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    As well as the Laura Ashleys and Hasselblads of the “root race” rune-waving “Extinction” crowd in London, also visible today have been the Union-Jack tee-shirts and knee-length shorts worn by the beer-swilling “anti-immigrant” demonstrators in Dover. The two groups have memberships who would never mix with each other socially, but they both seem committed to the idea that the authorities should do more, more, more to achieve their stated aims in this “time of crisis” – and while supposedly ignoring each other they’re giving each other a run for their money in the sport of roadblocking.

    Note the berets and cap badges of two of the anti-immigrant demonstrators in one of the photos in this article in the Daily Heil.

    What cap badge is the guy on the right wearing? I couldn’t find it in this list of British army cap badges or in the lists of air force and naval insignia at the same site.

    Funny how the Heil can quote the exact number of “asylum seekers” who supposedly “crossed the Channel” to be on Her Majesty’s territory on a single day this week (409), and a lower bound with at least two significant figures for the number who have crossed this year so far (“more than 5600”), but they can’t publish even an approximate figure for the number of “Britannia” boys who took part in today’s anti-immigration demonstration. Was it 20? 200? 2000?

    It’s easy to picture Dominic Cummings holding two phones, keeping abreast of how his two simultaneous demos are going and how they are being reported in the media. Maybe he’s got a screen on the wall showing how he’s dialled up THIS tactic and THAT belief in THIS part of the extreme right, and THAT tactic and THAT belief in THIS OTHER part of the extreme right?

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