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There are many thousands of people imprisoned in Uzbekistan alone who should not be imprisoned and who suffer much worse conditions than even the genuine horrors of Wandsworth being visited on Julian Assange. But the Assange case has implications for ever deteriorating Western freedoms which should not be overlooked.

Then there are many war criminals who ought to be in jail and who are not. Most prominent of these are Bush, Blair, Cheney, Straw and their crew. A minor figurewho ought to be in jail is Anna Ardin. Here are two tweets she published after being “raped” by Julian Assange:

‘Julian wants to go to a crayfish party, anyone have a couple of available seats tonight or tomorrow? #fb’

‘Sitting outdoors at 02:00 and hardly freezing with the world’s coolest smartest people, it’s amazing! #fb’

She subsequently deleted and tried to expunge those. I doff my hat to Rixstep:,01.shtml

For another avowed feminist trying to bring Assange down, analyse the use of language in this article by the Guardian’s useless Helen Piddle. For a worm like her to use words like bizarre and raggle-taggle in relation to John Pilger really defies rationality.

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  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The Assassination of Dr. Majid Shahriari, Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran.

    The murder was jointly planned by MI6 who set the moral framework, and Mossad, the Israeli spy agency. The operation, carried out by a small team trained to be acutely aware of previous failures concerning the use forged passports used in the Dubai hit and the attempt to poison Khaled Meshal in Amman, Jordan which resulted in a senior Hamas figure being released from an Israeli jail in order to secure the freedom of the two Mossad officers.

    Now it is essential British MI6 and American CIA officers do the ‘hit’ groundwork and travel under their true nationalities, because Israelis always have to pretend to be citizens of another state with a different name and this increases the risk tenfold of being caught.

    Israel and Mossad’s top priority at the moment is not the Palestinian issue but Iran and its nuclear programme and I can reveal that an equipment supplier has been executed in Iran after he admitted working for Mossad and delivering uranium enrichment equipment infected with Stuxnet.

    You might ask is there a difference between smothering someone with a pillow in Dubai and dropping a bomb on their house in Waziristan?

    Meir Dagan has taken a big hit and we must expect Mossad to now rely heavily now on British MI6 cooperation.

  • CheebaCow


    Thanks for the link, it was so bad it made me laugh, kinda like 80’s B grade movies make me laugh. From the article you linked to:

    “Apparently, she’s connected to the CIA , while the other rape “victim” is a militant feminist type, and once wrote a book on how to get back at hated White men. Yeah, the Jews have screwed up Sweden, too.”


    “especially any of us real Americans who now have awakened to find ourselves living in the Jewnited States of Jewmerica!”

    ahahahahahahhahahahahaha. Is Eric Cartman blogging now?

    Thanks for posting the link, you couldn’t do any more to undermine your own position. Although I can’t really decide what’s funnier, the shear ridiculousness of the article, or the fact you think it’s valid analysis.

    Thinking of you (

  • Ruth

    I’ve noticed that often when I make a comment tony_opmoc lets forth directly or almost directly. I wonder what I say stirs him so.

  • Apostate

    oilman and tartan zionist campbell want us to subscribe to Al Jazeera and The Guardian!

    Are you two serious?

    Do you really think people trying to navigate the post-911 world will be any the wiser for accessing these two corporate sources?

    Who gives two shits re-Assange or Clegg anyway?

    There’s guys lying in hospital beds with cracked heads who expected something from Clegg and got their heads bashed in instead.

    Next you’ll be recommending SkyNews!

    People are starting to connect the dots and it’s not looking good for your sponsors in the long-run at all.

    For astute analysis of the only problem we all have to find answers for i.e. Israel, Zionist-Occupied Banks, Governments and Media around the world today check this out:

  • Freeborn


    If you think the idea that the US and Sweden are not ZOG ( Zionist Occupied Governments ) then it’s you rather than Apostate who is making an arse of yourself.

    There is a direct correlation between the extent of Zionist influence in states like Sweden and the US and the numbers of troops they have in unwinnable wars for Greater Israel in places like Afghanistan.

    Have you been living in a cave or do you get all your news from Zionist media?

  • Apostate


    Care to answer any of the charges made in the article: Something Wiki This Way Comes that so amused you?

    The idea that Lobby influence via media ownership is pervasive in Sweden and Scandinavia generally is not in dispute is it?

    If you’re taking issue with the idea that Zionists are powerful in the US your head must have been stuck up your arse for a very long time!

    Perhaps you’re not quite ready to debate any of these issues just yet.

    It’ll be better for you if you make yourself scarce just now………


  • Anonymous

    Craig’s comment July 6th: Apostate, Freeborn and Steelback (who may or may not all be the same person) are not welcome on this site, under these or any other names, for persistent anti-semitism and holocaust denial.

  • Steelback

    Another telling intervention from Clark Kent.

    We’ll just give you some time to try and find Israel on the map,shall we?

    Evidently Geography wasn’t covered in your remedial group at school.

    Do you guys really think a crew of lightweights like you stands a chance debating Apostate?

    Think again,airheads!

  • Apostate


    Who of the shills you reckon they’ll send out?

    Still,can’t say I’m quaking in my boots!

    The more light gets shed on Israel the less they like it. They’re a bit like vampires coming out after dark.

    Reckon they’ve gone back to their coffins now…………

    What’s the betting they’ve slipped off to Craig Murray again to complain re-“antisemitism” and “Holocaust-denial”?

    Fancy you and me being here on this thread now…..(LOL!)

    Got your crucifix handy?

  • Clark

    Steelback; no, really. Is Israel really the ONLY problem, or does this line actually tell us more about Apostate’s thoughts than anything else?

  • CheebaCow


    My point was that if you link to articles that use language like “Jewnited States of Jewmerica!” no one will even bother to read an entire article let alone take you seriously. If your article includes a picture that has been photoshopped to make the eyes glow red no one will take you seriously. If your article blames all the worlds problems on a tiny group of people no one will take you seriously. This is simple stuff. Surely you learnt in school how to determine what a valid source is.

    aProstate and Bareback:

    I’m moving in slow motion

    feels so good

    It’s a strange anticipation

    knock, knock, knocking on wood

    Bodies working overtime

    Man against man

    And all that ever matters

    is baby who’s ahead in the game

    Funny but it’s always the same


    Playing, playing with the boys

    Playing, playing with the boys

    After chasing sunsets

    one of life’s simple joys

    is playing with the boys


    PS – Yes I am terribly scared to enter into a debate with you guys. Your intellect is clearly too much for me, and I can’t photoshop eyes well enough to prove I’m right.

  • dreoilin


    That link above from Apostate, are they White supremacists also? I’m not well up on this fevered anti-Jewish stuff. But it looks like White supremacist BS to me.

    “If you’re taking issue with the idea that Zionists are powerful in the US ..”


    I don’t — e.g. everyone knew that Obama wouldn’t put any serious pressure on Israel re settlements with the mid terms coming up (didn’t he try to buy a short freeze with F16s instead + a promise to veto any UN resolutions against Israel?)

    I take issue with this kind of nonsense (as well as other stuff at that link):

    “What they won’t say in Time magazine: The contact number for is reported to be a DC area code and is for a Verizon phone registered in Adelphi, Maryland. It has the same exchange as the newly-created Iraq Study Group and twenty miles down the road is CIA station Reston, Virginia.”

    Reported to be. Only twenty miles down the road. I mean, so what.

    “Fancy you and me being here on this thread now…..(LOL!)”

    Lay off the repeated LMAOs ans LOLs, it gets really irritating … And no, it’s no surprise at all. I can’t really blame you for coming back, since Larry does too, although he’s banned. I recall you being told you were not welcome, but I don’t recall you being “banned” as such. Until such time as the necessary software is in place to enforce bans, we’re stuck with you and your Holocaust denial.

    [I’m amused at you referring to me as ‘oilman’. I just recently discovered that we have a tiny town called Oilgate in Co Wexford. Must find out where the name came from.]

    “I can’t photoshop eyes well enough to prove I’m right.”

    Hee hee!!

  • Freeborn

    Prostate and BornFree

    You guys clocked that anonymous reminder that comes up re-our being “banned” every time Zionism comes under the spotlight?

    It’s like these Hasbarats have suddenly become disorientated by the prospect of real debate.

    They’re waiting for further instructions from Tel Aviv now as we speak or maybe they’ll just summon Craig Murray and threaten to get him closed down-again.


  • Anonymous

    Craig’s post July 6th: Apostate, Freeborn and Steelback (who may or may not all be the same person) are not welcome on this site, under these or any other names, for persistent anti-semitism and holocaust denial.

  • Clark

    I reckon Apostate is peripheral to Mossad 🙂 It’s very clever, it’s War by Deception! By posing as an anti-semite and attributing all crimes and atrocities to Israel, he discredits all investigation into Israel’s real crimes. We’ll never beat these damn Zionists, they’re just too clever for us.

  • LOL

    How fascinating that Angrysoba should first respond to my post on Craig Murray’s New World Order agenda by saying

    “Craig Murray is not a “shill” he just favours very fashionable causes: “Scots Nationalism”, for example, yet oddly ran for MP in Norwich on the platform of anti-corruption by pandering to his Norwich through-and-throughness.”

    And then, a day later, attacks me furiously for the same comments, says I had a “meltdown,” that I have a “persecution complex, etc.” The usual resort of the Murray defenders to personalities, and crass insults.

    Does Angry suffer from a split personality? Are there several people posting under his name? Did someone give him a bollocking for not attacking me the first time round?

    It’s interesting though, that discussion of Craig Murray’s agenda raises so much heat.

    After all, I merely listed some of the postions that Murray supports and pointed out that they are perfectly consistent with the NWO. Lets go over it again.

    Nine-eleven was the catalyzing political event of the 21st century. It has never been the subject of a forensic or judicial investigation. But Craig Murray and his sycophants don’t question the US Government line that 9/11 was the work of Al Qaeda under the direction of Osama bin Laden located at the time in Afghanistan.

    Now we have Assange fully endorsed by Craig Murray telling us, by way of a stolen diplomatic cable authorized for release by the State Department, that Osama bin Laden, who was suffering from end-case kidney failure in 2001, is alive and well directing the war against the US from a base in Pakistan.

    Yet Craig Murray and his side-kicks claim to be against the war, which raises this very interesting question: why? If they believe that the US was attacked by bin Laden with the connivance of Afghanistan in 2001 and that the US is still being attacked under the direction of bin Laden, now with the connivance of Pakistan, why are they against the war. Every nation has a right of self-defense. The position taken by Craig Murray and his unquestioning supporters here is that the war is evil. Why?

    The answer, I suggest, is that Craig Murray is a shill for the NWO. Hence the determined opposition to any investigation of charges that 9/11 was a false flag attack to justify the launch of a war of imperial aggression. Hence also the policing of comment on 9/11 by the supposedly banned extremely aggressive Angrysoba and Larry.

    Empires hate internal division on racial, national or cultural grounds. Hence the Murray line Scotch nationalism: break up the UK and deny the existence of a British nation, and call any critics racists, and see the pieces more closely incorporated into the larger largely undemocratic EU.

    All empires hate national traditions. Hence the Murray line on Britian’s constitutional monarchy, the first and most brilliantly effective check on absolute government the modern world has seen, ridicule it, deny its function, insist that it is a bastion of privilege.

    All empires hate independent thought. Hence the Murray line on education, it must be paid for by the state and thus entirely controlled by the state, and thus an open conduit for propaganda.

    All empires promote internal trade. Hence the Murray line of globalization. The NWO is a world empire, hence global free trade. If that means effective unemployment or partial employment for 9 million Britons, so be it.

    But the anti-torture thing. That’s a good cover, since we know that all empires have used torture and that all empire no doubt always will.

  • dreoilin

    “By posing as an anti-semite and attributing all crimes and atrocities to Israel”


    I always thought there was something fishy/fake about them/it. 🙂

  • Alfred


    “I reckon Apostate is peripheral to Mossad. It’s very clever, it’s War by Deception! By posing as an anti-semite and attributing all crimes and atrocities to Israel, he discredits all investigation into Israel’s real crimes.”

    This is certainly a possibility that should be considered with reference to any seeming anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, or anti-Israel argument. Much anti-Semitism is clearly inspired by Zionist interests. And certainly your interpretation explains why Apostate, et al. constantly negate the effectiveness of their argument by giving links to obviously anti-Semitic material.

    But if the Israelis are among the pioneers of game theory war planning

    they are certainly not the only practioners, which is why one needs to examine the overall implications of what anyone is saying.

    And, as just noted, the overall implication of what Craig Murray is saying are startling, and quite contrary to what most people here seem to think.

  • Clark

    Hi Dreoilin; I hope you’re well. There was a wren on my window sill this morning. Did you say you have a website? Can we have a link? Oh look, Alfred’s started trolling again. Alfred, you really need some way to occupy your time. Try proving that cheese is made from glue, or maybe that’s too easy.

  • Clark

    Alfred, who cares what Apostate’s motivation is, so long as he goes away? As for Craig’s motivation, well, if Craig takes over the world, that’s OK by me, in fact, I recommend it, and I’ll campaign for it.

    Craig Murray for Benevolent World Dictator for life!

  • Apostate

    Wow it must be dark outside CheapCow and the Zionist trolls rose from the dead!

    Feeling lucky punk?

    I’m afraid your assumption that the graphics on the INCOG piece will put people off reading it is well wide of the mark. More people on the internet in the US read INCOG than read Craig Murray here by rather a large margin!

    It seems to have escaped your notice that the blog’s focus on Big Jewry and Zionist cultural and political subversion is quite topical just now. Given the growing perception in the States that incipient financial meltdown and the country’s involvement in unwinnable wars overseas are both products of such subversion this would come as a surprise only to someone as poorly informed as yourself.

    I wonder why you haven’t engaged with the following key points made:

    (1) Assange’s arrest is just an effort to give him some street-cred.

    (2) WikiLeaks is a Zionist psy-op that’ll be used to crack-down on internet freedom.

    The rest of the article goes on to ponder just what the people behind geopolitical shenanigans like WikiLeaks may have in store for us.

    (3) The current war on our minds may herald another false-flag event far worse than 911 leading to a possible WW3 starting with an Israeli attack on Iran.

    (4) Israel may benefit from instigating a limited nuclear exchange between China and the US. In the aftermath of this a depleted one-party warfare state in the US could follow.

    (4) Bernanke and the NWO crowd run the Fed and may now use their engineered financial collapse to roll out an NWO currency.

    (5) Big Jewry will be quite happy for Little Jews to be scapegoated for what Big Jewry has done to the US economy and the constitutional rights of free Americans. More Little Jews may flee the US for Israel. The Greater Israel agenda would only gain further momentum with this influx.

    (6) Israel may then turn on Syria,Lebanon and Jordan.

    Such questions as these might seem unrealistic to uninformed Little Englanders like you but they are posed on blogs universally just now with good reason.

    No blog can rightly claim to answer all such questions but the more interesting blogs are the ones asking the right questions.

    This is something you and your PC/shill friends have proven repeatedly is quite beyond your capabilities.

  • somebody

    It gets worse.

    According to medialens, the visual media are still going on the royals and making a big thing of the student who tore the flag on the Cenotaph. He has been charged with ‘criminal damage of the Union flag’. Couldn’t make it up. Skulls and lungs do not matter. Flags do.

  • Freeborn


    Respect, brother!

    Laid waste to the wet PC nerds and shills. They were never at the races.

    One point I would take issue with is the idea that these guys are not well informed. The phrase doesn’t quite begin to plumb the depth of their ignorance does it?

    Aren’t we being just a tad too polite?

    In former times these guys would be called:


  • Apostate


    Thanks for the kind words,bro.

    Now re-me being just too polite. Just clocked another shill attempt to corral us back into the controlled media fold and am about to lose it!



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