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“ ‘Can we ever return?’ Tears and heartbreak as Hongkongers leave for a new life in the UK Residents fearing China’s tightening grip are departing in droves, not knowing if they will be back”
— Guardian reporter Fri 13 Aug 2021 05.00 BST

This must be the looniest silly season crowbarring of complete and utter bullshit ever. If it wasn’t Friday the 13th , I’d say it was April Fools day.

Well suck it up BrexShitheads – who thought it was immigrants who were your biggest scapegoated bug bears in your political austerity imposed relative poverty and you would only need to drown a few thousand in the Channel with long poles to preserve ‘YOUR lickle wicker island paradise’

Where are they going to live (London probably)? and they will buy apartments (specially built as the new China town in the environ of the Olympic Park and the wharfs I expect)? Home from home. A Hong Kong on Thames!

I welcome their seditious ways let’s hope they carry on against our own ever more despotic fascistic State …

So let’s see how many are coming to roost:

“The Home Office expects up to 153,000 people with British national (overseas) status and their dependents to arrive in the UK in the first year, and up to 322,000 over five years. According to Home Office statistics, 34,300 people applied in the first two months after applications for BNO visas opened at the end of January, with 20,600 from outside the country.”

What’s that last line mean?
10k were already here?

Anyway don’t all cheer expecting that it will solve the lorry driving, fruit picking and chicken farming needs or the bottom wiping carers needed or nurses and doctors that are in short supply.

Who’s coming?
Charlie, said she was going to study to be a psychologist;
Victor, a 28-year-old IT professional;
Patricia, a businesswoman ;
Carol, an accountant;

Why are they coming?

“With speech freedom under threat”

“civil freedoms previously taken for granted. Expressions of dissent can be punished”

““I miss the old Hong Kong, the good old days when we were free. We had no democracy but had the rule of law”

Pilgrims – I got a bit of arrival news for our HK cousins – we have political prisoners, tried without juries and judges who make up evidence and no free newspapers and national security laws a plenty – you’ll feel right at home. 😂😂😂
Apparently we’ll easily be able to tell who these anglicised named minions of Empire born as the house slaves of Opium dealers are , not by their names and perfect English but also ‘a yellow face mask’ A symbol! 😷😷😷
Will they be carrying their ‘Color’ umbrellas ☂ too?

HongKong Pooey by a anonymous ‘Guardian writer’