The US Treads Water Over Its Involvement in Torture 1

From BBC Online

US national intelligence chief Mike McConnell has said the interrogation technique of water-boarding “would be torture” if he were subjected to it. Mr McConnell said it would also be torture if water-boarding, which involves simulated drowning, resulted in water entering a detainee’s lungs.

He told the New Yorker there would be a “huge penalty” for anyone using it if it was ever determined to be torture.


The US attorney-general has declined to rule on whether the method is torture.


In July 2007, President Bush signed a controversial executive order on the treatment of suspects detained by the CIA which did not outlaw the agency’s use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” such as water-boarding.

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  • Sim-O

    …And of course, everyone that the American use waterboarding on gets a medical to see if water has entered their lungs.

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