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There are many thousands of people imprisoned in Uzbekistan alone who should not be imprisoned and who suffer much worse conditions than even the genuine horrors of Wandsworth being visited on Julian Assange. But the Assange case has implications for ever deteriorating Western freedoms which should not be overlooked.

Then there are many war criminals who ought to be in jail and who are not. Most prominent of these are Bush, Blair, Cheney, Straw and their crew. A minor figurewho ought to be in jail is Anna Ardin. Here are two tweets she published after being “raped” by Julian Assange:

‘Julian wants to go to a crayfish party, anyone have a couple of available seats tonight or tomorrow? #fb’

‘Sitting outdoors at 02:00 and hardly freezing with the world’s coolest smartest people, it’s amazing! #fb’

She subsequently deleted and tried to expunge those. I doff my hat to Rixstep:,01.shtml

For another avowed feminist trying to bring Assange down, analyse the use of language in this article by the Guardian’s useless Helen Piddle. For a worm like her to use words like bizarre and raggle-taggle in relation to John Pilger really defies rationality.

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512 thoughts on “They got the wrong person

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  • LOL

    Everybody buggered off, then. Jon and Suhayl, smears deployed, have nothing more to say.

    But hey Suhayl, have you looked up the meaning of the word Genocide yet?

    Maybe that’s why we heard no more about that. The meaning’s not quite what you’d have folks believe, is it?

    In fact the meaning is precisely applicable to anti-nationalist imperial policy, and it is precisely applicable because the term was coined in the context of the Germany’s attempts at the destruction of national identities throughout occupied Europe.

    But since not too many here seems to care about facts, logic or decency, I won’t pursue that.

  • Linda

    Glad to see others have pointed out that Naomi Wolf’s Huffington Post piece was satire (hello!) and that, alas, Craig Murray is wrong to paint “feminists” with one misguided brush. Alas, we couldn’t have expected Craig to be perfect. So he’s not. Now we know. If he promises to re-examine his idea that all feminists are [whatever it is he has been led to mistakenly believe they are] I promise not to hold this mistake against him and all the brilliant work he has done. It is actually an OFFENSE to feminism/feminists to hide behind a (likely bogus) rape charge when you really want to take down Assange for other reasons and further an imperialist agenda. Pretty sure all of us intelligent folk can agree on this.

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