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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Thankfully there are now a few subtle hints in the Mainstream Media of the rampant discontent tearing the Labour Party apart at a time when we so desperately need unity and really robust opposition to hold this Tory Sovereign Dictatorship to account. It was not going to take long before the Canary caught on to that catchy Starmarized rendition of a popular Jungle Book theme; Watch the Video just once and it’s really hard to get that tune and the hilarious wording out of your head. In the Canary Article entitled, “No, Tony Blair isn’t back. It’s just Keir Starmer clusterf*cking again,” they pick the well deserved critique apart to highlight how painfully acurate this roasting of the incompetent current Labour Leader really is. They say, “You’d be forgiven for thinking Tony Blair was back as Labour leader. Because a leaked email showed the party tacking towards an ‘unashamedly pro-business’ position. But don’t worry. Blair isn’t in charge. It’s just Keir Starmer and his team clusterfucking, again: the ‘kings’ of the political ‘swingers’.”

“Blue Blair” according to the Canary who note that, “On Sunday 7 February, the Times wrote about a leaked internal Labour email. It was from Starmer’s director of policy Claire Ainsley. The email allegedly said that: We won’t recover if the Tories raid family finances with universal credit cuts, forcing councils to hike up council tax or freezing key worker pay. But we also won’t recover if we just stand by as businesses go bust. To be the party of working people and their communities, Labour must be unashamedly pro-business to drive growth and opportunity in every part of our country. The Times angled this as Starmer ‘resetting his faltering leadership’. But to be clear, the email is not policy. It’s merely the thoughts of a Starmer adviser. All the same, though, this ‘pro-business’, Blair-like line does little to end the notion that Labour is veering to a centre-right position.” I have noted an increase in the number of interviews granted, and articles that feature, Tony Blair as if the establishment are trying to detoxify his vile legacy.

The Canary cynically claim, “If at first you don’t succeed… Starmer’s problem is that this potential ‘pro-business’ mantra would be another in a growing line of rebrandings he’s done in the past few months. Back in September 2020, Labour said Starmer ‘vowed’ to make the party one of ‘opportunity, family and security’. This was mixed in with comments about ‘patriotism’. Come January, his message had morphed into one of just ‘family’. We also had shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds’ lecture on making Labour economically ‘responsible’;” is anyone suggesting that the Tories ten year austerity assault on the most vulnerable in our country was responsible? “Now, Ainsley wants to push Labour to be the party of ‘working people’. Oh, and as well as being ‘unashamedly pro-business’, too. Overall, and as The Canary has repeatedly written, Starmer seems a bit Blue Labour: right-wing social values with left-wing economic policy.”

The Canary express confusion, “So, what can we deduce from all of this? Is it that the Labour Party under Starmer will be the party of ‘opportunity, family, security, patriotism, working people, and business’? Who knows. And it’s that uncertainty which is part of the problem.” They point out Starmer’s futile attempts to “…rebrand, rebrand, and rebrand again,” saying that, “The Guardian reported that Labour has been dabbling in some focus group work. That’s where an external agency asks members of the public questions about the party. It then does a report into what the people have said, and the agency advises the party on what it needs to do to get the public to vote for it. This latest research showed that the public didn’t know what Labour stands for. The Guardian said: the party’s head of research said voters were confused about ‘what we stand for, and what our purpose is, but also who we represent’.”

The Canary says they conclude, “His slides featured comments from the focus groups such as: ‘I don’t know anything about the Labour party at the moment, they have been way too quiet’ and ‘he [Starmer] needs to stop sitting on the fence’.” They describe “’Unauthentic authenticity,’ Oh dear. The agency thought that among other things, Labour needs a rebrand. The Guardian said it recommended: The use of the flag, veterans, dressing smartly at the war memorial etc give voters a sense of authentic values alignment. Again, this is not Starmer policy. But what it does show is that the focus group was on the money. Because neither Labour nor its leader have a clue what the party stands for anymore. Except that they seem to want to be aping the Tories.”

We can all relate to Starmer as “The centrist VIP,” as the Canary quotes, “The website Joe posted a now-viral video on 1 February. It mocked Starmer up as Baloo from The Jungle Book. He was singing the song I Wan’na Be Like You to Boris Johnson’s King Louie.” The Canary cite social media activist, “As Rachael Swindon wrote: Starmer faces massive criticism for saying we can do things the same way as the Tories. But the criticism doesn’t come from the Tory press, because their billionaire tax-shy owners are absolutely comfortable with the prospect of a Starmer government, in the unlikely event of the Tories losing their 80 seat majority at the next general election. It’s an unlikely event because Starmer isn’t cutting through [to the public]. If he can’t now, during this moment of unimaginable national crisis, he never will.”

Personally I’m still rocking over the line, “They say that I’m a wet-wipe, hyst a haircut with no spine…,” but the Canary focus on the overriding sentiment, “I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo,” as Starmer fulfills his role as Tory Trojan horse by aping agreeing with Boris Johnson. The Canary report that, “Swindon also said: ‘now we find the Labour Party thinking a flag, and a bit of out-Torying-the-Tories is the way to power in 3 years time.’ Indeed, it looks like Starmer’s approach is to be a bit Tory while he works out what the public want him to stand for. This will not end well; much like Blair and the ‘Third Way’ ended in tears for Labour, setting us on a path that has led us to Brexit, Donald Trump, and economic and social chaos. Starmer’s triangulating is not the answer. It will never resonate with a politically polarised public. Sadly, it seems that it’s all Labour now has to offer. So, instead of monkeying around with the party, it’s time for its supporters to swing elsewhere.”

Dr Phil Bevin is explicit in another Canary Article entitled, “Keir Starmer has failed the nation’s children. He has to go.” Bevin says, “Keir Starmer’s Labour is complicit in the UK’s coronavirus (Covid-19) catastrophe, which has resulted in the deaths of more than 100,000 people. This staggering failure is a result of incompetence, appalling political judgement, and a lack of basic humanity. Perhaps the most damaging of Starmer’s decisions has been his persistence in calling for the reopening of UK schools. Various sources, from Independent Sage scientist professor Anthony Costello to the Long Covid Kids campaign group, are now coming forward to inform the public of the threat posed to children’s health by coronavirus. But Starmer isn’t listening.”

Dr Bevin cites, “Alarming statistics,” where, “Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 5 weeks after testing positive for coronavirus, 15% of secondary school children and 13% of under 12s are still struggling with symptoms. Long Covid Kids also reported that between the autumn half term and December 2020, 700 children were admitted to hospital as a result of coronavirus.” He says, “The virus is now known to be capable of damaging a range of organs, causing permanent disability, even in those whose symptoms had initially been mild. And because schools have been open since September, fuelling the spread of the disease, it seems likely that the long term health implications of coronavirus are likely to be worse for children than we currently know.”

Dr Bevin points out that, “According to the Skwawkbox, concerns about Labour’s post-Corbyn approach to the pandemic were raised internally by a member of the party’s policy team as early as April 2020. They advised that ‘returning children to school, and adults to the workplace, before test, track & trace had been properly established, posed a serious risk to public health’.” He said that, “Trade unions like Unite and the NEU also shared their concerns about an early reopening of schools, as did then shadow education secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey. Heeding none of this sound advice, Starmer tried to make a virtue of his having supported the government on their 1 June 2020 deadline for reopening schools, when raising the issue at PMQs on 3 June. Although the teaching unions prevailed and schools did not fully reopen until September, they then became breeding grounds for the virus.”

Dr Bevin highlights how, “This culminated in both Starmer and Johnson insisting children return to the classroom on the 4 January, with the opposition changing its stance only after the government had signalled a last-minute U-turn. The disastrous result was children returning to school for just one day and teachers having no time to prepare for the online learning that would now have to take place, while all of them were unnecessarily exposed to coronavirus. For this, the Conservative government and Labour front bench share responsibility.” But, he warns, “Still they persist. Even now, Starmer and Johnson remain fixated on ensuring that schools open more widely at the earliest possible time. Their current focus on the success of the vaccination programme as the precondition for returning children to classrooms is especially dangerous. Both parties’ positions fail to take into account the dangers posed by coronavirus to children’s health.”

Dr Bevin cautions, “Labour differs from the government only in calling for teachers to be vaccinated as if children and parents are somehow immune from catching and spreading the virus. But it’s the reinfection rate, not the vaccine rollout, that should be governing the easing of lockdown. With nobody suggesting that children or parents will be vaccinated before 8 March and serious concerns about the effectiveness of vaccines that are not reinforced by a timely second dose, talk of a return to schools before the summer is wildly premature.” He decries the, “Dangerous narrative,” saying, “Worse still, the focus on vaccine rollout by both main parties has limited the scope of public debate. The mainstream media presents policy discussion as a battle between the two poles of government and opposition. Had there been responsible opposition, as there was up until 4 April last year, the scope for public debate would be wider and calls to prevent a reckless early return to the classroom would be heard more loudly.”

Dr Bevin concludes that, “It’s unforgivable that the threat to the health and wellbeing of our children posed by the premature wider reopening of schools is not being highlighted by the person whose main job is to hold the government to account. It should go without saying that an individual who wilfully disregards clear evidence that a policy will result in the death or permanent injury to thousands of people is unfit for public office, but it isn’t being said by nearly enough people. Starmer and his opposition front bench, and Johnson and the members of his cabinet, are co-authors of the present disaster. Not one of these people should be anywhere near power. The COSMOS is investigating the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on communities across the UK. Working alongside Hamara Assra, we are listening to and asking questions of the minority Black, Asian and ethnic communities about the vaccines. We’d like to hear from all sides of the debate.” They suggest contacting them by filling out their Survey.

In another blow to Sir Keir in his tenuous hold on the Labour Leadership a SKwawkbox Article entitled, “Starmer banned from Society of Socialist Lawyers – because ‘demonstrably not a socialist’,” piles on more shame. They report, “Starmer condemned in ‘strongest possible terms’ by Haldane Society for his actions and inaction, and will not be allowed to rejoin unless a future AGM overturns resolution. Labour leader Keir Starmer has been dramatically kicked out of the venerable Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. The society, which was established more than ninety years ago, held its Annual General Meeting last night and decided that Starmer is unfit for membership.”

According to Skwawkbox, “The AGM condemned: Starmer’s ‘appalling policy positions; his manoeuvres to force Labour MPs to support a bill to allow ‘intelligence sources,’ including civilians, to commit crimes; his disregard for migrants’ rights; his assault on free speech; his behaviour over schools during the pandemic; his lack of support for unions; his inaction on anti-Black and anti-Muslim racism; his inaction over abuse of transgender people.” That’s a pretty long laundry list of complaints and, “The Society also concluded that Starmer is unfit for membership because he is ‘demonstrably not a socialist’ and is at odds with its principles, and condemned his behaviour ‘in the strongest terms’.”

The Skwawkbox printed the “”Motions – Censure of Sir Keir Starmer QC, Proposed by: Nick Bano and Seconded by: Hannah Webb, The 2021 annual general meeting of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers” Firstly the Haldane Society state that,
“1. Notes that – while the Haldane Society is independent of political parties – Sir Keir Starmer QC MP was formerly a member of the society, and was very active on its executive committee for a number of years. 2. Sir Keir Starmer QC MP is no longer a member of the society (having resigned when he was appointed as Director of Public Prosecutions), and that it is therefore not within the power of the annual general meeting to expel him.” Although they admit his former membership, they make it crystal clear that he is no longer welcome back into the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. But why? The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers list Sir Keir’s transgressions to demonstrate how far he has deviated from their values.

“3. Notes with deep concern the appalling policy positions Sir Keir Starmer QC MP has adopted in his role as leader of the Labour Party, including (but not limited to): a. Whipping Labour MPs & Peers to abstain on the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill; b. Abandoning his leadership election pledge of committing to migrants’ rights; c. Presiding over a system of control that curtails democratic processes, and silences left-wing and pro-Palestinian voices within the party; d. Failing to support the trade union movement (particularly the National Education Union in its demands regarding school closures); e. Failing to take any or sufficient action in respect of the well-documented prevalemce of racism in the Labour Party, particularly against black and Muslim members; and f. Failing to take any action whatsoever against Labour MPs who have persistently espoused hateful and dangerous attitudes towards the rights of transgender people.”

They continue with: “4. Resolves to condemn Sir Keir Starmer QC MP in the strongest terms for having taken those policy positions, which, in the opinion of the annual general meeting, are totally contrary to the values and [p;oyocal convictions of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. 5. Resolves that, in the opinion of the annual general meeting, Sir Keir Starmer QC MP does not qualify for membership of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers because he is demonstrably not a socialist ( 8.1.1 of the constitution), and that he shall therefore not be permitted to re-join the society unless and until his re-admittance is agreed by a future general meeting.” The Skwawkbox report that, “Starmer had resigned from the society when he became Director of Public Prosecutions, so the society was unable to expel him, but he will not be allowed to rejoin in future unless he is able to persuade a future society AGM to overturn the resolution and let him back in.”

Clearly the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers feel that although Starmer had in the past championed Socialist values, he no longer subscribes to those core values of the Socialist ethos and it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to rejoin. When Keir Starmer took up the Leadership role, the UK Labour Party was the largest Socialist political party in the whole of Europe; for the man governing the political policy direction of that party to be judged by esteemed professional Lawyers to be “demonstrably not a socialist” is quite a staggering revelation. If a similar powerful expression of no confidence in the Labour Party Leadership had occurred under Jeremy Corbyn it would have been headline news until he was forced to resign. Despite Starmer’s appalling track record being discreetly hidden by the alt-right media, who would prefer to keep this Tory Trojan horse in place tearing the heart out of the progressive Socialist Left of the Labour movement, Sir Keir’s failings have prompted members to leave the party in droves.

As a highly qualified Lawyer himself it is inconceivable that Keir Stamer has been unaware that his own manifestly undemocratic dictates are precipitating this exodus. His legal expertise made the error of paying off a SLAPP Legal suit, that Labour was fully expected to win, an unforgivable injustice. His relentless demonizing of Jeremy Corbyn in support of the Zionist led fantisemitism witch hunt deeply alianiated the progessive Left. Added to these contentious issues, Starmer’s blatant betrayal of Socialist values and abandonment of all the pledges that he made in order to be voted leader, numerous Constituency Labour Party members right around the country have now actually brought votes on no confidence in Keir Starmer as Labour Leader. If he had an ounce of common decency he would step down immediately but, I fear it will take a concerted effort to shame him into doing so: sharing that embarrassing Video of Starmer as a character from the Jungle Book singing “I wanna be like you” to Boris Johnson might help!

Other indicators that he still appears oblivious to like several major Unions deciding to withdraw funding should persuade the rest of the membership that Starmer’s leadership is untenable despite scoring a relative reprieve from vicious attacks against Labour in the press. With the Covid crisis and the looming ongoing challenges of hard Brexit, we are desperately in need of robust opposition and solid unity between and within progressive Socialist political parties. People were genuinely galvanized behind the progressive agenda of Jeremy Corbyn, but the weapons grade PsyOps propaganda and Tory corruption stole that opportunity in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. We must replace Keir Starmer with a powerful charismatic Socialist to lead a massive protest campaign to demand a full Investigation of that stolen vote and the continuous corruption that has followed ever since. Until Labour members elect a viable opposition leader we will be unable to fight this corrupt Tory cabal and no chance to end their Sovereign Dictatorship. DO NOT MOVE ON!