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The Name Game

Lt. Col. Tim Spicer OBE’s mercenary firm (sorry “Private Military Company”) Aegis “Specialist Risk Management” – formerly known as Trident Maritime (2002), formerly known as Strategic Consulting International (2001), formerly known as Crisis Risk Management (2000), formerly known as Sandline International (1999), formerly known as Executive Outcomes (1997) – has been hit by a scandal – Its soldiers videoed themselves shooting Iraqi civilians and then posted the recording on the internet.

So Lt. Col Spicer OBE needs a new name yet again, in order to be able to dissolve his old company and emerge fresh, new and gleaming once more into the daylight and carry on making money. There’s a $236 million Iraq contract at stake here for the love of jimminy!


Suggested new names so far include:

“Crisis Access Strategic Holdings”


“Terra Firma”

“World Optimisation Network Gain Analysis”


“Spice World”

“Latitudinal Operative Overseas Taskforce”

“East India Solutions”

Current favourite here is:

“World Arms Network for Killing Eastern Residents”

But these may not be enough – contributions are needed!

Update (03/12) Additional suggestions now include:

“Phoenix Rapid Attack Tacticians”

“Termination of Humans for Undisclosed Gains”


“Murder Inc.”

“Life Ending Solutions”

“Maveriks Reloaded”


“Pb4C” (with thanks to the late Mr J.Savimbi)

Keep ’em coming!

Tell us, or tell Aegis at: [email protected]

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Liberty launch ‘No torture, no compromise’ campaign

The UK based human rights organisation Liberty, issued the following press release yesterday. Their letter to Jack Straw can also be read here

Liberty demands Government halt CIA ‘torture’ flight stops in Britain

Human rights group calls for USA assurances on extraordinary rendition

Today Liberty called on Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to seek assurances in the next 14 days from the USA that it is not using UK airports to transport suspects to countries that torture. Liberty fears that the UK is in breach of domestic and international law by allowing CIA ‘extraordinary rendition’ flights to land and re-fuel in Britain.

Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti said:

‘It is troubling that our Government chases Algeria for anti-torture assurances but cowers from confronting the USA on the same issue. It is the abhorrence of torture that distinguishes all democrats from dictators and terrorists. What can we say to those who perpetrate atrocities in London and around the world if we allow ourselves to become complicit in the cheapening of human life?’

Liberty also requested that the Police Chief Constables of Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, the Metropolitan Police, the Ministry of Defence Police, Suffolk, Sussex, Thames Valley, and West Midlands investigate suspected extraordinary rendition flights at their local airports. They too have been asked to respond within 14 days.

Liberty’s call to action against extraordinary rendition marks the launch of its ‘No torture, no compromise’ campaign which seeks to make the UK government honour its positive obligation to stop torture and ill-treatment.

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