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I find this attack on Putin somewhat blinkered. Putin is an individual and is where he is because of a number of reasons. He has been elected and repeatedly and according to various sources, he is still very popular in Russia although this support is weakening because of shortages. I believe the most recent crisis in Russia is the near doubling of price of potatoes rather than the jailing of someone who deliberately breaks the rules.

You can, with some reason, say the elections and the power structure in Russia, are rigged, but in general terms the government is still much more concerned about its people than the equivalent government in U.K. in forums in this blog, you will find a lot about government corruption and rigged elections and justice meted to dissidents in this country. State terrorism in the west may be more sophisticated, and nothing illustrates this better than the reason why Assange is being pursued and persecuted is because he has exposed state terrorism. You seem to ignore the hundreds of years of state terrorism resulting from our imperial past and the current imperial superpower structure to which we are aligned and fully subscribed, that to you, is not state terrorism because it is meted to lesser people elsewhere.

Whilst the structures and governance in the west are cozily presented as democracy, whilst still exploiting the rest of the world independence administering terrorism by war, Russia and others are fighting for their independence and in some cases their survival. Remember how Iran had been treated in 1953 and how Russia was treated between 1991 and 2000 and maybe you will get some insight.
You also seem to prefer the supposed democracy of the Current chaotic Ukrainian western imposed regime. To the peaceful democracy transition that Crimea now enjoys. I wonder whether the Crimeans get a choice to decide or leave it to you to decide.