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      Yeah tell me about it – if only russians knew how much moronic reporting there is about Russia in the west – like every problem in Sweden is somehow connected to evil russians plotting in the dark – no evidence is of course ever produced, in Sweden the situation is absurd regarding everything russian and has been for decades – you cannot talk about this issue without being slandered as Putin-puppet.
      Some years ago the public service newscaster here aired a more critical documentary on Ukraine, but only after the newscaster had cut out parts that they did not like, not to mention the public newscaster even had a warning intro segment with this anti-russian journalist explaining along the lines that this documentary is not trustworthy; it was surreal to watch. And then the same public service claim that russians censor their media!

      This was the documentary I question: Trailer – “Ukraine Masks Revolution Moreira”

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        Scott Ritter was due to fly to Russia today for a month long trip, a trip he has talked about a lot. Before the flight pushed off he was removed from the aircraft and had his passport taken.

        Scott Ritter Removed from Plane to Russia and Had Passport Seized with No Explanation. Is this a consequence of the docket project? Or just another case of the US contradicting everything it says it stands for?

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          yeah I don´t watch TV but even I heard of German cases where TV-staff was pushed to cut stuff, sometimes worse.
          So I assume there was much more, which remained unreported. Until people would understand.
          There is the more prominent case of a known TV-reporter, Hubert Seipel, who did interviews with Snowden and with Putin as early as 2012. Then he did a documentary about Putin last year, German TV refused to give money. He got some other pivate investor and then they basically ended his career in unprecedented ways. I dont care much about these TV-documentaries but its a gigantic scandal.
          The Wiki entry (automatic transl. from the German site) is full of their lies and fabrications:

          The hypocrisy of German TV is indescribable. TV reporters here constantly do stuff like this about VIPs.
          Last year I think I told TATYANA about one of those idiotic pieces about the German government´s work. It was pure propaganda. But nobody gave a damn. It was showered with as idiotic awards.

          Forget Germany…

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            WMD expert Ted Postol with a text on the Armavir radar attacks. It naturally contradicts Martyanov.

            “Droning Russia’s nuke radars is the dumbest thing Ukraine can do
            Attacks on the early warning system actually highlights the fragility of peace between the world’s nuclear powers”


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              “Despite Fears, Putin hasn’t Restored Soviet-Style Media Isolation for Russians, Shelin Says”

              Comment by the blogger recommending the text:
              “When a virulent old anti-Russia person like Goble is forced to print something like this, it’s very interesting. – Natylie”


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                Patton had more decency than this asshole.

                “In D-Day Speech, Biden Celebrates Deaths of Russian Soldiers in Ukraine”


                This is obnoxious an disgusting behaviour.

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                  Ukraine manage to send drones far into Russia proper without being noticed.

                  “In First, Ukraine Fires Drones at Airfield in South Russia’s North Ossetia Region”

                  As usual, Russia is sleeping while Ukraine plotting attack on Russia proper. I assume if this goes on, as it has for 1-2 years now, that sooner or later Ukraine will manage to strike a vital target/person in Russia. If Russia plan to “win” this war, they better step it up.

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                    Our CIA friends from SpyWeek have some new cool psyops about Scott Ritter and The Grayzone.
                    So in case you did not know, Max Blumenthal and Co. are: Russian and Iranian propagandists!

                    But I post the piece here since one may observe how these people truly think. Folks who are not writing this in FA or the WaPo but publish it on Substack. They are aware of what others in the blog sphere are writing too. If they really read it I do not know though. They certainly don’t get it. Or at least appear not to:

                    “New in SpyWeek: Subverting House Intel
                    Plus the Ritter riddle, the Grayzone kerfuffle, Israeli psywar vs US, natsec fretting about a Trump return, and more”
                    by Jonathan Broder
                    and Jeff Stein


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                      The brainwashed extremist will of course not realize that herself is the radical one:

                      Von der Leyen vows to lead EU down ‘pro-Ukraine’ path
                      The European Commission President promised to fortify the bloc against political “extremists”


                      While pitting ukrainians to a secure death by fighting a bigger actor, in turn risking nuclear war in the end and on top of it supporting a genocide in Gaza is surely an extremist in my book. Not to mention that his vile woman is not even elected prove she is megalomaniac.

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                        …which concurs with this:

                        German-Foreign-Policy-Blog about a new report by one of those mad think tanks in Germany, who I have quoted before, SWP (Foundation for Science and Politics), in Berlin.

                        SWP predicts refocus of the US on China. EU will therefore install a permanent anti-RU agenda with FRG at its core, to fill in for the US. Not new. But now confirmed officially so to speak.

                        “The next turning point
                        Berlin think tank calls for rejection of smaller military operations around the world and for the Bundeswehr and society to focus completely on the war against Russia. US strategists speculate about three parallel wars.”
                        June 10th


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                          The west is obviously not lead by any principle whatsoever.
                          In Gaza they defend Israel, because if not, Israel will face another nazi extermination and in Ukraine they support…neonazis.
                          Full circle idocy.

                          US ‘flirting with neo-Nazis’ – Kremlin
                          Moscow has condemned Washington’s decision to allow arms supplies to Ukraine’s notorious Azov Brigade


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                          michael norton

                            I think the recent E.U. Elections may have played into the hands of Russia.
                            Belgium, Germany and France are all imploding.
                            People do not want conscription. People do not want war with Russia.
                            People do not want the governments, they currently have.
                            I see far less support for Europe of Zelensky.
                            Far less support for funding Ukraine.

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                              I’m not so sure Michael. Naked Capitalism has a good read in this piece today The EU “Center” Embraces the Right Kind of “Right”. It’s argued in the piece that perhaps the “right” in the EU, the AfD in Germany, Marine le Pen in France and Meloni in Italy are changing their tune in respect of Ukraine. It’s worth a read.

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                                Conscription or a huge volunteer army – these things take time.

                                This is intended not as a 3 year plan but permanent war against RU. It´s 1948 all over again. But more nukes this time and smartphones and internet and EVs on both sides.

                                So the window is rather 30 years time. The generation to be idoctrinated fully might not even be born.
                                Which doesn´t mean it will all go as planned. But the MIC will be a winner in any scenario.

                                So I for coming years see no implosion. Russia hatred is installed too much in Europe as a tradition.
                                Too many influential parts of society in Europe believe this shit.

                                There is no more obvious proof for the level of incompetence and cultural failure than Europe´s reaction to Gaza.
                                It can´t be more blunt than this. 24/7, proven beyond any doubt, documented, condemned by every intern. non-biased organisation. It´s sick actually.

                                And still nothing happens.

                                It´s true if too many body bags came home from whatever front it would mean something. But they are going to tread carefully to prevent that for the time being.

                                Actually I have doubts they will ever commit to such madness. Because here truth kicks in: They at some point would have to admit that it´s all smoke and mirrors and that it makes no sense to endanger governance and the functioning order to engage in a hot war which has 0 justification and there is 0 need for. Since there is 0 threat.

                                * * *

                                What looks like a massive essay by Gordon Hahn:

                                “Internal Solidarity and the NATO-Russia Ukrainian War”



                                The West’s, particularly American miscalculations leading to the war are legion. The list is long — from NATO expansion begun in the 1990s to inability to realise that negotiations with Moscow are the only way to salvage some semblance of a Ukrainian state and Western humanity. Another factor is cultural or, more precisely, the failure to understand cultures, even the denial of culture as a factor, except when it provides propaganda support. We were told Russia is not opposed to NATO expansion, but Ukrainian leaders and much documentation, including those regarding the March-April Russo-Ukrainian peace talks scuttled by Washington, demonstrate that this has been a crucial driver of Russia’s alienation from the West and republican rule, its foreign policy, and Russian President Vladimir’s February 2022 decision to begin a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine. We were told Russia is a harsh dictatorship, the Russian people did want to fight, and Putin would lose the war and be overthrown by the Russian people. At the same time, we were told of the Ukrainians’ amazing courage and commitment to fight a ‘national liberation war’ against the hated Russian and that those who fight for democracy ‘know what they are fighting for’ and are thus eminently motivated. The reality is that it has been the Russians who have proved to be most motivated to fight and patriotic, while Ukrainian men in masses continue to emigrate abroad and avoid the draft in order to escape the war.

                                Ukraine’s weakness is as much cultural as it is militarily and economically rooted. Post-Soviet Ukraine — and there never was a pre-Soviet Ukraine of any duration and consolidated stateness — was a badly divided state ethnically, linguistically, culturally, geographically, socio-economically, and so politically. There was no common bond other than the rejected Soviet proletarian one. However, it was for the most part western Ukraine — never part of Imperial Russia except as part of partition Poland — that firmly rejected the USSR. Its population is not enough to mount a defense against a great military power like Russia, even with NATO’s not insignificant assistance. By sharp contrast, Russia is overall a firmly united society, as a result of culture, media control, and limited political repression of dissenters. All these are outcomes of the briefly dormant security vigilance and solidarity long-learned by Russians as a consequence of both domestic factors and foreign, especially Western antagonism. Today’s Russian motivation in the NATO-Russia Ukrainian War comes from security vigilance and solidarity norms now revived to dominance by NATO expansion and other factors, including the views and leadership of Vladimir Putin. The motivation gap can be seen by comparing the Russian and Ukrainian efforts to mobilise personnel for the armed force in order to carry on the war.”

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                                David Warriston

                                  I agree with both of the last posts. As Michael Norton states, there are only two significant groups of people at present willing to fight in Ukraine: Russians and Ukrainians. Any other combatants are adventurous mercenaries who have mostly been killed or have long since fled the scene, and NATO troops working covertly. Despite bellicose rhetoric from Poland and the Baltics, no ‘coalition of the willing’ seems to have emerged. Given the destruction of Ukraine this is hardly surprising. It’s safer to shout this stuff from Washington, the UK or France obviously.

                                  However AG’s point still stands. These right wing groupings within Europe are no friends of either Russia or indeed peace. Their sympathies towards Russia run no more deep than the sympathies that the Nazis professed towards trade unions during the Berlin transport strike of 1932. They may share a common enemy but they will never be friends.

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                                    David Warriston

                                    since you mention this 1932 strike which I know only little about, how exactly would you judge it? Were the Communists trying to play the NSDAP? Or were they truly naive? Considering that they were deadly opponents and the soon to be persecuted and killed. (By december of that same year most media were sure the Nazis were about to perish.)

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                                      you had already been complaining about this:

                                      “Left-wing election winners in Finland and Sweden reject Sahra Wagenknecht
                                      – In Nordic countries, the Left and the Greens have achieved considerable success. They have softened their position on NATO. They have a clear stance on the German newcomer.”


                                      Of course the talk about “softening” is nonsense. But this behaviour of the Left is the reason why it is difficult to really be hopeful on European level. The extent of incompetence is difficult to fathom.

                                      It should be enough to read the intelligence reports made by those countries on RU. They have nothing to offer.

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                                      David Warriston

                                        I only know the bare facts of the Berlin Transport strike of late 1932 so can’t offer much analysis. Goebbels had expended great efforts to win over the working class vote in the city with a reasonable amount of success and thus the Transport strike offered the Nazi Party an opportunity to cement these gains whilst also undermining the Weimar government. From what I recall, the KPD recoiled from the idea of speaking on the same platform as the Nazis but there was a certain amount of joint enterprise at street level to enforce the strike.

                                        The KPD had good historical reasons of their own for refusing to align with the SPD in opposition to Nazism without encouragement from the USSR. I think the KPD saw the SPD as more of a political obstacle than the Nazis, reflected in their sanguine slogan in January 1933: ‘After Hitler, our Turn!’ Ernst Thaelmann, the KPD leader, never survived to see that happen in Berlin.

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                                          “Left-wing election winners in Finland and Sweden reject Sahra Wagenknecht”

                                          Yeah, here in Sweden the leftist party (Vansterpartiet), alleged, leftist party I should point out, is really some liberal/Clinton type of politicians. Fraudsters.
                                          They never take any radical views, always keeping themselves with the consensus of views.
                                          They are for example pro-arms and even fighter jets being delivered to Ukraine but when it comes to the view on USA, Nato, Russia, Syria, EU, Iran etc they are just behind the right-wing view of things.
                                          The swedish parliament will next week approve this so called “DCA agreement” (Defence Cooperation Agreement) , a controversial military agreement which will give up swedish sovereignty by granting american troops access to swedish soil and military bases: of course the leftist party have pretty much said no dissenting word about it!

                                          How come a woman like Sahra Wagenknecht is considered the extremist, dangerous one for wanting to end, not prolonging the ukrainian war? But that just proves how corrupt many mainstream lefists parties throughout the west have become. They have lost touched with reality, increasingly using the rhetoric of the right-wingers as some type of “false consciousness”.

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                                          michael norton

                                            The new submarine Kazan is in Cuba
                                            Together with a frigate, this is thought to be because of Americas interest in Ukraine.

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                                              As reported in the NYT today U.S. Expands Sanctions on Russia as G7 Leaders Gather.
                                              “The Biden administration is taking new measures aimed at stopping China from helping the Kremlin sustain its war effort against Ukraine. U.S. officials hope European nations will take similar steps.”

                                              Russia, as reported by the World Bank has taken 4th place in the ranking by purchasing power parity (PPP), the world bank’s favoured metric.
                                              China – $35.0 trillion, USA – $27.4 trillion, India – $14.6 trillion, Russia – $6.45 trillion, Japan – $6.3 trillion
                                              Three of the top 4 countries are BRICS countries, China, India and Russia, 56 Trillion between them whilst US takes 27.4 trillion. Add in the euro area with 20.7 trillion and BRICS still come out ahead. Further observations listed on the piece from a blog site I’ve not seen before Russia is now the fourth largest economy in the world – World Bank.

                                              At some point these countries will sanction the US and the west and there won’t be anything the the west can do about it.

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                                                Someone posted already Lindsey Graham telling us why the US is so much interested in Ukraine?

                                                Reminder, Mr Graham is that same dude who said “Russians are dying, it’s our best investment”

                                                There’s another story unfolding, Anatoly Sharij reveals new facts about drug sellers network Kraken in Ukraine and their ties with the war. I hope I’ll have time this weekend to translate it and bring it here. I’m interested, because in the very beginning I used to visit some Telegram news channels. English speaking commentators shared videos, dreadful filmings of torture. As I understand Ukrainian, I persuaded them it was about drugs trade and have no connection to the war.
                                                Now I’m not that sure.

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                                                  Something tells me there is more to this story but here is this so far, from THE INTERCEPT

                                                  ” Firefox Browser Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons at Russia’s Request
                                                  Mozilla, the maker of the popular web browser Firefox, said it received government demands to block add-ons that circumvent censorship. ”


                                                  May be Tatyana can add something to this, if she is in the picture.

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                                                    Just as palestinians are refused to show their flag in public, the russians and belarussians is under the same ban.

                                                    Russian media banned from displaying national symbols at Olympics
                                                    The same restrictions apply to spectators and sports fans attending the Summer Games in Paris


                                                    How come US/European flags are not banned after their constant wars past decades, Iraq, AFghanistan, Syria??

                                                    Russia should stop being walked-over by the west all the time, one should stand up to bullies, only then they will quit.

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                                                    michael norton

                                                      “US President Joe Biden said it was another reminder to Russia “that we’re not backing down”, but Moscow has threatened “extremely painful” retaliatory measures.”

                                                      So it would seem that The West are taking fifty billion (US) dollars from Russia and loaning that loot to Ukraine, to enable Ukraine to continue the war with Russia for another year.
                                                      How will that help and ordinary Ukrainian people?
                                                      This move might encourage Russia to capture most of Ukraine and recoup its money that way, with the added bonus of depriving American firms who have already purchased much of Ukrainian agricultural land.

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