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Hilarious: Nicola Sturgeon speaking about currency issues.
Sturgeon hasn’t got one iota of a clue. There is no way that such a moron would make it to the political top in any serious independent country.

“Let’s not go independent, because Sturgeon is a complete idiot” is a totally sound argument. I imagine most of the Edinburgh middle class would agree, even if they have additional reasons for reaching the same conclusion.

Seriously can’t the Scottish independence movement find somebody to lead it who a) has got two brain cells to rub together, and b) is not Alex Salmond?

Sturgeon doesn’t even know what “central bank” means. She’s been First Minister for five years and she’s been too damned lazy to find out! What does she do all day?

She also lies through her teeth. No, the SNP did not have a policy in 2014 on what currency an independent Scotland should have. And no you can’t do quantitative easing if you haven’t got your own currency.