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Bomb Squad in Desperate Race to Save Jacqui Smith’s Job

The great “Easter Terror Campaign” scare launched by New Labour has been in desperate need of new impetus, given the failure to find any evidence of a terrorist operation. Fortunately police were able to stage an Army Bomb Squad raid on a flat in Liverpool yesterday to give the right wing press a chance to revive the story.




The peculiar thing is that the address raided had been under search and cordoned off for 120 hours before the bomb squad were called in. Indeed, last Wednesday 50 (yes, 50) policemen swooped on the flat and searched it for six hours. It is therefore remarkable that the “Bomb” wasn’t found for a further five days.

The official description of the Bomb Squad raid was “precautionary”.

That is “Precautionary” in the sense of “Publicity stunt”. What the mainstream media fail to report is that the bomb squad experts were able to tell the police that the suspicious substance was – table sugar. Whether cane or beet, doubtless intense forensic examination will tell us.

The United Kingdom is in breach of international law by refusing to allow the Pakistani High Commission consular access to check on the welfare of its nationals who are being held – and none of whom has been charged with any crime. They have even refused to give them a full list of names.

This kind of behaviour will backfire on British nationals who are arrested and held abroad. Our requests for access will be refused and our protestations – which I made in several cases – will be thrown back in our faces. New Labour’s participation in the continual erosion of the fabric of international law is the real story here.

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Hitler Had No Idea What Goebbels Was Publishing

Adolf Hitler today went on record to state that he “Had no idea what kind of stuff Goebbels was publishing.”

Although they shared the same bunker and met several times daily, Hitler was deeply shocked when invading Red Army forces drew to his attention what had been happening.

“There is no place for this kind of thing in politics,” he said: “I came into politics to promote ideas, like lebensraum”.

Mr Hitler further pointed out that he had now taken vigorous action to tackle the situation. He has written to Oberfeldmarischal Gustav Odonellmann to instruct that the Gauleiter’s Guide be amended to specify that the murder of seven million Jews, Poles, gays, romanies and political opponents should be clearly a sacking offence.

Copyright David Irving

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Gordon Brown – What A Wanker

Gordon Brown’s attempt to spin out of the smeargate scandal by writing a letter to Gus O’Donnell to demand that writing smears is specifically excluded in the Special Advisers’ Code of Conduct, is ludicrous even by New Labour standards.


The implication is that McBride was doing this because writing stories alleging things about opposition MPs and dildoes is not covered in the code.

Here are some more things not specifically covered in the code, but which now will be specified. The new Gordon Code will say that Special Advisers may not:

– Murder Mrs Irene Tomkinson of Weybourne St, Cromer or any of her children

– Rob banks during office hours or while wearing civil service trousers

– Score goals in football internationals using the “Hand of God”

– eat human liver

– impersonate a Chelsea pensioner for the purpose of pecuniary advantage

– concoct false intelligence dossiers for the purpose of launchng illegal wars and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

I understand that Gus O’Donnell has advised that the last one goes too far and would interfere with the smooth working of government.

The real reform this country truly needs is that “special advisers”, or party hacks (Stalin would have called them political commisars) should be paid by the party, not the taxpayer.

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