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Where do I find the campaign to stop Blair?

A massive task of mobilisation lies ahead to prevent the elevation of Tony Blair to President of the European Union. The issue has potential to unite the vast majority of the British people. Imagine the Countryside Alliance and Stop The War demonstartions combined. It is essential that people accept a “Big tent” campaign that unites around the single objective of preventing Blair’s appointment by amking clear to Brussels that it is completely unacceptable to the European Union.

I had always been a supporter of EU membership, but even the possibility of Blair’s appointment crystallises for me the arrogance of Brussels and the increasing distance between EU institutions and people. Should the EU become headed by a war criminal, I shall defintely conclude it is time to leave.

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  • tony_opmoc

    I thought the EEC was quite a good idea, but since its inception, it has gradually morphed into a (choose which label you prefer e.g. – Nazi, Fascist, Communist) Dictatorship.

    The EU has absolutely no relationship whatsoever with the concept of Democracy, except by illusion.

    Whilst I voted in a Referendum to join the EEC, no one in Europe has actually voted on the subject of being a member of the EU.

    Whilst the evil war criminal, should be in jail awaiting a court case where the charge should be War Crimes Against Humanity, the fact of the matter is that he is not.

    So under the circumstances it seems completely appropriate that the most Evil Politician in Europe – and possibly The World – with only Dick Cheney as serious competition – should get the job of President of the EU

    Westminster is of course a complete irrelevance now. All the major politicans of all the 3 main parties are bought and paid for by the EU Dictatorship – and are all the same. So there is absolutely no point in voting for any of them.

    In fact there is no point in any of them turning up in The House of Commons, because it is now just a talking shop and irrelevant.

    The EU Bureaucrats (Unelected Dictators) control us because they write all the laws, which The British largely obey – because we are basically honest (whilst the rest of Europe largely ignore – because they have known for years that all their politicians are totally corrupt)

    So we are basically screwed.

    Over 1 Million English Men wasted their lives fighting and dying in two World Wars for Liberty and Independence from European Dictatorship.

    Sure the EEC was a good idea, in that it meant international war far less likely in Europe, But Dictatorship is an incredibly aweful way to control anything, because you end up with idiots who decide and implement decisions, the effects of which they do not understand…

    So let them have the Evil Bastard as President.


  • Fred

    @Antonietta Wheeler: have you had an original thought today, or are you just regurgitating the words of your religious leader? Yes we all die in the end. Hope I didn’t spoil the book for you.

  • tony_opmoc


    Whilst Antonietta Wheeler may have just done a cut and paste of the words of her religious leader, and it would have been better if he had posted it himself and removed the God and Christ references, as they detracted from his overall message…

    It was a far more interesting post than yours.


  • tony_opmoc


    In fact I appreciated Antonietta Wheeler’s post so much, that not only did I read it again, but I have edited it, removing the bits which I didn’t personally like…cos I agree with it..

    “It is a simple provable fact that we are ruled by the basest of men,

    in every area of life. Honesty, integrity, truth and any love of others

    has been in general replaced by blatant barbarity, lies and murder.

    All of this is in spite of being the most blessed people on the planet.

    We are not on a road with a dead end,

    but a road that leads to a bottomless abyss, of unimaginable horror.

    We will reap what we have sown for hundreds of years.

    It is a written law, which is as certain as tomorrow?s sunrise.

    The destruction, violence and havoc, which we have wreaked worldwide,

    is now coming home to haunt us.

    In reality we have no friends, because we lied, cheated, stole,

    and killed them for that which we coveted and lusted.

    The religious leaders of all complexions, are mirroring the political leaders,

    and they are all baying for the blood, of those who have not done them

    any harm whatsoever.

    These despicable liars are all acting in the name of ?god?, yes their ?god?, Satan.

    The so called ?Christians?, and so called ?Jews?, are all doing the very same thing.

    They mercilessly abuse and kill even infants.

    We are seeing the destruction of all that we hold dear.

    This is not a matter of running to some perverted church or minister,

    but rather following the basic laws of human existence.

    Scoffers please do not even comment, you just have to wait and see what is going to happen next.

    Having a plan B is not enough.

    You will need a plan E and F etc.

    Name me a political leader,

    Name me a country,

    Name me a church,

    Name me a business organisation of any type,

    which is truly respectable, honest, and not exploiting any, and everyone,

    and where the leaders are truly respectable,

    who do not lie, steal and kill for their controlling,

    and manipulating despotic puppeteers.

    We can go even further, they are prepared to sacrifice even their

    own children on the altar of Satan, to enrich these despicable basest of men.

    Alas now there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

    The sky is going to fall on us, and we richly deserve it.

    The only remaining choices are that,

    We will truly love our neighbour.”

    Peter James from


  • tony_opmoc

    Incidentally, if you believe all this religious nonsense, and Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is finally charged with War Crimes Against Humanity, and when he is finally jailed, he loses his human rights, and his head is shaved and it really does reveal the number 666….

    It will because, it was recognised that he was a complete cunt when he was at university, and when he was asleep his fellow students got the tattoo artist in.


    I am almost exactly the same age as Tony Blair, and I rode my BSA650 motorcycle to University.

    It cost me £35, and had the registration number 666 ALE


  • dreoilin

    Now that Ireland has voted Yes, and once the Czech and Polish presidents row in, and Tony Blair is ensconced, those who warned us about a “New World Order” are going to be harder to argue with …

  • tony_opmoc


    Read the G4 shit – in today’s Sunday Papers – it Confirms it Blatantly…

    My Wife who’s Grandmother insisted she was Direct a Descendent of Not Just One – But Two Of Henry VIII’s Wives…I think they were both called Catherine is a Really Nice Charitable Person in the Real Meaning of Chistianity…

    Anyway, she said to me today, why did We Bother Fighting Hitler?

    And we live in a road very close to one of the main airfields of WWII

    And lots of boys who lived in our road in 1939 joined the RAF, and lost their lives yet Won The Battle of Britain…

    And we have let the slimy fascist bastards in to control us…not from Germany by the way – The Germans are not a problem and neither are the French for that matter…

    I think there is an enormous amount of evidence that it is The Anglo/Americans of Zionist/Khazar/Eastern European/Soviet/North Eastern Greece/South Russia/Venice/ who are the real cunts…

    The Scottish Of Course Are Proud Of The Fact That They Are Responsible For The Biggest Current Evil Bastard (notice how most people think he is English)

    “Blair was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 6 May 1953”


  • tony_opmoc

    My initial reaction to Craig Murray’s Question is not printable, because it would make me liable to be arrested and exported to Guantanamo Bay…and be Tortured for the rest of my life…

    And on Reflection, I think My Initial Reaction is Far Too Kind…

    No Keep The Bastard Alive as Long As Possible – In Jail – and Treated Kindly….

    He Just Has to Appear Once a Week – For The Tourists – To See Him and Hear His Confession

    “I Am Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and I Am a War Criminal”

    And he has to answer Questions

    Why Did You Do It Tony?


  • tony_opmoc

    Ordinary Americans are being Seriously Fucked Over – at About 12 Times Faster than Europeans…note I admit I am a European…

    The Home Repossession Rate in The USA taking the differences in Population is around 12 times greater than in England…

    I actually really like Americans – or I have really liked nearly all the Americans I have met…

    And on the Internet, I now spend most of my time posting in America, cos from my perception The Internet in America is Like it was in England 12 years ago…

    American People are Really Polite and Honest and Passionate…

    And So Help Them – By Sending Just a Few Dollars or Pounds or Euros

    To Feeding America

    As I have – I gave $10

    We need all our friends to fight this Evil – and if you give a little – you get more than 10 times back in Return…


  • tony_opmoc

    Craig Murray might like to know that our daughter has survived Fresher’s Week without succumbing to Alcohol Poisoning..

    And She Got a Full Student Grant and Student Loan….

    Not only that – but after surviving her first week at University…

    She came back home for around 36 Hours – to attend Rockcorps…

    She is all over Their website and has been on National TV…

    With Kids Who Are Her Friends – Of All Colours Races and Religions Under The Sun

    Rockcorps has come to The UK from America

    The idea is simple

    You just volunteer 4 hours of your time to do a community project – like painting a school – which she did last year – or cleaning up the rubbish in your local river – or just digging a communal garden – and planting flowers – which is what she did this year…

    And if you do this…

    Well in London – you get a Free Ticket To The Royal Albert Hall – to see a load of bands…but other stuff happens as well – you make loads of new friends and have an absolutely Brilliant time…

    Tony Blair – Fuck Off and Die


  • tony_opmoc

    She is so independent, that she has not yet let us see her accomodation…

    She wanted to do it herself

    But we get occasional text messages – but the phone service is absolutely dire – whenever we try and speak on the phone – virtually every other word is cut out…

    To Demonstrate Her Independence

    I think as a Direct Result of Being Arrested When She Was 15 Year Old When she was just walking home with her friends less than half a mile from her home – and doing absolutely NOTHING Wrong…

    You see – when The Meat Wagon turned up – and all her friends ran for it…

    She didn’t Run

    She had done absolutely Nothing Wrong

    So The Police Couldn’t Catch Her Friends

    So They Caught Her…

    And He Threw Her To The Ground

    And Put His Knee In Her Back

    And Dragged Her Arms Behind Her Back

    And Put HandCuffs on Her – And Threw Her into The Back Of The Meat Wagon

    So He Could Collect Her DNA as instructed by Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

    And She Told Them



    She Would Not Give Her Real Name and Address

    She Had Done Nothing Wrong

    And So Her Friends Told Us She Had Been Arrested

    And I Phoned Up The Police Station

    “You Have Arrested My Daughter”

    And I Gave Her Name

    And They Said – “No We Have No Person Of That Name Here.”

    It Took Me 5 Hours To Get Her Out Of Jail.

    So Now She Has Absolutely No Fear Of The Police

    And Was at The G20 Protests in London Taking Photographs Right On The Frontline Of All These Policemen Dressed in Riot Gear…

    And The Photographs Were For Her “A” Level in Art and Photography

    And Are Now Proudly Mounted In Our Home.

    She Ain’t Doing Art and Photography at University

    She Can Already Do That And So Is Learning Something New


  • tony_opmoc

    Even now she only looks about 15 years old…

    Yet at the G20 she dressed conservatively and The Police May have Thought She Was a Press Photographer as She Was Chatting Them Up…

    There is no other reason I can think of why they gave her such access – so the next day She was Actually Photographing Them Entering The G20

    She is 18 Years Old

    And I Am So Proud Of Her


  • anticant

    Yes, there are a lot of valid points in that Antonietta Wheeler post. The trouble with these religious nutters – Christian, Jewish and Muslim – is that they don’t understand that they are a large part of the problem – not the answer. Pots calling kettles black (if black is still a permissably PC word); rival bunches of increasingly rabid lunatics frothing at the mouth, some of them with their hands already on nuclear weapons and others straining every nerve to obtain them so that they can launch their own pet version of Armageddon, the Rapture, Jihad, the Anti-Holocaust, what have you.

    Blair’s answer to the question “Why did you do it?” is the same as G.W. Bush’s: God told him to. When mere mortals evade their responsibility in this fashion we should be afraid. Very afraid.

  • tony_opmoc

    I have only just now realised if Her Great Grandmother was telling the Truth – which I think she was – that she is a direct descendent of both Catherine Parr and Katherine of Aragon

    And when People Ask Her Name

    She Says

    Hi – I’m Katy


  • tony_opmoc

    Her boyfriend who she loves to bits is quite openly gay. He is such a lovely person. And Her Girlfriend is the original in The Wizzard of OZ…

    She came on holiday to Kephalonia with us when she was about 15…

    And she cried her heart out on the bus when it was time to go home…

    She said “I have had the best time in my life…..”

    Her Parents are Really Nice – But Intellectuals…

    And Professors don’t get paid that much if they really like Fucking and Making Lots of Children

    But All Their Kids are Lovely and Very Talented

    She is Called Dorothy and has also just started University.

    You see – these kids go to Universities all over the place = but still keep in contact – cos they love each other so much.


  • tony_opmoc

    I think we should just resign and walk away with no compensation whatsover…

    I think us English are Really Talented People

    We should Resign From The EU…

    Slowly and Gracefully Of Course…

    And Slowly and Gracefully Go Back To a Monarchy…

    Our Kings and Queens Never Fucked Us Like This…

    They Took Their Responsibilites Seriously

    Which Explains Something That Even I Find Very Difficult To Explain To Americans

    Most Working Class English People Completely Hate The Politicians

    But They All Loved Princess Diana

    Because She Was One Of Us, Was Totally Beautiful and Really Cared- But More Than That

    She Had The Most Awesome COURAGE


  • tony_opmoc

    My Lovely Wife Says Tony Come To Bed….

    But I Just Want To Spit FIRE

    In Memory Of All The Kids Who lived in Our Road…

    And Climbed Into Spitfires and Learnt To Fly

    I Can Fly – But Was Not Taught To Do So In a Time of War


  • ingo

    Love comes in all sorts of forms Frazer. Tony,ever thought to get your own blog?

    I also object to being preached at by any religious characters, be they football managers, priests, or missionaries such as Antonietta.

    Putting your trust into religion can only one of two things.

    I don’t think that baring our buttocks to religions and or any other vested interests in the current poer structure will get as much more than as we ever had. Or it will turn us all into fanatical thinkers, further hardening the messages of omnipotency, superior religious falsehoods whilst spreading anti Darwinian claptrap.

    Both notions have turned humanity into what it is now, so why should we possibly want more from someone who pretends to ‘felt the hands of god leading his actions’, giving him the strength to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    Jesus Christ was an ape, Antonietta, just as you and me.

  • 1971Thistle

    OK, I have signed the petition – what else can I do?

    It reminds me of Tom Lehrer: “Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize”

  • Abe Rene

    “But I thought he was a good Catholic.” – Nai Vety

    “Get ready to be branded with 666. Nyah hah hah hah hah!” – Dick Dastardly

    “President of Europe. I like that sound of that. Just think, standing side by side with the President of the United States, him with a blue passport and me with a burgundy one. It makes my eyes moist.” – T.B.

    Jokes aside, I’m puzzled why the Irish accepted the Lisbon treaty the second time round. I thought they were independent-minded to reject it the first time. Dreoilin, maybe you know the answer?

  • Abe Rene

    “But I thought he was a good Catholic.” – Nai Vety

    “Get ready to be branded with 666. Nyah hah hah hah hah!” – Dick Dastardly

    “President of Europe. I like the sound of that. Just think, standing side by side with the President of the United States, him with a blue passport and me with a burgundy one. It makes my eyes moist.” – T.B.

    Jokes aside, I’m puzzled why the Irish accepted the Lisbon treaty the second time round. I thought they were independent-minded to reject it the first time. Dreoilin, maybe you know the answer?

  • Fred


    …and it would have been better if he had posted it himself and removed the God and Christ references, as they detracted from his overall message…but I have edited it, removing the bits which I didn’t personally like…cos I agree with it..

    They did indeed detract from his message leading you to EDIT it. A sort of “sexed up dossier” if you will. I think you’ll find that with these religions it’s not a cut and paste affair. Faith: you either have it or you don’t.

    I would posit that you don’t need to be a Christian/Muslim/Jew to be a Humanitarian.

    With regard to Mr Blair, I think Jesus put it best when he said “…whited sepulchre…”.

  • mrohn

    I wonder if Mr Blair is a dupe, dangled in front of the public knowing it will incense them, to pave the way for a less objectionable candidate, and in doing so, fool them into accepting the concept of an EU president selected by (I believe) 27 people.

  • technicolour

    (Unsubstatiated) account of possible fraud and the way Ireland voted on indymedia

    “On the streets when handing out information leaflets well over 80% of the people said they would vote no. only a few people would vote yes. A few more, around one in ten, did not bother to go voting they said. But the official figures were that only 30% went voting and of these 30% two thirds voted yes. that is completely opposite from what was heard and said on the streets. People were very moved by this voting and they really hoped for a no vote because they feel so strong about this.”

    Would be interesting to see if there are similar stories.

  • technicolour

    @mrohn: i think it’s quite possible you are right. local councils do it. and it works.

  • dreoilin


    I believe the official turn-out figure was 58%. I’d be wary of any unofficial ‘poll’ taken on the streets (saying that 80% said they would vote No.) I’d be wary of indymedia anyway – Indymedia Ireland has let me down in the past.

    “Dreoilin, maybe you know the answer?”

    –Abe Rene

    I can give you my own synopsis, Abe, but I don’t pretend to be an analyst.

    The difference between facing the first vote and facing the second, was the economic crash. Celtic Tiger down the Swanee.

    The Yes campaign (Government and major parties) played on people’s fears of further economic woes if we said No. That’s the gist of it.

    The No campaign’s public face (or that which the media zeroed in on) was largely made up of Ganley/Libertas + Coir (ultra-nationalist right-wing Catholic) + Sinn Fein. There was, and is, great dislike among many people for both Ganley and Coir (whatever they feel about Sinn Fein). People who might have voted No couldn’t (mentally) associate themselves with the coalition in question, and some/many assumed they just couldn’t be right, given who they were.

    Personally I think that if the No campaign had been run *without* Ganley and *without* Coir, the result could have been much closer to 50/50. Ganley is viewed with huge suspicion here because not enough is/was known about his backers, and he has defence contracts with the US Defence Dept (as I understand it.)

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