Daily archives: December 2, 2005

UK opposition party calls for end to use of mercenaries in Iraq

By Rosa Prince in the Daily Mirror

ALLIED forces must stop using private security firms in Iraq, the shadow defence minister said yesterday.

Tory Andrew Robathan’s call follows the discovery of a “trophy” video apparently showing security guards shooting at civilians in Iraq.

Posted on a website claiming to be run by employees of British firm Aegis Defence Services Ltd, the video seems to show shots fired randomly at cars.

The firm, which is working for the Americans, has launched an investigation with the US military.

Mr Robathan said: “It would be better while we are enforcing the rule of law we should be doing it with soldiers rather than private civilians.”

Aegis said all incidents were investigated to ensure adherence to rules of engagement.

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Former CIA officer speaks out on extraordinary rendition

With an European visit by Condaleezza Rice imminent, Robert Baer, a former CIA officer dealing with the Middle East, discusses “extraordinary rendition” and his views on what action European countries should take in order to combat this illegal practice.

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