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      Can you check. My new discussion hasn’t appeared.

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        Hi DiggerUK. Thanks for flagging this up.

        Unfortunately there’s no sign of your new topic: it’s not in the spam list, nor is it queued for moderator approval. The activity logs only show one posting action from you today – for this “Spam filter?” enquiry.

        My first responce to your enquiry about 10 minutes ago also vanished into the ether, after showing the customary Cloudflare “checking” message.

        There was a problem a few months ago with Cloudflare being too restrictive with forum contributions, and I believe our system administrator adjusted the settings to fix it. It obviously needs to be tested and tweaked again.

        You’re welcome to try again. It’s always sound advice to copy your text to the clipboard before submitting it. If it doesn’t work the second time, then please repost as a BTL comment on one of the blog pages (an old one, preferably) and the moderators will pick it up and create the new discussion topic for you.

        In the meantime, I’ll alert the sysadmin to the problem. Thanks,

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          I’ll repost. Thanks.

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            I’m down the rabbit hole it seems, tried twice now. As my grandkids aren’t here today, I have no computer assistants.
            Damn those lizards…_

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              Your new topic has been published and can be found here: Who are the “Angry Patriots Club” of Russia?

              It reached the server this time, which means it managed to pass through the Cloudflare filter – as did the two reposts you attempted on this thread.

              The reason you didn’t see it immediately was because it was held in the moderation queue awaiting manual approval. A couple of years ago some disgruntled commenters who were banned for defying the commenting guidelines tried to evade moderation by using sockpuppet identities with fake email addresses; however, their rants contained common strings that could be used to catch their posts and direct them to the moderation queue for scrutiny. Those defences are no longer required, so I’ve reset them.

              Thanks for alerting us to the Cloudflare problem. It seems to afflict discussion forum contributions but not comments on the main blog. Some functional changes are being made behind the scenes, and there can be unexpected consequences. It may take a while to test various fixes. For now, it’s best to retain a copy of any text you try to post in the forums.

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                I think my post has been caught in the spam filter, or else might be in the moderation queue. Can mods look in to this.

                Also, there is an odd ‘sticker’ on a post by Clark from January 18, 2021 in the “Origins of SARS cov2” thread…_

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                  DiggerUK, unfortunately there are no comments in the spam filter or moderation queue. If you tried to post something, it’s more likely to have been discarded by a Cloudflare hiccup. Thanks for reporting it. Unfortunately the moderators have no access to data to confirm what happened, but your anecdotal report may prompt the sysadmin to test and tweak the Cloudflare settings.

                  The odd ‘sticker’ appeared in Clark’s post because the forum software tries to embed a Twitter account or a tweet when the link is posted as a bare URL. However, it slows the loading of the forum page considerably and doesn’t work in all browsers. The solution is for a mod to manually edit the entry, posting a screenshot of the embedded tweet if the visuals are important to the message.

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