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There is a difference between rare unforeseen complications of vaccines and also other medicines, like the pericarditis with the Pfizer and Moderns vaccines and also the rare clotting disorder associated with the AZ and Johnson vaccines and all the anecdotal statements of many people dying of heart attacks that you posted. No attempts were made at denying these and they are now included as known rare complications of these vaccines as ET pointed out. But this does not translate to “thousands of people dying of side effects of vaccines” and the “the spike protein is toxic” in material you linked to. Interestingly the antivaxxer conspiracy theories are now the fear-mongering side, having accused everyone else of fear mongering about the virus. Now everyone who falls ill and who dies after vaccination (a large proportion of people in U.K. now) dies of vaccination whereas anyone who died of covid-19 dies with it. And this sleight of hand translates to vaccinations being the main cause of death now according to these CTs.