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Kim Sanders-Fisher

I was about to post my reflection on the current situation when I was caught off guard a few days ago by the sudden shut down of this blog. It signified a grave development as Craig Murray’s predicament had worsened with the serious charge of contempt being supported by the Judge. He will need our moral and financial support in the weeks ahead, so I hope, like me, you will make a payment to his fighting fund. It was a very depressing sign to know that one of our finest ‘truth tellers’ was being persecuted to gag his writing and to reinforce the Scottish Government lies in the hounding of Alex Salmond. So much right now is grotesquely unfair as the innocent are punished and the guilty well rewarded for their treachery. However, these few days of blog blackout have had a profound effect on me, as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders when I was unable to write. I became less distressed and anxious I even slept well at night. I think I must scale back for my own mental health, contributing my thought less frequently here.

Ever since taking Lariam for the Amazon portion of a lengthy millennial holiday jaunt around South America I have experienced really colourful, vivid, graphic and convoluted dreams. Lariam is a dangerous choice of prophylactic antimalarial medication that should be strenuously avoided due to its side affects, but that is another story; it changed my dream pattern for life! Sometimes my dreams are like beacon metaphors instructing my life choices and the temporary shut down of this blog presented my with a clear choice: to resume regular writing as before when it went live again or to scale back? That night I dreamt I was sailing offshore on a small yacht. As the wind picked up, I instructed a crew member how to help me secure a reef in the mainsail, reducing our sail area in preparation for a gale. Good preparation avoids panic and disasters; I think we all need to prepare for the horrendous storm that lies ahead. The better prepared we are, the better equipped we are to deal with the onslaught of authoritarian Fascism to come.

Then, almost half awake, I imagined I was sailing towards a harbour entry at night in the pitch black, searching for an unlit buoy. I used to have excellent night vision that astounded fellow crew members when I was at sea, but I relied on a few tricks that bear a relevant message as we flounder in the darkness of impending dictatorship doom. Hyper-vigilance can be counter productive as it raises stress and overwhelms the senses that can pick up subtle indicators of great importance. I had two special tricks for spotting unlit buoys on the darkest nights and both demanded that I relax my eyes to a point where they were barely open, but receptive to vital visual ques. One method I called ‘track’ because it required me to look for a barely perceptible dark spot blocking the shore lights as it tracked in relation to our progress. The second again aided me on dark, moonless nights. I called it ‘the blink’ as it was literally a tiny blink of light visible for just a couple of seconds when star light caught the disturbed sea water as it riped past a buoy.

Once spotted I couldn’t ‘unsee’ the object in the water and it was confirmed with other information from the chart. Both techniques require relaxation to be effective as hyper-vigilant nervousness will drown out such subtle, barely perceptible, pieces of crucial information. Watch, wait and prepare, respond when necessary: we must continue with robust resistance, but my constant battery of words is not informing the discussion and I must scale back for my own mental health, contributing when there is something of real importance to say. As I awoke that morning I thought of porridge oats. I am not a Scottish person craving my national staple; in fact I find porridge rather bland and last remember consuming oatmeal in the freezing Southern Ocean on a Whitbread race boat. So why was I thinking of porridge oats to the point where I recalled their long forgotten taste? For me those porridge oats represent a feeling of reassuring comfort a powerful desire for genuine security that I seriously crave right now in this time of national turmoil.

So much has happened in the last few days following the ominous sign of Craig being temporary forced to close his blog thereby conceding to the wicked Scottish Government conspiracy targeting Salmond. But like that unlit buoy that once spotted cannot be unseen, his exposure of the untold truth behind their case to frame Alex was out there for all to see and so many avid readers of this blog read and absorbed that information. The Courts have closed the barn door after the horse has bolted, but the histrionic reaction in trying to gag a truth teller only served to shine a giant spot light on the truth. “Me thinks thou doth protest too much” as the saying goes; such a massive effort to target one of the very few people reporting on the reality of the evidence, rather than the salacious propaganda fed to the tabloid press, is concrete verification of the importance of what they tried so hard to expunge. Still there was a heavy price to pay for such success and unless this verdict is overturned on appeal Craig might well go to jail.

I appreciated Craig’s recent post with an excellent explanation of the D’Hondt voting system, a recommended read if, like me, you are not already familiar with this voting option. The Mainstream Media aren’t keen to point out the idiosyncrasies of this system as it fully supports Alex Salmond’s canny decision to set up his new Alba Party: to win a ‘Supermajority’ for Scottish Independence. The impact of his decision will have the British Government very worried and we can expect them to spew a steady stream of bile to destroy the come-back kid, but the opportunity will not be missed by savvy Scots who see a chance to seize their independence. I wish him well with his project that will be gaining a full head of steam in the coming days. I am not sure that I understand why all of the AFI candidates including Murray stood down to avoid competing with Alba: surely it would have been better to join forces under one banner? Will Craig Murray and the others consider standing as Alba candidates? But Craig has other things to worry about…

The violent resistance to the Policing Bill is increasing by the day and the single most important thing is that the truth of what is taking place emerges to counteract the deliberate Government disinformation campaign. Yesterday the army in Myanmar warned determined protesters that they could be shot in the head or in the back if they continued to defy the military coup. Did issuing a warning give them permission to shoot people stone cold dead? No, of course it did not allow them to deny guilt for the innocent civilians massacred in the continuing repression inflicted on the citizens of Myanmar. It has taken tremendous courage for their people to face the might of the military in full realization of the consequences. Avon and Somerset Police with riot control backup attacked without any warning in their unlawful violent break up of the peaceful protest in Bristol. The people of Bristol now realize the huge risk they must accept to continue protesting. We must demand an immediate end to the violence: this is not Myanmar!

Perhaps I am trying to apply too much logic to what is obviously a hyped-up piece of pro-Tory propaganda, but something does not make sense here. How come a group of unarmed seated protesters managed to inflict ‘serious injuries’ on police carrying shields and armed with batons who allegedly suffered ‘broken bones.’ Let’s get real here, if a solid line of fully kitted-up riot police, with sturdy helmets and visors, cannot manage to protect themselves with large riot shields while wailing on unarmed protesters with their batons swinging then they are a pitiful and pathetic disgrace to the police force! But to save them any further shame, I will reveal what I read on the very last line of the BBC News Article entitled “Bristol protests: Police action at Kill the Bill demo,” where they stated: “Following medical assessments on two officers taken to hospital at the weekend, neither suffered broken bones.” This free-for all of unprovoked Police brutality was ‘sexed-up’ for the media by Persecutor Patel to demonize peaceful protesters!

What has been totally ignored here is the reality that significant injuries were inflicted on protesters who had no means to defend themselves. There are accounts of protesters being beaten over the head with batons capable of causing severe concussion, loss of consciousness or in extreme cases death. There are also reports of protesters being slammed on the ground by police and having several officers pile in on top of them. It’s entirely unnecessary for an unarmed suspect to be forced down onto the ground in an excessively humiliating and punitive way that implies their criminality. Plus the current police tactic now gaining popularity, where as many as six officers kneel on the victim in an effort to secure restraint where there is no sign of resistance, risks crushing that person to death. But, ignoring the implications of the Derek Chavuin trial in the US, instead of ruling out this dangerously heavy-handed tactic the British police seem determined to precipitate their own ‘I can’t breath’ incident. It is only a matter of time before a peaceful protester is killed by police.

Journalist Martin Booth, who attended the protest for the Bristol 24/7 website, said he believed police had been “quite heavy-handed” against protesters. “Some of them were sitting down as the police waded in and it was quite shocking to see,” he said. “These protesters may have been there against the law but they were not spoiling for any fight, from my perspective.” But, the force said, like on Sunday, it only took action after dark when people ignored instructions to leave. John Apter said: “My colleagues are battered and bruised, in some cases physically. We’ve got a number of officers who were injured on Sunday evening, some very seriously.” Avon and Somerset Police arrested nine people that day and according to Chief Supt. Carolyn Belafonte claimed to be conducting a ‘substancial’ investigation into assaults on 40 police officers in potentially ‘one of the largest’ in the force’s history! But, she stated “Following medical assessments on two officers taken to hospital at the weekend, neither suffered broken bones.

This wild exaggeration of injuries suffered by police during protest that turn ugly is nothing new; it is their bog-standard response. Unfortunately the extensive disinformation regarding the alleged “serious police injuries” is far more visible and pervasive on the Internet and in the Media than the truth that there were no officers with broken bones. Although I respect those defending protester actions and haven’t criticized the conduct of others, I remain convinced that a non-violent pathway is the most productive. As stated before “This is primarily because the Tory authorities and their violent enforcers have absolute control over the media and that disgusting Tory mouthpiece the BBC. The slightest flicker of non-passive resistance will become the focus of attention for days on end.” We must call out the sheer hypocrisy of this Tory Government ranting about the suppression of peaceful protests in Myanmar while inflicting violent retaliation against protesters here in the UK, with deadly force capable of killing unarmed citizens just as George Floyd was “lynched by knee” in the US!

Last week there was a truly historic moment of note in the inglorious career of our corrupt PM, Boris Johnson, as he totally stunned us all by ‘telling the truth;’ admitting that the success of our vaccine program was down to capitalism and greed! Yes, greed, sheer unadulterated greed, perpetrated by the wealthy Tory elite in their unrelenting exploitation of the working poor! Not as if we didn’t all know that already, but such candor from the PM took us, well… by shock. Could the Tory Sovereign Dictator and his rabid cabal of corrupt sycophants make further deeply embarrassing gaffs that dismantle the carefully scripted narrative being used to dupe the British people? Who is most likely to fall into a sinkhole of potent unconscious honesty about the underlying motivations behind the ruthless campaign of tyranny this Government is still responsible for? Self-awareness zero Matt Hancock is a strong contender and Robert Jenrick too, but my money is on Priti ‘Ice Pick’ Patel for the next almighty clanger in the Tory train-wreck ahead.

With Priti Patel as Home Secretary overseeing the implementation of the most draconian piece of legislation ever to be rammed through our Parliament we are in a very bad place. Priti Patel claimed to be ‘upset’ by what was incorrectly described as ‘clashes between police and protesters’ when they grossly over-reacted to the peaceful vigil for Sarah Everad. “Few Brits can imagine how anything might ‘upset’ ‘Ice Pick’ Patel as she certainly doesn’t show one once of empathy for those on whom she inflicts untold suffering,” without doubt one of the most cruel and heartless Tory MPs. As stated in a previous post “Priti Patel was so ‘seriously annoyed by the Extinction Rebellion protests that she broke a fingernail rapping on her desk in a fit of peak; she wants protesters thrown in jail for inflicting such serious distress! This is the Tory ‘mountain out of molehill’ rant to strip away our civil rights and lock up all outspoken activists as criminals in their repressive authoritarian distopian nightmare scenario of ‘new normal’.”

In reality this is one of three very dangerous pieces of legislation set to strip away our rights and reinforce illegal actions by our military abroad. The policing Bill joins the Spycops Bill and the Overseas Operations Bill, in addition to an ominous tilt in our military intentions with the threat of a nuclear response to a Cyber or Chemical attack, both so easily constructed as False Flag events for fake provocation. In 1930’s Germany the citizens failed to recognize the slide towards totalitarianism, but right now there is absolutely no excuse for us to cling to the facade of ‘British exceptionalism’ to pretend there is no danger here. We cannot ignore the march towards an authoritarian police state that those in Hungary, Turkey and elsewhere sadly failed to prevent. Their citizens are warning us of the fast approaching point of no return; once the Tory Sovereign Dictatorship is fully consolidated it will remain in power for decades! That’s the terrifying experience globally: it takes untold slaughter and decades of resistance to remove them.

In the Labour Heartland Article Entitled “Protest laws move UK towards paramilitary policing, says former police chief,” there is a clear warning of where the UK is heading under this Fascist Tory regime. “A former police chief has warned that new protest laws move Britain dangerously towards ‘paramilitary policing’ and that UK ministers are ‘flexing their muscles via their police forces’ like repressive regimes around the world. The warning from Michael Barton, the former chief constable of Durham comes as policing braces itself for a report expected within the next 48 hours after Metropolitan police officers were accused of heavy-handed tactics at a vigil on Clapham Common for Sarah Everard. Under pressure, the home secretary has ordered a report expected to arrive early this week from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. The key question it will answer will be whether the Met’s actions were proportionate or not.”

Labour Heartland report that “As the new protest laws pass through parliament, Barton and another former senior policing leader, Sir Peter Fahy, told the Guardian they held deep concerns about the dangers the new laws posed for civil liberties already reeling from a year of emergency Covid laws. Mick Barton, was head of crime operations for policing nationally, and led the Durham constabulary until 2019, which inspectors rated as one of the best performing forces in Britain. He says: “I’m not in favour of even more restrictive measures. Surely after an historically unprecedented year-long curfew, in peacetime, the government could show some common sense and gratitude for such incredible forbearance to allow civil liberties to once again flourish. Or are they happy to be linked to the repressive regimes currently flexing their muscles via their police forces? ‘Fortunately, in the UK we are not a paramilitary-style police force. But these powers dangerously edge in that direction.” Let us not remain complacent just asking “are we there yet?”

Labour Heartland say “Fahy, the former chief constable of Greater Manchester police and former vice-chair of the police chiefs’ body, said the proposed protest laws were a mistake and posed a danger for policing. He said lessons from the past suggested danger, citing the quashing this week of 1970s convictions of trade union activists including the actor Ricky Tomlinson as a warning from history. ‘It is short-term and politically driven,’ he said. ‘It is a reaction to what happened with Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter [protests], in the same way Ricky Tomlinson was a reaction to the industrial strife of the 1970s. Policing was drawn into a particular stance and pose. ‘It reminds me of the miners’ strike when policing was mobilised for a political reason. It took policing a long time to recover. Policing should be very careful not to be drawn into the situation of being arbiters of which protests can go ahead, and become stuck in the middle. The policing of protest can cause long-term damage’.”

But how can we best fight-back without resorting to violence and why pursue this pacifist tactic in clashes with police? As stated in my last post “When the aggression is all very clearly one-sided and Police attacks are entirely unprovoked there is nothing for them to highlight and fill the airwaves and tabloids with. My tactic would be to gather a core of individuals who are prepared to function as a protective front line; equip them with crash helmets, face guards and padded protective suits to resist baton blows. You could even issue a press release announcing that this has become necessary due to the threat of unprovoked police violence. Helmets could be fitted with bodycams for continuous hands-free filming without relying on a mobile phones which are easily wrenched from your hand in a scuffle and dashed on the ground. Organizing stewards and Marshall’s, including those trained in de-escalation? This is a sensible idea, but it doesn’t have to involve liaising with the Police, as this will become more and more difficult in future.”

I suggested that “If protesters carry only flowers the Police excuse for resorting to violence completely evaporates. Breaking News: several Police officers were taken to hospital after being seriously injured when pelted by protesters with an avalanche of projectile daffodils! Your Honour, it was necessary for six officers to pin the petite female defendant to the ground after she threatened us with a sun flower!” The other day it was my birthday. Over the week during which Craig Murray’s Blog was in blackout I resorted to ‘retail therapy’ buying a few items online to try to convince myself that more than a year on from the Tories seizing power, and surviving to reach one year older, it was a ‘happy’ day for me. I was comforted to learn that Craig’s late mother had used the exact same fatalist expression my own late mother often repeated: “It is all part of life’s rich pageant.” I have never had a great deal of material wealth, but I’ve lived a very rich and colourful life, full of interesting and intense experiences good and bad.

Murray potentially faces a grueling experience behind bars, punished for his activism and determination to expose the truth. He too has had an extremely eventful life with many positive accomplishments to be proud of, not least of which the interventions that now have him threatened with jail. I am confident he has the stoicism to accept his fate, but we must loudly and robustly criticize the authorities for this perversion of justice. I hope the new Party, Alba led by Alex Salmond, will compel the SNP to get their house in order as I can well imagine why the Scots are so eager to break away from the UK. A bizarre purchase of mine was a Union Jack apron, but before you carp-on about supporting that foul Tory flag fetish, I must tell you I intend to daub it in red stains to represent the blood on the ‘Butcher’s Apron.’ What if a significant group of protesters were all pictured wearing a blood soaked Union Jack ‘Butcher’s Apron?’ This is the kind of attention-grabbing visual that the press cannot help falling for: it gets printed and can go viral.

Exposing the vile reality this iconic emblem of our past British empire steals the toxic symbolism that the Tories are trying to force on the rebelling public with their jingoistic nationalist fake patriotism. We have to be more savvy in our protests a target satisfying the press search for a ‘Hook!’ True, “We do not have the climate for barefoot and half-naked Gandhi style, but he proved that non-violence can be powerful. It will take intense discipline to resist Police provocation, but it is by far the best way to disarm this Tory Government’s violent enforcers, especially if everything is caught on camera.” As stated so many times before “We should never have allowed this dangerous Fascist regime to corrupt our Electoral process and warp our BBC prior to the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. It was their takeover of the state broadcaster and dominance in the Media that duped so many into believing the Tory lies about ‘borrowed votes:’ this truly unfathomable result must still be Investigated.” I will be writing here a lot less often in future, but: I HAVE NOT MOVED ON!