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Why the Covid-is-a-hoax conspiracy theory is crazy is that it surpasses all others. It involves the Chinese collaborating with US to bring down themselves. Of course you know that the virus is no where near as dangerous as ‘they’ make it out to be and of course your statement is based on what someone who knows the inside out of virology and epidemiology told you because they know what they are talking about. That is unless you have your own personal analysis.

So here we have a problem. ‘They’ who made up this hoax. Who exactly are they? And why does their story run on similar lines across world borders, political divides and scientific disciplines? Why are all the main people working in the fields of virology, medicine and epidemiology all agreeing? Silly me, it is the secret world government of course that is telling them what to say and do. And moreover they are doing that to produce vaccines that don’t work and are killing people. Now of course, those who are telling you all this are highly qualified individuals in the same field who have their own data (not). It really becomes a matter of opinion what one thinks about viruses, virologists are redundant because an investigative journalist, a failed scientist turned politician and some natural medicine promoting websites say so.