Jack Straw Forgets His Lies 120

Lovely moment from an unpublished interview by Matt Kennard here, dating from 2006, in which Jack Straw forgets the particular lies he is supposed to be telling and dissolves into incoherence a la George W Bush:

MK: I was going to ask you about Craig Murray and Uzbekistan ?” the situation there. I was reading about you allegedly were trying to suppress his memoir. Is that correct?

JS: We were trying to get him to obey the rules. You need to get the lines off John on that if you don’t mind. But if you’re a diplomat you’re expected to abide by your responsibilities which include… you accept, again, privileged position, good money, access to all sorts of confidences, you got to… yeah, that’s the issue there.


Fascinating interview all in all. No wonder the student journalist, Matt Kennard, did not end up in the UK mainstream media – he’s much too good.

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120 thoughts on “Jack Straw Forgets His Lies

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  • anno

    Beeb, give us break.

    Why don’t you make the most monumental distraction, and reveal lots of national and INTERNATIONAL state secrets about M-O-S-S-A-D? W-O-O-W-W!!!!! AND why don’t you broadcast a MURDER confession on live T.V. for those whose minds are mostly made of SOAP?

    Tomorrow, instead of discussing the UKUS IS ethnic cleansing activities in Afghanistan you could, I don’t know, stage a funeral for Mrs Thatcher, send one hundred and fifty police vans to investigate suspicious white powder falling out of the sky. ANYTHING to take attention from the Great British Genocide.

  • tony_opmoc


    Thank you for sharing that with us.

    I have worked in computing since the age of 19 when I got my first job.

    I wanted to do computing at University, but my Older Brother said I should do my best subjects Maths and Physics

    So I did for a year.

    I did what I was told

    But I wanted to do Computing

    So I left after a year

    Because I wanted to do Computing

    And I applied for a job and they interviwed me and they put me through the test

    And they kept turning me down

    And I kept applying

    And they kept interviewing me and testing me and turning me down

    So after about 6 months of this I was getting to know the place pretty well

    I kept turning up for interviews and they kept turning me down

    So on my next attempt, I tried a different technique

    I said I know the place so well, that can I have a job at sweeping the floors or mopping up…

    But the guy who finally interviewed me and gave me the job didn’t realise this..

    Cos several years later, one of my mates broke into his office and went through the personnel files

    He wrote about me

    “Keen and Clean and Determined”

    So I got the job at age 19

    By the time I was 22, I was interviewing Graduates for Jobs as Trainees

    My son meanwhile, just did it himself, and got his own business going at the age of 13

    More or Less the same stuff though

    I’ve been retired for over 5 years now.

    You have nothing to worry about.

    Just give your lad all the encouragement you can and continue to lay all your passion down

    You are Nice

    And I want a Cuddle



  • tony_opmoc

    We were working at the forefront of computer technology just down the road from Machester University and Ferranti in Oldham

    And there was a Collection of The Most Brilliant Minds



    And there was No Way I could Compete With All These Genius’s

    I just felt elated to be working with them

    And so I saw things that needed to be done to turn the experimental hardware and software into Products That Could Actually Be Sold

    So I kept finding jobs that just needed to be done, and just did them, and developed my expertise in non core skill areas

    I found myself organising meetings and going to meetings and telling all the powers that be – where the real problems were and needed More Resources…

    So when they discarded me at the age of 28, like Most of The Rest of Northern England

    I was fucked

    And had to learn computing from scratch – and so I did and was about to launch my own computer games company in Manchester…

    But got made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

    So my Girlfriend and I Moved to LONDON and Spoke Proper ENGLISH in a LANCASHIRE Accent

    Never Did us Any Harm


  • anno

    May I quote Mark Golding yesterday in Blood on the Comic opera?

    ‘My mind is focussed, not on this propaganda war in South Afghanistan, but the wider robotic assassination program conducted by the CIA.’

    May I apologise to Mark for a comment I made recently criticising his relief at UK troops protecting Pakistan’s nuclear facilities. I am very grateful to you for passing on bits of information like these in the Pakistan/Afghanistan news blackout.

    May I also apologise to Craig for suggesting that his US fellow whistle- blowers whom he joined a couple of months ago were exaggerating the mass arrest program by CIA et al which Mark has described.

    My mind finds it difficult to encompass the vastness of the scale of megalomaniac madness of the USUKIS’ criminality. Because we have no hard evidence unless we have first hand sources in the countries under attack, I try to not to exaggerate what I hear.

    The giveaway,as Mark says, is the Hollywood blitz of BBC spin, with horrible Frank Goebbels Gardner and British officers performing good deeds for the cameras, and the smoke screen from Mossad and Dubai as the main story today.

    Obama’s Afghanistan surge

    is even more deadly and destructive than Bush’s false flag operations to ignite Iraq.

    I invoke Allah’s curse on Obama and Brown and their criminal accomplices in the War on Islam.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “I invoke Allah’s curse on Obama and Brown and their criminal accomplices in the War on Islam.”


    Too bad for you Allah doesn’t seem to give a shit!!!!

  • tony_opmoc


    I don’t mind you invoking your curse on the horrible people, and I really appreciate your blessings.

    I never had a problem with Odeng – a Muslim Guy working in my team

    He was from Malaysia and He Was a Really Nice Guy and a Genius

    He had his free time where he used to disappear discreetly such that no one knew – with his Prayer Mat – and it was Never a Problem

    But when it came to Ramaddan and it was 9:30 pm – the First Day in June – and I Knew Exactly Why He Was Writhing on The Floor in Agony

    And I walked out of the lift with My Colleagues and I Stepped Over His Body and Said You Stupid Cunt

    And They Were All Fussing Over Him And They Thought I was Really Callous By Telling Them He Was O.K. – Just Leave Him Alone

    At 10 pm when it goes dark, he will like a nice Cup of Tea – with Milk and Sugar

    He Really Respected Me For That – and He Invited Me Home To Meet His Family

    I Knew He Was O.K.


  • tony_opmoc

    He had a present for me.

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    We’ve Had an Entire Car in One of Them

    They Have Raised Floors – and You Can Fix The Engine From Underneath


  • Clark


    yes, Craig asked people to put The Catholic Orangemen of Togo on the Internet because Spicer prevented him from publishing by threatening Craig’s publisher with libel. It’s on my webspace, linked from my name below.

  • tony_opmoc

    And one night, and this is probably close to an official secret

    They totally By-passed the Security Guards

    And Smashed Their Way Through The Complex Of One of The Largest Companies in The UK…

    With Axes

    They Smashed The Place To Fuck

    And They Thought It Was an Unattended Computer Room

    And Their Objective Was To Steal The Hardware

    And They Saw Human Beings and Thought

    Well There is NO WAY Unless We Kill Them

    So They Fucked Off

    And So We Did It in TRIPLICATE


    They Can Fuck Over One Complete Data Centre – Or Even Two Like They Did With The TWIN TOWERS

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    I Just Suggested To The Management What Was Required If They Valued Their Business


  • tony_opmoc

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  • tony_opmoc

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    I think the cunt comes from up north


  • tony_opmoc

    And I have got another funeral to go to next week

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  • tony_opmoc

    And so I Finally take my Slippers Off at 03:20 am, and turn the lights down low and turn all the security lights off and just have the solar powered and the Mains Powered Laser Ones On…

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  • Barbara

    Mark, apology accepted and sorry in return for hasty and over-critical post. The Australian millionaire killing horses out of pique got to me.

    I have no idea what ‘T-force’ is, I’m a simple anti-racist.

    Other commentators: The BNP won two MEP seats. I think it is dangerously complacent to underestimate them.

    I admire Craig and posters here taking principled stands against outrages of human rights. In a small way that is what opponents of the BNP are also doing.

  • Frazer

    @Jon and technicolour.

    Interesting comments, though my point was about free speech. No matter what the disagreements with the BNP are they have a right to be heard.

    My right is to object to fucking idiots like the radical Islamic loons wanting to parade through WB and disrespect our fallen. It has nothing to do with ‘dark skins’ or religon, it is about my rights to object loud and vocally in objection per sae.

    Besides, if they had gone ahead there would have been blood all over the place.

    As to the horses, in Australia they are called brumbies and are an outright bloody pest as anyone whom has worked on a sheep farm knows. They were shot for attacking sheep (yup that’s right) over grazing and water territory.

    On a farm next door (about 100 miles in Aussie terms) they trampled to death a 6 year old kid. Farmers shoot hundreds a year and rightly so. You put down poison for rats don’t you ?

    I worked a sheep farm up in the Terrotories for a while and the manager’s instruction was to shoot brumbies on sight. I had no problem with that. Sorry guys, not provacation but a reality.

    If you really want a cause to object to try the Japanese whaling fleet, oh, sorry,research vessels.

  • Jon

    @Frazer – if you are in favour of extending free speech to the BNP, then you ought to extend the same freedom to the Islamic group. Could there not be a clearer double-standard in operation? This is why I think it is better to be less in favour of Voltaire’s absolute freedom of speech – we don’t extend the right to falsely cry fire in a crowded theatre, etc etc.

    To clarify, I am pessimistic on the issue of free speech for the BNP – theirs is a special case as, given their admiration for Hitler, they would be likely to shut down free speech if they had the power and opportunity. It is not democratic to allow people to vote for a party who would shut down democracy, certainly.

    The interesting thing, of course, is that to be even-handed I should recognise that some Islamic groups want to shut down democracy too. Islam4UK, who I have spoken to personally, is in favour of Sharia Law for Britain, and as such also should not be afforded the opportunity to regisgter themselves as a legitimate political party (though they don’t, as far as I know – they are a pressure group).

    On “disrespecting our fallen” – I have no quarrel with our soldiers, and I do not argue they should be specifically disrespected. They are victims of a monstrous system and their families should be allowed to grieve in peace. But I am wary of language specifically designed to decorate soldiers efforts for “our boys”, “queen and country”, “defending freedom” or other such propaganda. In Iraq and in Afghanistan, they died fighting an illegal war or a pointless one. I am not happy about that at all – they should not have been sent to either in the first place. Groups wishing to point this out should be permitted to do so, though I think it is fair to ask that it is done sensitively.

    And why are Islamic groups angry? Well, we see in the news that flying robots have been put to work in the sky, dropping bombs that kill a hundred Afghan civilians in a double wedding party in one go, without the cowardly joystick operator in Langley, Virginia ever having the decency to enter an even-handed, risky, firefight. And a million other reasons, which you know about already, and which are often the subject of this blog.

    True, I do wonder whether a protest by certain Islamic groups in military-family areas would be inflammatory. But, on the other hand, surely if we are wishing to reduce the perceived need for domestic extremism, is shutting down the right to peacefully protest not counterproductive?

  • anno

    On the contrary Larry, as we see all around us, just Allah cares. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! You still didn’t understand your Gospels that the wheat and the tares are permitted to grow up alongside one another until the Day of Judgement. My Qur’an says the same. I get stereo and 3 D on all channels and I get surprised when the disbelievers can’t even get a signal on their MacChrystal radios. Their loss, not mine.

  • dreoilin

    “Islam4UK, who I have spoken to personally, is in favour of Sharia Law for Britain”–Jon

    Jon, do they advocate any type of extremist action in what they preach – other than being in favour of Sharia?

    “I do wonder whether a protest by certain Islamic groups in military-family areas would be inflammatory.”

    Agreed, but I was of the opinion that some compromise could have been found.

    “is shutting down the right to peacefully protest not counterproductive?”

    Again, I thought that they wanted to commemorate Muslim deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. And given the way each death of a British soldier is treated in the media (at least what I see of UK media) it seemed to me that since numbers of Muslim deaths are not mentioned and names are never or rarely given, to allow such commemoration would seem reasonable.

    But I fear me that I spoke without sufficient knowledge.

  • dreoilin

    “it seemed to me that since numbers of Muslim deaths are not mentioned and names are never or rarely given” (me)

    I’m speaking of specific incidents, and not the likes of the Lancet study. Drone attacks that kill 12 civilians, etc.

  • Jon

    @dreoilin: as to whether Islam4UK are advocating extremist action, I am not sure. I don’t think it has been proven, although I’ve not looked into it in depth. I should imagine that it has been alleged by the government and by the press that they “have links” to such-and-such a group. Islam4UK have a website, which might answer that, although of course equally it might not tell the whole story 😉

    I also agree a compromise might have been found. I wonder if a different area might have been better though; their quarrel should be with the government, not the military families. That said, I’d be open to their demonstrating in Wootton Bassett if it was done with consideration for the families.

    On the last point, I think you misunderstood my comment – I think we are in agreement here. My point was that if Islamic protests are always shut down, Muslims will have access to less democratic expression, and some misguided individuals might consider turning to terrorism. Yes, I should think the group would want to commemorate Muslim deaths, and I think that with very limited provisos, they have a right to.

  • Jon

    I agree with you about the invisibility of civilian victims of Western drone attacks. On this topic, this article (see link) is interesting:

    ‘Lord Bingham, who retired last year as a senior law lord, said the aircraft [drones] could follow other weapons considered “so cruel as to be beyond the pale of human tolerance” in being consigned to the history books.’

  • Jon

    Ah, I should also have mentioned that the representative of Islam4UK that I spoke to was not advocating violent extremism.

    I’ve posted it here before, but for interest, I wrote a piece on the meeting last year (linked).

  • Alastair Ross

    Larry’s ‘gospels’ are doubtless contained in the Talmud, one of the most disgusting pieces of ‘literature’ ever conceived and wonderfully evocative of the Jewish mentality.

  • anno


    I’m not sure if you’re allowed to use the ‘J’ word. If you google your name, if it is your real name, you may find a permanent link to your comment which might not make your future employers happy.

    The Qur’an ubiqitously recites the sins of the Yahoodis, in order to warn the Muslims about the pitfalls of their faith, from the examples of those who preceded them from the children of Israel. Out of context, this looks like racism. I would recommend, if you want to use the ‘J’ word, that you either attach a full explanation of the context of your remarks, to make it plain you are not being racist, or use a blog name, maybe, albatross.

  • anno

    You are allowed to use the ‘Z’ word, which refers to the politics of the state of Israel, and to ‘J’s and non-‘J’s embedded in the institutions of our own and other states in order to lobby legitimately for Israel or illegitimately for the destruction of Israel’s critics.

    A Zionist spokesman said yesterday on Radio 4’s PM that Israeli assassination of a Muslim in Dubai using UK forged passports would be accepted by the UK government. They appear to be not only embedded, but also shagging Gordon Brown’s left ear. The right one doesn’t work because it’s the one he uses to ‘listen’ to the British people.

  • Alastair Ross

    Thank you for your comments, anno. I know that in the New World Order truth is no defence but here we are.

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