street metres from government buildings, unlike Russia. Navalniy is not corrupt or irrelevant, he is the only one standing up to the corrupt regime. John Helmer’s article only seeks to invite suspicion in Navalniy, it is a standard tactic of the Putin propaganda, when looked at on the whole it is obvious Navalniy was poisoned by the regime. What is your alternative theory?

Pigeon, again I am not defending the UK or the West. I criticise our systems. It is a very strange viewpoint to say I must endorse our policies, if I criticise Russia’s. I hope you will be able to come to terms with the fact I am critical of both. I would say though that I would rather live in our bad democracy instead of Russia’s terrible sham of a democracy. Corbyn was actually allowed to contest an election, he was not poisoned by MI5 or shot on London Bridge.