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    Fat Jon

      The evidence presented in this article would appear to show that he could be…. but who knows what to believe in the world of security services and their addiction to dissembling?

      Agent Zelensky
      Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has produced a new documentary, Agent Zelensky, which details Zelensky’s relationship with Moore and MI6.

      Servant of the People
      Ritter’s film emphasizes how Zelensky was in essence a Manchurian candidate whose rise to power was scripted by very powerful people as if in a Hollywood movie.

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        Conspiracy, like alchemy, sometimes works. Cockups, like reality, always outs in the end.

        I’m waiting on Scott Ritter’s second instalment from Agent Zelensky before I risk my powder getting damp…_

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          Here we have Part 2 of Agent Zelensky I haven’t read it yet…_

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            Having read both parts of Agent Zelensky here are my criticisms.

            The statement that Zelensky is an agent is overkill. Is he in NATO’s pocket? Yes, no question.
            But seeing Scott Ritter suited and booted in such a manner for a very persuasive ‘Power Point’ presentation makes me feel he might be considering going in to politics.

            It is a definite must watch for everybody, it almost counts as a precise bullet point explanation of this conflict to date. His analysis is thorough and comprehensive.

            This conflict must end with an immediate ceasefire followed by a negotiated settlement. The butchery is beyond comment anymore.

            What a shame hardly anybody seems interested enough to comment…_

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            Fat Jon

              My only comment is this; if the Covert Action evidence is correct (and presumably this was a diplomatic recorded event) Zelensky came to the UK in 2020 as Ukrainian president and only met Sir Richard Moore, rather than our then PM, Boris Johnson, it does seem to go against all protocols for visiting heads of state.

              I must rummage around the web and see if I can find anything to confirm this. I’m not sure if any Covid restrictions would have been in place at that time.

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                Digger UK
                In my rather naive but absolutely straightforward opinion, Zelensky is a creature of the international oligarchy. Perhaps not the top 5 of them, but certainly those big moneybags who can afford to install suitable governments in various “needy” banana quasi-countries.
                Let’s ignore for a moment that some states may deliberately place a certain country in the position of “those in need.”

                I will present my position in the most abstract terms possible, and I know that in this form it will look like a crazy conspiracy theory, sorry! But I hope that the educated community of commentators on this site understands abstractions, simplifications and allegories.

                So, an international oligarchy whose goals are to make profit and maintain influence. In all the world events of recent years, I have noticed several similar signs:
                – instrumentalization of modern technical capabilities of digital technologies (control over information flows).
                – instrumentalization of all significant basic human instincts (safety, food, reproduction), which in principle is not something new if we consider appealing to an external threat or the threat of starvation. More like standard propaganda practice. But global changes have occurred with the reproductive instinct; now the appeal goes to sexual satisfaction much more than to reproduction.
                – instrumentalization of the Jewish identity (weaponization of anti-Semitism). I’d rather not comment further here, because I’ll give room for the wildest accusations against me.

                If a supportive reader has reached this point, then he already gets my position regarding Zelensky and his alleged role as an MI6 agent – NO.
                I believe rather that MI6 is an instrument of the international oligarchy. I think that I will not be far from the truth if I assume that the main instruments of the world oligarchy are the Pentagon and the CIA, and the secondary ones are NATO and the private intelligence services of countries.

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                  I say this with a heavy heart but the sad truth is that on all sides it is oligarchs fighting each others for the loot. We the people are marginalised onlookers who are asked to cheer for one or the other side of an oligarchic coin.

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                  Fat Jon

                    I have tried to find information on the Zelensky UK visit of October 8th 2020, but these things are not easy. The Wayback site only seems to have certain dates archived, and if you do not enter the precise search term necessary then it defaults to the US version and comes up with the Baltimore Guardian, or Seattle Daily Mail.

                    The UK newspaper archive only seems to have the front pages visible, but maybe subscribers get more. However, a visit to the UK by the Ukraine president in autumn 2020 was unlikely to push all the new variant Covid panic off the front pages.

                    I did manage to read one brief article which suggested that he did meet Boris Johnson, but the page vanished and because I was using Tor, there seemed to be no way of getting it back, and no history.

                    Therefore I don’t think the Covert Action is entirely correct when it states that Zelensky only met with the head of MI6 during his visit; and am inclined to agree with Tatyana that he is not an agent, but is probably working very closely with various security services due to the nature of the conflict and the activities of special forces in the region.

                    I still find it curious that in a previous life Zelensky was an actor playing the part of the president in a TV series, and is now an ex-actor who is the president.

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                      Fat Jon
                      I have in mind an article which I’ve bookmarked long long before this war started. It describes the hidden side of Ze’s rise on the political scene.

                      I’ll be too busy in the next couple of days to translate it. And honestly, I don’t know what may distract me again in these 2 days.
                      Please, do remind me to dig out the bookmark and to translate it.

                      My name is clickable, the link is the Taplink card, with the links to my current places on the Internet, and there are also my email and phone number there, with WhatsApp messenger connected to it.

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                        Also, I agree with SA. I feel it deeply. From my side it feels like losing connection with the bigger world.
                        Well, my generation, we are digitalized 🙂 literally we sleep with our smartphone turned on and the earbuds plugged into our ears. We ‘re connected to the Internet for the most part of the time. It’s our reality, the way we live.
                        We learn English as the language for international communication. We are present on many social media, we get notifications and we react. Like, I visit a restaurant to celebrate my marriage anniversary or my son’s birthday, I make a photo and send it to Instagram or Facebook, and many many friends from all over the world let me know they share my day.
                        That is how ordinary people stay connected today. Modern way of getting a visit or a letter from a friend. So many things we have in common, to discuss marriage, kids, problems with teenagers, restaurant and kitchen recipes, hobbies and crafts, beauty tips and shopping, features of the marketplaces and advice on small business growth.
                        I miss the serene time before the war. And I feel they robbed me of the whole world.
                        I don’t know yet if I should teach my kids to never ever trust anyone in the West. All these kind people just disappeared so quickly. A commentor here shared recently, that people on English language learning app refuse to help a Russian girl.
                        Divide and rule, right before my eyes. Hate Russian and vote more weapons into this war. Hate more, kill more etc. etc.
                        You know, there’s an annoying feature about Russians. We usually feel like at home, everywhere. Even if we are guests, we still feel entitled to be there and to be treated as equals.
                        I know for sure, as several times I was told directly in a very straightforward manner, that I should not act like I do, in Internet venues, because I’m a guest, not the host of a place 🙂 and what makes this website special, they just allow me to be what I am. I do appreciate it.
                        In other places people expect me to make multiple reservations, and to write in self-humiliating manner, every time highlighting how much happy I am to be allowed to the place.

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                        Fat Jon

                          Tatanya, you paint very depressing picture of the current world away from the so-called free West. Should you tell your children to trust anyone in the West? I would say, yes you should tell them that – unless they have had months or more to get to know the Westerners.

                          There are many of us here who do not trust any of the media to tell the truth, and our media has brainwashed the majority to believe the security services narrative; so we can’t even tell our own children not to trust anyone in authority. We get labelled as ‘Woke’ or ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ simply for trying to encourage our children and grandchildren to weigh up the arguments with no bias.

                          We are certainly told not to trust anything said by Russians, Chinese, or North Koreans; but I find that to be more propaganda than reality.

                          I will go O/T for short time, just to illustrate a point. In my distant past I was a railway enthusiast, and during the Cold War we occasionally saw news footage of East German railways where anyone who showed an interest in trains was likely to be arrested for taking photos or writing down train numbers in a book. This was presented in patronising tones, as if only overpowering non-democratic regimes did this.

                          About 20 years ago, I was on Kings Cross station in London, taking photos from the northern end of the platforms, when I was approached by a security officer who told me to stop talking photos or I would be arrested.

                          This is how western government work, by sheer hypocrisy and double standards, but no responsibility for their activities.

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                          Pears Morgaine

                            Big difference there Fat Jon is that whilst you could legally be arrested and imprisoned for train spotting in East Germany the Jobsworth at Kings Cross was talking bollox. There is no law against photographing or recording the numbers of trains in the UK and he wouldn’t have had the power to arrest you anyway.

                            Ritter’s two part ‘Agent Zelensky’ was a pretty desperate smear job. Does anybody believe he’s itching to surrender but can’t because British intelligence have his family hostage? Laughable.

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                              Here I am. I ask you not to throw heavy objects at me 🙂 I am only acting as a translator. As we Russians say, “Don’t shoot the pianist, he plays as best he can”. Thank you.
                              The promised article is entitled “Circumcision as an important factor in unpredictable Ukrainian politics” and the editor’s note says: ‘I would like to immediately warn the inquisitive reader that he will not find anything xenophobic or anti-Semitic in this material. But he will find only a description of human stupidity and vanity, multiplied by drunkenness and a sense of permissiveness.’
                              Well, now the text.

                              Naseem Taleb, in his famous book “The Black Swan,” described a theory that considers some events, difficult to predict and rare, that have significant consequences for entire nations.
                              Who would have thought that such a “black swan” of Ukrainian politics could be the circumcision of a little Jewish boy in Geneva, Switzerland.
                              Everything would have passed without consequences, but the boy is the son of the shadow curator of the ‘1+1’ media group, Timur Mindich, a close associate of the fugitive oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

                              It was the ancient Jewish rite of circumcision that gathered on April 17 of this year (*the article is dated May 2018) at the fashionable Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva worthy citizens of Ukraine (and not only Ukraine): Igor Kolomoisky, Yevgeny Geller, Vladimir Zelensky and Vitaly Khomutynnik.

                              After performing Brit Milah, having taken quite an intoxicating drink on his chest, Igor Valerievich went out to breathe the fresh Geneva air and think about the fate of his long-suffering homeland – Ukraine.
                              A parked car caught his eye, which the disgraced oligarch for some reason began kicking… Thank Yahweh that Vladimir Zelensky came out after him and persuaded the old man to stop ruining expensive shoes on someone else’s scrap metal.
                              This is where our “black swan” arrived – the emotional “master” hugged the “jester” and even cried a little (there is nothing shameful here – for men over 50 this is forgivable).

                              A few minutes later, in his inner circle, Igor Valerievich shared a brilliant idea – to bring the series “Servant of the People” to life and promote Vovka Zelensky to the President of Ukraine. Everyone at the table unanimously agreed… Vladimir Zelensky also agreed, effectively joking that for such an offer he was ready to eat that part of the baby that the mohel had just cut off. To that Igor Valerievich, in his usual manner, stated that Volodya would rather have to sip on the already circumcised organ of the benefactor himself… The drunken company laughed together…

                              This whole story could be called a surreal feuilleton about the Peredvizhniki* oligarchs, if not for one “but”: on May 7, 2018, the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (commissioned by I. Kolomoisky) published the following data: the population of Ukraine best treats Vladimir Zelensky, in the presidential elections, V. Zelensky would have received at least 10% of the votes, and in the second round, V. Zelensky would have defeated both Poroshenko and Tymoshenko.

                              But there are still 10 months before the elections… We are stocking up on popcorn and waiting for new “black swans” from Igor Valerievich…
                              the source

                              And, to not waste a chance, I’ll express my content on the fact that the truly evil person Cirillo was silenced for some period of time, as they investigate into his extraordinary statements. The previous one, claiming that Russians are not humans
                              and the last one, threatening journalists

                              I hope Gonzalo Lira is alive

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                                It’s interesting what the Russian article says about Cirillo:

                                “He was a professional poker player, and a real estate analyst, and a journalist who wrote a book about Syrian refugees.
                                Changing gender, Cirillo goes into politics. He acted within the Republican Party, but in the interests of the Democratic Party – as an embedded agent. This was in Nevada less than two years ago. Then, as a correspondent for the LGBTQ Nation publication, Cirillo ends up in Ukraine, where he decides to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and receives the position of senior medic in a battalion formed from Crimean Tatars. This is allegedly followed by injury and transfer to military service.”

                                An extremely interesting career: poker, real estate, journalism, politics, senior medic (!), military spokesperson (!), and eventually “kicked out of the Gestapo for being too cruel.”

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