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Thanks for your kind attenttion, glad to see you too 🙂

TheMoonofAlabama says:

“The massive wrought-iron gates into the courtyard are topped with a golden imperial eagle.”

Do you know, by chance, that this ‘imperial eagle’ in Navalny’s animation turned to be the Emblem of Montenegro? 🙂
Video by Alexander Rogatkin, another journalist who visited there

He also visited the Border Guard Department which is located right under the mountain, that explains the security and no-fly zone.

Then, The MoA says: “The German producers did not know the company, even though they have good contacts in L.A.” a very humble definition, to me.
The names are Sebastian Weiland and his wife Nina Gwyn Weiland, previously worked in American cinema for many years, before they returned to Germany and founded a company of their own. The Tagblatt writes about them

Arkady Rotenberg claimed it’s him who is the beneficiary of the “palace” in Gelendzhik. This man was the main investor in the construction of the Crimean Bridge. Rotenberg says the building is planned as a hotel for very wealthy people, 16 apartments.
Given that Rotenberg is Jewish, I’m curious about the tactics of the Western press when attacking him 🙂