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    I’ve found some live coverage here:

    In Craig’s absence, please add further links and coverage.

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    Lord Justice Holyrode rules in favor of United States, granting leave to appeal on grounds c and d, re psychiatric evidence.

    #Assange High Court full appeal to be heard on October 27 and 28.

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    michael norton

    The Information Age
    Information/knowledge is power
    Power to the People

    Just phrases
    However something is going on.
    That something is the stopping of knowledge to the masses.

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    Michael (09:14), I agree, and this is part of the reason that people are increasingly turning to conspiracy theory, as I argue in two comments beginning here.

    Secrecy pervades our societies. Governments routinely abuse national security secrecy to hide institutional criminality, but the private sector is even worse, with employees (and others) routinely bound by NDAs – civil law Non-Disclosure Agreement clauses in their employment contracts.

    Knowledge empowers. Secrecy kills. Free Craig Murray. FREE ASSANGE!

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    michael norton

    Clark, yesterday I was out walking with a very intelligent friend. I told him I did not believe a word of the novichok stuff, he believes it all. I gave him example, after example, after example of the inconsistencies, such as the chief nursing officer of the British Army being the first person on the scene. That the Chief of army nursing got her teenage daughter to do the initial checks on the Skripal people. That these events happened within walking distance dstl level four laboratory. He thinks it is all true.

    But I suppose he would not believe the moon is made of cheese or there is a second world war aircraft on the moon or that there is a statue of Elvis on the moon or that the Chinese have a secret base on the Dark Side of the Moon but some believe this shit.

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    Michael, your intelligent friend with too much faith in the media – get him a copy of the book Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. Read it yourself before passing it on to him – it’s hugely entertaining.

    People think of it as a book about alternative medicine, but really it’s about the complete idiocy of supposedly factual media. The chapters’ subjects range across the education authorities, the cosmetics industry, homeopathy, the “war on drugs”, the pharmaceutical companies, the superbug and MMR scares, but every chapter keeps coming back to the way the ‘news’ media cover these issues.

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    michael norton

    Mrs. Merkel is in Russia and has told Putin that Navalny should be released.
    Mrs.Merkel claims Navalny was poisoned by Russia with Novichok, yet he is still alive? Novichok seems next to useless at killing people. Out of the six people who it is claimed were poisoned by Russia with Novichok, five are supposedly still alive. Yet, it was claimed in the British press that Novichok was the most deadly of nerve agents.

    I am sorry, I do not think anybody has been poisoned by Russia with Novichok.

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