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    For example, here, here, here, and here.

    What’s this all about?

    Answers saying “They are the only available buildings. Stop being such a conspiracy theorist. Don’t hurt your head by thinking about it. Be like me, and never hurt your head thinking about anything” will be disregarded.

    It’s obviously about something.

    Have any of the celebrities who have been vaccinated on film used churches as their location, or are churches only for “everyman”?

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    Check your own links; the third one reads:

    “church of england gives space for covid vaccination and testing for up to a year”

    That might help explain it.

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    One of my local “GP surgeries” is using the “car park” of the “garden centre” opposite to accommodate the cars of people turning up for “vaccination”. They have “stewards” wearing “yellow HiViz vests”. It has to mean something, and probably indicates a depopulation agenda with a subplot to steal everyone’s children.

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    That’s nothing!

    The local “church” in my “neighbourhood” gets used on a “Thursday” every now and then for “voting”, being designated as a “polling place”. It’s opposite a “pub” and next to the “road”!

    Now if that’s not obviously about _something_, I don’t know what is!

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    Clark and Glenn_UK
    What is it with you responding to these posts? Don’t you think that if ignored they might just go away? Next we will be into numerology and lizards.

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    Clark, Glenn, SA – Try noticing stuff. Don’t you have any interest in the world around you?
    You have all really excelled yourselves here.

    A special thank you to SA for the reference to lizards, a meme in the true sense of that word that was popularised by a former Green party spokesman. Is that your stock reference, or do you sometimes choose Elvis? Incidentally SA I wonder if you know anything about the use of numerology in politics, such as in Myanmar for example (there’s a big example going on right now) or Pakistan or for that matter in South America. “That’s all nothing,” I can hear you respond. You need to get out of your village maybe. No wait, maybe don’t, because people from outside your village are all weirdos. I haven’t noticed any use of numerology in relation to the pandemic but I hope I will notice it if it happens right in front of my face. At least I won’t put my fingers in my ears and blow raspberries.

    As my third para shows, I know exactly where you guys are coming from.

    Hopefully one day you will all be very embarrassed about being so cocky about not noticing stuff. Good luck.

    Clark – are you bored while you wait for a rerun of the meteorite that “extinguished” the dinosaurs, which wouldn’t have anything to do with anything the Jehovah’s Witnesses have ever said but would be caused by too many of your neighbours using too many kilowatt hours on their washing machines, but most importantly by too many proletarians exhaling carbon dioxide?

    Frankly none of you are making a good impression now that increasing amounts of sh*t really have hit the fan.

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    Mystic N_eg: “Clark, Glenn, SA – Try noticing stuff.”

    You certainly have some cheek. Do you really think you’re the only person who “notices stuff”? Just because we don’t start screeching about it on a human rights activist’s blog like some hysterical tabloid headline writer, that doesn’t mean we don’t “notice stuff”.

    For instance, I’ve noticed that you regularly start threads suggesting something really sinister, usually involving mass death, and it never amounts to a damned thing. I’ve noticed you’re deceptive, sly, misleading, hysterical, and fail to engage. I’ve noticed you slink off as soon as your BS is called by people who actually bother to research into your offered subject – and I notice that you do not do the least research before rushing to start another “The end is nigh!” thread.

    I’ve also noticed the thorough arrogance that you and your denialist chums frequently demonstrate, condescending to the reality based community as if they were unobservant, pathetically obedient, and unthinking dupes. That’s when you deign to discuss anything with us at all – you in particular, now.

    Whereas in reality, your set of denialists are nothing more than hysterical, fearful, anti-science flat-earthers who consider themselves just _so_ special. Yup – I’ve noticed all that.

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    N_, try noticing that the Arctic icecap is melting away, first time in 130,000 years. Try noticing that climate scientists started predicting that several decades ago, but the capitalist system has done sweet FA about it and has instead prioritised profit and economic growth. Try noticing that capitalism has started a mass extinction, FFS Mr “Marxist”, and get off your keyboard trying to prove how clever you are with, er, numerology, and do something about it for a change. Try noticing that the “expert” you parroted from the corporate media was entirely wrong about a second wave being impossible. Try noticing that he must have been lying, because he’s on the board of a company marketing medical appliances for that very same second wave.

    Try learning something from your peers; we’re here to help!

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    It also takes more than noticing. We all notice and then make deductions, some logical and others outlandish, some based on facts and others on wild guesses.
    Sometimes I think that N_ actually writes in this style to provoke and to present a deliberately distorted accent on events. Even the Avatar is hinting at this deliberate ambiguity. But I may be wrong I concede.

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    N_, I’m going to try yet again. I keep trying, and I will continue to.

    I request that you engage in genuine dialogue with myself, and with others if you so choose. By a genuine dialogue, I mean one in which we ask each other plain, simple questions and give each other plain direct answers, with the intent of better understanding each other’s reasoning.

    Will you do that?

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    ginger ninja

    I think N_ may have a point – there does seem to be a push to push Christianity at every turn – as if suddenly the plebs will fall back into line and Christendom will be fully restored. Give it a generation or two of “Victorianism” and I’m sure it will be so.

    Just saying.

    That’s not why I’m here though. I just wanted to say I fully admit to being guilty of posting then disappearing at times, like I may have said before; I find you all a bit intimidating tbh. No offence intended. I’ll try to engage next time I drop an egg on the site.

    Though you must understand – I treat the internet as a sounding board… it’s a long story. I’ve been working on something for a few years now that I hope will be of benefit to the world, unfortunately for all concerned it requires me to post regularly (on other platforms mostly) . So I wouldn’t take anything I say too seriously. For the record.

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    What are you talking about? This country is a theocracy anyway. The head of state is the head of the church and unelected priests sit on the legislature. What more do you and N_ need as proof of the predominance of christianity and its importance to the state?

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    ginger ninja

    You don’t think Christianity has been losing it’s grip on the population over the past few decades?

    Most of the churches are empty. I can honestly say, in my lifetime, I haven’t met that many practicing Christians that took the religion very seriously either. It’s on its way out (and good riddance to it). Having clergy anywhere near power or politics is mind-boggling stupid to me – who are they supposed to be representing these days anyway?

    As for Blighty being a theocracy – is it really? If that’s true it makes even less sense than having priests of a supposedly ‘all loving god’ bless people before they go off killing.

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    The Guardian article linked by N_ probably explains most of it. It is practical. They are well located centrally in a lot of towns with nearby transport links, they have the space (some) and their location will often be well known to all in a town or area.
    If the C of E gets a bit of free publicity, who cares? Fair play to them I say.

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    Said tongue in cheek.
    ET plus being central and empty and underused as per ginger’s post.

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    @ginger ninja: Indeed, the Church has a ridiculous hold on society, particularly considering the attendance rate for Christian denominations collected is probably under 10% now.

    They have permanent positions in the House of Lords, for no particularly good reason. They ensure measures such as euthanasia never becomes legal in the UK, despite general public approval.

    There was a good article in the ‘i’ a few days back on the sneaky way the Census was set up, to push people into self-declaring themselves a ‘Christian’ more as a form of identity than a declaration of being a True Believer, but the latter is what the Church pretends it means.

    Anyway, please feel free to offer your ideas – there’s surely nothing intimidating about our lot! We’re all good friends really.

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    From the article linked by glenn_uk:

    Only 27 per cent said they “believe that Jesus Christ was a real person who died and came back to life, and was the son of God”.

    “Only”? Over a quarter of people actually believe that?

    And N_ thinks I think that the icecaps are melting away only because I’ve subconsciously redirected my childhood indoctrination by the Jehovah’s Witlesses, never mind multiple countries’ satellite imagery (which are supposedly all fake) or that companies are investing in the new ice-free shipping routes and mineral deposits revealed as the Greenland ice sheet retreats (just a ruse by them, obviously).

    It’s really little wonder that democracy doesn’t work. You’d think reality was boring, the way so many people would rather live in their own imaginary worlds.

    “I’m not a robot”. But can I be sure?

    Robert FrippI May Not Have Enough Of Me But I’ve Had Enough of You, & NY3 (YouTube, 6m 15s)

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    ginger ninja

    @ET Those meddlesome peddlers of empty-platitudes and hypocrisy don’t deserve free advertising. Bah humbug. I feel there should also be constraints on the amount of new religious buildings being built , at the very least. This goes for all the other religions too. Spirituality, for want of a better word, is important for our species – unfortunately, the world over – organised religion seems to be completely corrupted on an institutional level.

    @SA Oops. I didn’t pick up on the t to cheek. This is the internet after all. heh 🙂

    @Glen_UK Appreciate it. Intimidating with a small, fluffy ‘i’, by the way. It’s the ol’ – if I’d have known, back then, what I do now, I’d have spent more time concentrating at skool. It’s hard to find the words sometimes.

    The news outlets have become a tired one-trick-pony – the trick being to lever in the Church, Army or <insert fashionable ideology here> as much as possible in as many articles as possible.

    As terrible as this is to admit, theses days, I find myself eye rolling to any article that talks about religion, diversity, gender or what have you, often before giving it a fair shot.

    On a connected note: Starting an article with <x> is a “trailblazer” in <x> field yadda yadda blah blah just seems deeply patronising to me and unnecessary. Not sure how anyone else feels about it? Is it any wonder we’re cynical? Is it any wonder N_ and I think the way we do?

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    “Not sure how anyone else feels about it? Is it any wonder we’re cynical? Is it any wonder N_ and I think the way we do?”

    Disconnect from the corporate media; doing so helps banish cognitive dissonance. I declared my home a TV and “news”paper-free zone in the mid 1980s, and no Radio 4 burbling away to itself in the background either. I’ll follow links to articles, but I don’t browse from the front pages, won’t let them set the agenda.

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    @GN : I certainly share your disapproval of all things religious. I was originally a Christian (as pretty much everyone had it forced down our throats at school, that isn’t much of a surprise), but started getting serious doubts not long into adulthood. Remained agnostic for about another decade, before firmly coming down as an atheist. List to the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) podcasts, if you want to hear more about it – they’re pretty good.

    However, that’s not the angle I think Mystic N_eg was taking. He’s simply finding _anything_ to deny that Covid-19 exists, or is much of a problem, or that the response to it is necessary, or that vaccines are a solution. He’s simply been on an hysterical tear for the past year, cherry-picking, stove-piping, and deliberately misinterpreting snippets of news to work this agenda. You can see the forum boards here are full of them.

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