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200 years old – the vampires are celebrating with gaslighting their zombie readers.

The fucking Groan this morning puts on its full bloody sheepskin to entice us like little piggies or red riding hoods further into their grasp and lair by heinous cultural appropriation completely ignoring its slave wealth past and ‘liberal’ sentiments above common social democracy of the Labour Party – even as it cries alligator tears over the further demise of the ‘Red Walls’ which it does not want to see re-emerge! No matter what their chicken little Owen Jones’s screech.

So the tableau consists of
2 little cartoon figurines of white Top hatted Englishmen one holding a giant banner with ‘universal suffrage’ upon it;
They are dwarfed by a Jolly piped Einstein (!);
Who is somewhat smaller than a even bigger photo of ..Mahatma Gandhi – both men overlooking a tiny suffragette requesting ‘votes for women’ banner.
Next in the list of cultural appropriation comes MLK and Aretha Franklin ( ??? Me neither!)… followed by a smaller JFK, with a fully ‘stylish’ Jackie ‘gold digger’ (I mean just WHY? what great deed or cause does she even represent except the exceptionalism and entitlement?);
To complete the appropriation of their slave owning past they squeeze a freed White head cuddly Mandela behind princess JakieO and, at the very end with at the front they end with the current woke white elfin princess of the old slavers barons and exploiters – the latest slave/opium resource robbery. (A photo of her pigtailed hoodied little girly from years ago)

“Join us” they hiss
“Celebrating 200 years of high-impact ,independent journalism” – they lie with every word except the first.

Then they tell me how closely they watch me as they count every article I have ‘read’ in the last year – nearly 6,000 apparently – how very good they seem to creepily know –
Before imploring me to “Join In” & subscribe as long as I’m happy having had my tongue out ripped out because I wouldn’t keep my gob shut about their disintegrity and disingenuity over every aspect of their fake sjw faces selling the liberal neocon lies daily – just like their latest piss taking woke montage.

Yup I now hate them more than the Murdoch, Torygraph and Fail combined – which must be the actual purpose of the constant gaslighting of their soft hearted and soft minded readership.