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    Thanks ET. Looking it up, I see they tried hard to opt out. They had an opt-out from the social chapter of the Maastricht Treaty.

    But, from memory, wasn’t there was a maximum 36 hours rule that they didn’t accept?

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    There was angst in medicine especially surgical specilaties about the ETWD which wasn’t entirely unjustified. ETWD meant expanding all the tiers of doctors from 5 (and a 72 hour average week) to 8 to be compliant. This led to fears of diluted experience and reduction in numbers of surgical procedures undertaken by trainees because the same number of cases were distributed across more trainees. Therefore it would take longer to train up surgeons in all required procedures. Also, not all trainees would get consultant posts due to the pyrimid organisation.
    The real issue, of course, was money. Consultants feared dilution of their private practices. The UK retains the structure for now and I don’t think docs will allow going back to long shifts. When I started my average working week was 89.4 hours with some weeks being over 120 hours. (we were paid 1/3rd of our hourly rate after 40 hours)
    Some countries did actually opt out certain professions like medicine for those and similar reasons. Overall I think it has made medicine better but there is still romm for refineing the ETWD. Work intensity has a role.

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    michael norton

    What a lunatic

    “Jonathan Toebbe and his wife Diana were arrested in West Virginia U.S.A. on Saturday, the Justice Department announced.

    They allegedly tried to sell nuclear submarine design data, hidden in a peanut butter sandwich, to someone they thought represented another country.

    In fact, it was an undercover FBI agent.

    According to the statement, Mr. Toebbe and his partner – 42 and 45 respectively – have now been charged under the Atomic Energy Act.

    Mr. Toebbe worked in the U.S.A. Navy’s nuclear propulsion programme and had national security clearance. His wife is a high school teacher.”

    I wonder which government they thought they were selling secrets to, not Australia?

    They will throw away the key.

    [ Mod: Yet another BBC news bulletin, michael? As you’ve often been reminded, this forum is not to be used as an RSS service for the state broadcaster. ]

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    michael norton

    Hello Mods, this theme is “New World Shifting to the Indo-Pacific new nuclear submarines”, so this story is spot on theme.
    We seemed to have moved on to Brexit, yes I know I have also talked of Brexit. Yes, this story is in the news. If this story was not in the news, we could not discuss it.
    I was expecting to steer the conversation back on track, I am sorry if that annoys you.

    [ Mod: You’re not discussing it, though: you’re only bringing it to people’s attention. That’s what the BBC News site is for.

    Other habitual newshounds have commonly had their bulletin notifications deleted, and some were eventually banned for spurning moderator advice. As you’re now telling the moderators what judgements to make, you fall into the same category. You can now take a two day hiatus to reconsider. ]

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    michael norton

    Mr. Macron has had his nose put out of joint by AUKUS. He is besides himself with anger against the U.K. The Old Enemy.
    Mr. Macron is up for re-election at Easter next year. The British and French are expected to keep up the shouting, til that time has gone. Boris is banking on Macron being tilted from his high horse.
    Boris does not have to hold himself up to the electorate for a few more years. The Entente Cordiale is over.
    France Elite cannot forgive the British people for voting Brexit.

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    michael norton

    There must be a huge number of NATO warships near China at the moment.

    “The Pentagon meanwhile insisted that Dewey’s and Winnipeg’s transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the commitment of the United States and our allies and partners to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

    On 22 May 2021, following a farewell visit from Queen Elizabeth II, the U.K. Carrier Strike Group left HMNB Portsmouth on its first operational deployment, a seven-and-a-half month roundtrip to the Pacific.

    Mainly to let China know we are watching their every move.

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    michael norton

    The U.S.A. warship Dewey is fitted with LaWS

    “The LaWS is designed to be used against low-end asymmetric threats. Scalable power levels allow it to be used on low power to dazzle a person’s eye non-lethally to turn away a threat, and to be used at high power, up to 30,000 watts (30 kW), to fry sensors, burn out motors, and detonate explosive materials. By lasing a vital point, LaWS can shoot down a small UAV in as little as two seconds. When facing small boats, the laser can target a craft’s motor to disable it, then repeat this against other boats in rapid succession, requiring only a few seconds of firing per boat”

    This is what they are sailing past Taiwan, now.

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    “Mainly to let China know we are watching their every move.”

    “We”? I don’t feel any need to watch China’s every move; China presents zero military threat to the UK. Do you feel such a need, Michael?

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    Pigeon English

    Nice to have Royal Navy and Michael watching China’s every move. We can sleep in peace!
    Thank you M N

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    What is 67,000,000 UK meant to do against 1,400,000,000 China anyway? Sailing aircraft carriers at it is ridiculous! The fleet’s computers were probably made there.

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    michael norton

    If you do not believe in the United Kingdom, then there is no need to believe in the Royal Navy.

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    Michael, I don’t know how to interpret the word ‘believe’ in that sentence. ‘Believe’ is a difficult word at the best of times.

    I believe in the existence of both, but I’d need to expound even on that. I doubt that the Royal Navy could be much more than a nuisance to the Chinese government and military. I don’t like the government of the country I’m stuck in running provocative errands for US corporatism, especially not in the middle of a pandemic with fuel shortages and supply chains under severe stress.

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    Pigeon English

    Example of jingoism
    If you do not believe in the United Kingdom, then there is no need to believe in the Royal Navy.

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    michael norton

    Wow, I did not know this.
    The U.K. and France have recently been doing aircraft carrier war simulations together using Charles de Galle and Queen Elizabeth as well as many other assets.

    All the shouting and nastiness must be put on show for the peasantry of France and the U.K.
    How astonishing, just when we have been told France is “concerned” about being left out of the “Inner Gang”
    However, these joint aircraft carrier wargames, was just before the announcement of AUKUS.

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    remember kronstadt

    preparations are already in ‘progress’ for nuclear war down under. natives and rugby players will be encouraged to participate.

    Human Cannonball

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    michael norton

    Things seem to be really hotting up between U.S.A. and China.

    “When asked whether the U.S.A. would defend Taiwan in the event of a conflict, President Biden told a CNN reporter: Yes…The US has a commitment to do that.”

    I suppose, this is what AUKUS is for, to counter the terrific rise off China.
    It is hardly unexpected that Xi will not be going to Glasgow but Biden and Obomber will be.

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    michael norton

    The new Royal Navy Submarines will be powered by a mainly American designed reactor:
    Dreadnought prototype review exposes flaws in naval reactor programmeNuclear Information Service (19 Apr 2018)

    The last planned Astute will also be equipped with PWR3 reactor.

    The Vulcan Naval Reactor Test Establishment at Dounreay, Scotland, has recently been decommissioned?

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