How To Stop Tony Blair? 85

Where do I find the campaign to stop Blair?

A massive task of mobilisation lies ahead to prevent the elevation of Tony Blair to President of the European Union. The issue has potential to unite the vast majority of the British people. Imagine the Countryside Alliance and Stop The War demonstartions combined. It is essential that people accept a “Big tent” campaign that unites around the single objective of preventing Blair’s appointment by amking clear to Brussels that it is completely unacceptable to the European Union.

I had always been a supporter of EU membership, but even the possibility of Blair’s appointment crystallises for me the arrogance of Brussels and the increasing distance between EU institutions and people. Should the EU become headed by a war criminal, I shall defintely conclude it is time to leave.

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  • JimmyGiro

    The Nazi-Soviet pact would have nothing on the congruence of the ‘countryside alliance’ and the ‘stop the war’ campaign; but I digress.

    If Blair is elected in full knowledge of his record, then the credibility of the institution he heads must be measured by that.

  • Jujupiter

    There must be more than a petition that we can do to stop Blair, right? Shall we contact organisations? Launch a website? Write to the Prime Minister? The MEPs?

    I’m sure there are other people in Europe (I’m French by the way) who don’t want Blair either, we must mobilise them as well!

  • dreoilin

    You’ll understand the desperation of my No vote against Lisbon. It’s understood that Sarko and Angela have given their blessing and that Blair is the No 1 candidate. He’ll be elected “in full knowledge of his record”, as Jimmy says, but don’t forget what Lisbon has done: there’ll be only 27 people voting.

  • dreoilin

    Correction: don’t forget what Lisbon will have done – assuming the Polish and Czech Presidents ratify it.

  • Charters and Caldecott

    We don’t need a President of the EU any more than we need the EU itself. Both are an expensive, anti-democratic imposition on the peoples of Europe.

    However, much as I loathe both Blair and the EU I think his presidency is to be welcomed – it would demonstrate clearly to the whole world the utter moral degradation at the heart of the EU and show Blair to be nothing more than a whore among whores.

  • brian

    When the Jews return to Zion

    And a comet rips the sky

    and the Holy Roman Empire rises

    then you and I must die

    From the eternal sea he rises

    creating armies on either shore

    turning man against his brother

    till man exists no more

    Has anyone checked his scalp?

  • George Dutton


    Politics is the same as a menu you only get what is on offer. If not Blair you will just get the same dish (one way or another) under a different name but all will be…Excrement of evil.

    Please don’t ask for any other dish as refusal often offends.

    By order of the management.

  • Tony

    This is like a vampire horror movie. However many times this vile demonic duplicitous creature gets shot with silver bullets and rammed with wooden stakes, a short while later the hands come out of the ground and he rises again from the tomb.

    I am a great fan of Europe and the peace + understanding it has brought even at the expense of considerable excess bureaucracy. However Blair as President – that is truly disgusting – he belongs nowhere except in jail as a war criminal.

    Blair is one of those power-thirsty Mephistophelian politicians who could survive in any environment – whether it would be Stalin’s Russia or Rome during the collapse of the Empire.

    At present there are few if any worse than Blair in the political scene for their wily self-seeking treachery. It is not good enough to say that all the candidates for EU Presidency are as bad – they could not be this bad.

  • manchedave

    You could start with a “President Blair” TeeShirt , with fangs dripping blood of course .

  • anticant

    Blair posturing and prancing as European Commission President may well prove his undoing, revealing to all and sundry what a hollow man he is.

    Blair is an archetypal Walter Mitty, constantly reinventing himself to less and less purpose. Does anyone know what he has achieved as Middle East Peace Envoy? I don’t.

    His main aim in life seems to be to keep himself in the public eye enough to rake in astronomical fees on the US lecture circuit from anyone daft enough to want to listen to him.

  • Franz Kafka

    If we accept that Europe is an undemocratic entity, then Blair is perhaps the best person to be its president.

    His authoritarianism, media charisma, hatred of debate and due process and rule by arbitary whim make him emminently suitable for such a project.

    We just have to face up to the fact that democracy is dead. The editor’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

  • dreoilin

    “His authoritarianism, media charisma, hatred of debate and due process and rule by arbitary whim make him emminently suitable for such a project.”

    Not forgetting his love of running after the USA.

  • dreoilin

    “Does anyone know what he has achieved as Middle East Peace Envoy?”

    He certainly didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from putting pressure on the Palestinian Authority *not* to accept the findings of the Richard Goldstone UN report into Israel’s attack on Gaza.

  • ingo

    I am loathed to include Blair in my cross, together with Dostum Karimov and Karzais ilk.

    I am afraid that the way we have all agreed to set up the EU to the wishes of vested interests, commissioners appointed at their behest, we have been asking for this debacle to happen.

    I agree it will take one hell of a big tent, Merkel is safe and loved in her seat and her party harbours other dubious mongers. Sarko, still to be savaged by his dog, will not care much, he’s another short power hungry person that does not care much about the EU, as long as he looks OK on TV.

    The Conservatives would hate the ratification of the Lisbon treaty to happen before the GE. If enough people make this issue important, it will confuse voters already fed up with the showers on offer.

    IMHO, only a fresh coalition between Greens and Lib Dems, lets say a ten point coalition plan, agreed before the election, giving people a vote on Lisbon and Blair, could be the last chance to galvanise people behind a new, unexperienced but eager, political line up. Both want PR and should know what that means, i.e. coalitions for a greater mandate, so why can they not forget the past unpleasantness and put their personal ego’s aside, for the better of the country?

    Petitioning No.10 to not support Tony, might awaken the old Brown Blair ego battle, but it would not result in much. I feel it takes more than that.

    If both major parties cannot be tamed, if we cannot include MP’s, local councillors and for example a useless wastefull prohibition into the melee of cuts, if saving CO2 does not appeal to vested interests and our mainline politicians and their BBC lackeys, then such a coalition could rejuvenate the House it could go much further than we ever anticipated.

    Wake up Ingo you are dreaming…

  • Glenn

    Maybe President Blair could be accompanied by honorary vice president George “Dubbya” Bush? What a splendid pair they would make. Given Cheney is at a loose end these days too, he surely should have a role as special advisor.

  • leon chin

    we must stop Blair the pathological liar from becoming the EU president at all cost!!

  • Andrew Gallagher

    To be fair, it was Sarkozy who first suggested Blair’s name. How does this make the EU “arrogant”?

    Anyway, the front-runner never gets the EU job. It’s a law of nature.

  • hillblogger

    Hope you don’t mind my being specific but the presidency that we’re talking about here for Tony Blair, whom I despise, is not of the EU but of the European Council.

  • MJ

    Perhaps the best way to stop Blair is to campaign for a Tory victory and hope the election comes soon enough for Cameron to have the promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (provided it hasn’t been ratified in the meantime).

  • Bill

    BTW, a couple of months ago I told my father, who lives in France, that if Lisbon Treaty was ratified Blair would step in as EU President.

    He laughed mockingly and said “don’t be daft, that won’t happen!”

    ..poor bloke, he moved to France to get away from the bugger.

  • Antonietta Wheeler

    It is a simple provable fact that we are ruled by the basest of men,

    in every area of life. Honesty, integrity, truth and any love of others

    has been in general replaced by blatant barbarity, lies and murder.

    All of this is in spite of being the most blessed people on the planet.

    We are not on a road with a dead end,

    but a road that leads to a bottomless abyss, of unimaginable horror.

    We will reap what we have sown for hundreds of years.

    It is a written law, which is as certain as tomorrow?s sunrise.

    The destruction, violence and havoc, which we have wreaked worldwide,

    is now coming home to haunt us.

    In reality we have no friends, because we lied, cheated, stole,

    and killed them for that which we coveted and lusted.

    The religious leaders of all complexions, are mirroring the political leaders,

    and they are all baying for the blood, of those who have not done them

    any harm whatsoever.

    These despicable liars are all acting in the name of ?god?, yes their ?god?, Satan.

    The so called ?Christians?, and so called ?Jews?, are all doing the very same thing.

    They mercilessly abuse and kill even infants.

    Many scoff and refuse to accept that there is a Satan, and that there is a God.

    We are going to learn the very hard way that both exist, and because of our overt

    rebellion against the most High God, He is going to let us learn by our harsh experience,

    that He is real and will be obeyed, and that we will always suffer the consequences

    of our rebellion and disobedience.

    The Truth is that there is no other way.

    We are seeing the destruction of all that we hold dear.

    This is not a matter of running to some perverted church or minister,

    but rather following the basic laws of human existence.

    Scoffers please do not even comment, you just have to wait and see what is going to happen next.

    Having a plan B is not enough.

    You will need a plan E and F etc.

    Name me a political leader,

    Name me a country,

    Name me a church,

    Name me a business organisation of any type,

    which is truly respectable, honest, and not exploiting any, and everyone,

    and where the leaders are truly respectable,

    who do not lie, steal and kill for their controlling,

    and manipulating despotic puppeteers.

    We can go even further, they are prepared to sacrifice even their

    own children on the altar of Satan, to enrich these despicable basest of men.

    Alas now there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

    The sky is going to fall on us, and we richly deserve it.

    The only remaining choices are that,

    We will truly love our neighbour and.

    We will truly love the Eternal God or perish.

    This is the only hope.

    The only way out of this dilemma is Jesus Christ.

    He is the only way of escape.

    We have to be under His Care and Protection.

    Salvation by any other name or means, Simply does not exist.

    Complete Obedience is required

    Praise the Lord.

    Come soon Lord Jesus.


    Peter James from

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