Daily archives: February 16, 2006

UN calls for the closure of Guantanamo Bay

Five independent investigators of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights are calling on the United States to close immediately the detention centre in Guant’namo Bay and bring all detainees before an independent and competent tribunal or release them.

The press release is here

The PDF of the full report can be read here

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ACLU renews its call for investigation of US abuse and torture

From the American Civil Liberties Union

NEW YORK – In response to newly released images of abuse at Abu Ghraib, the American Civil Liberties Union today renewed its call for an independent investigation into widespread and systemic abuse in U.S. detention centers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guant’namo Bay.

“We continue to see undeniable evidence that abuse and torture has been widespread and systematic, yet high level government officials have not been held accountable for creating the policies that led to these atrocities,” said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU. “We need to look up the chain of military command, because when the rule of law is not followed all of our personal freedoms are threatened. President Bush should appoint an independent counsel to uncover the full truth about the extent of the abuse and who is ultimately responsible.”


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