The Location of the Holy Grail 4

I am really not that bothered about the Holy Grail. If my next door neighbour Rafa had irrefutable genealogical evidence, backed by DNA testing, that he was a direct descendant of Jesus I would say “So what”? Actually if Jesus did have children, there is a good chance he has many thousands of descendants wandering around. If someone could produce a drinking vessel he used, I would think that was a great historical artifact, but I wouldn’t be inclined to use it to cure my varicose veins.

So I neither know nor care much what the Holy Grail is, but I do know where it is, and it is in Scotland. For those feverishly studying the masonry at Rosslyn Chapel, you are less than an hour’s walk away. The Holy Grail is in Shillinghill in Midlothian, formerly known as Temple and before that as Balantrodoch, with numerous variant spellings. Dan Brown addicts will find the clues on the gravestones a particularly thrilling place to start.

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