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This 2009 rally in Oslo was attended by Breivik’s heroine, Pamela Geller. On Saturday I posted about the comments Breivik made on Geller’s Atlas Shrugs website. There is a fuller analysis on the impact of the Tea Party on Breivik’s thinking here. It turns out that Breivik also references Geller’s Atlas Shrugs blog and a related hate filled website, The Gates of Vienna, in his tedious anti-muslim manifesto.

It is therefore highly likely that Breivik would have noted Geller’s visit to Norway and gone to hear her. The occasion was a rally in support of Israel’s Gaza massacre of over 1,900 Palestinians in Operation Cast Lead. It would be a fruitful line of inquiry for the police to investigate why Geller decided to go all the way from Tennessee to Oslo for such a small rally (the majority of people in that photo, those across the road, are demonstrating against the rally). Who invited the hate preacher? Why? And did she meet Breivik in person?

It is worth noting that the English Defence League, supported by both Geller and Breivik, also held pro-massace rallies at this time. This is Geller on the EDL:

The EDL is routinely smeared in the British media, as the Tea Party activists are smeared in the U.S. media. The corrupt, biased media defames any group, person, or organization standing against Islamic supremacism. They tar, feather and destroy the good name of good people who stand for life, liberty and individual rights. Libel and slander like “racist,” “fascist,” “bigot,” etc. color every news report of every counter-jihad action. The quisling media is the propaganda arm of jihad. It’s despicable. There is nothing racist, fascist or bigoted about the EDL.

This is Breivik on the EDL:

“I used to have more than 600 EDL members as Facebook friends and have spoken with tens of EDL members and leaders. In fact; I was one of the individuals who supplied them with processed ideological material (including rhetorical strategies) in the very beginning.”

One of the things we know about Breivik is that he was a dedicated video wargamer. On this online wargaming forum a poster calling himself Norge (Norway) says that he was at that rally and goes on to make numerous anti-Muslim remarks in very much Breivik’s calm style. Now, that is a small crowd to contain two rabidly anti-Muslim Norwegian wargame fanatics, particularly as various reports – including on that forum – indicate most of the pro-massacre group was elderly, and less likely to video wargame. If Norge is indeed Breivik, then he is in that photograph at Geller’s rally. If Norge is not Breivik, then police should trace someone whose interests and political actions were so close to Breivik’s, and see if they were connected.

Isn’t it extraordinary that right wing terrorists are seldom called terrorists, and are always said to have acted alone. Muslim terrorists, however, are always part of the international al-Qaida network, even when they and their motives were obviously homegrown. Any connection by any Muslim terrorist to any mosque or preacher is sufficient to condemn that mosque or preacher loudly in the media as an instigator of terrorism – even though they may never have heard of the terrorist. There are people in Guantanamo for approaching a decade just because they were at the same meeting as someone else. Yet exactly the same kind of links by Breivik to his right wing hate preaching US inspirers like Geller are simply glossed over by the mainstream media.

Right wingers always are just crazed individuals acting alone in the official narrative. But that is plainly untrue.

I can understand the line, adopted by all the mainstream media, that Breivik’s trial should be heard in secret because he should not gain a platform through his evil actions to spout his poisonous propaganda. But I cannot resist the suspicion that the right wing will be delighted to minimise the information that may come out about Breivik’s right wing connections.

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  • Paul Johnston

    To give publicity or not to is a tough one but I am inclined to say the hearings should be open. Information will get out anyway and best people hear what this person has to say. I would have though the extreme right wing would only be too happy to gain “kudos”.
    After David Copelands arrest he was disparaging about the BNP and his thoughts were that it had gone soft. Hence his move to the much smaller NSM.

  • Eunice

    Good article. However, looking at this user Norge’s past posts, I don’t know that it is Breivik. Look at this post: and several previous ones in the same thread insisting on greater multiculturalism and racial representation in Obama’s administration. ‘Norge’ seems to really dislike Muslims, but Breivik really hated multiculturalism.

  • Guest

    “wargame fanatics”
    I have been saying for years that wargames must have an effect on the minds of those who play them!. I think that is the real idea behind them, to promote barbaric behavior and barbarize young minds.

  • Old Trot

    If the hearing is indeed behind closed doors the extreme right-wing will be doubly delighted, because it would allow them to claim that the ‘leftwing’ Norwegian State is silencing Breivik’s freedom of expression. There are already conspiracy theorists on EDL and other sites claiming a left-wing cover-up, and a secret hearing would just add more grist to their mill.

  • Craig Murray


    I am sorry to say that I think you have missed that those posts are heavily sarcastic – Norge is not supporting multiculturalism, he is making fun of it. Other posters spot this – see for example Wolfcp11 “I think we can safely say that he is joking now”.

  • Tom Welsh

    I must say I do like the idea of “processed ideological material…”

    Isn’t modern technology grand? Processed food, processed entertainment, and now processed ideological material! I wonder what it looks like? I imagine a kind of nauseous greenish-yellow paste, perhaps somewhat resembling long-stored and fermented whale blubber.

  • JimmyGiro

    “…processed ideological material! I wonder what it looks like? I imagine a kind of nauseous greenish-yellow paste, perhaps somewhat resembling long-stored and fermented whale blubber.”
    So you’ve seen EastEnders then?

  • muslimanarchist

    We would often have jeremy paxman in front of some weather like billboard linking a muslim suspected of terrorism with bin laden, he went to the same school, he was on the same forum, etc.
    We also have endless blogs and articles about how any muslim acting alone gets his insperation from the hate preacher of the moment. I mean all of anwar awlakis volumous works have been pulled from the uk libraries.
    So the double standards are as in your face as you can get.

    But the one thing that really strikes me about the differences is the level of professionalism.
    Most terrorist attacks carried out by muslims are not very well thought out, are crude, carried out by young low educated people or misfits, the perpetrators inevitably end up dead so we can never know what motivated them. For example richard reid, or the youth worker that is the 7/7

    Yet in contrast both timoth mcvei and anders had meticulous planning, extremely well organised, had a specific agenda that was well documented and put out etc.

    is it me , or do all “muslim terrorists” come across as the bumbling dads army, whereas the right wing terrorists are professional and carry out acts to maximum effect.

    So I keep on asking myself. if this is how a terrorist attack “should ” look like, how come the muslims don’t do it in such a way. it almost gives credence to the idea of false flag ops.

  • JimmyGiro

    Guest wrote: “I have been saying for years that wargames must have an effect on the minds of those who play them!. I think that is the real idea behind them, to promote barbaric behavior and barbarize young minds.”
    So why did it take so long for your theory to come to fruition? and why only a handful of instances, rather than the millions of gamers world wide?

  • ingo

    Thanks for highlighting the obvious links with some excellent research Craig, if its a good resolution photo, they should be able to find him at that rally.

    Paul and Old Trot, agree with both of you, the status quo merchants and warmongers are cockahoop over the secrecy.

    We must realise that some 22% voted for a rightwing party in Norway, equally in France, Belgium, Germany and Austria, not to talk of Russia or Poland who also have active and rabid rightwing movements, these movements have been allowed to flourish.

    The phenomena is that this unholy alliance between ultra rightwing groups, some of them Christian orientated, are now in cohouts with zionists, from persecution, racismn and bigotry to being friendly and inviting Nick griffin to talk in one foul swoop.
    We have talked about this real axis of evil before, during Craigs campaign here in Norwich North. Their terror actions have dominated Europe in the 20th. century and they are now so strong, supported by vested interest galore, their impact on society so intrepid and vast, helped and egged on by the likes of Murdoch, that the 21st. century might go the same calamitous way.

  • mary

    Completely off topic but forgive me – my blood is boiling. I have just seen on a Sky banner that five Afghan children were killed by a British Apache helicopter on Saturday. This is the same type of helicopter that Prince Harry is so desperate to operate there.
    Prince Harry of Wales Returns to Afghanistan
    by Felicity Arbuthnot

  • Guest

    “So why did it take so long for your theory to come to fruition? and why only a handful of instances, rather than the millions of gamers world wide?”
    JimmyGiro, do we not see it on our streets, everyday new acts of violence. How many of our young are behind bars ?, is this the world we want!. Do you really think that “wargames” act as a good thing on the minds of anyone ?.

  • Vronsky

    ” processed ideological material! I wonder what it looks like?”

    Sounds like a perfect description of the BBC News.

  • craig Post author

    Faithful reader,
    I am sorry, but I think the idea this was a flase flag operation because of Norway’s decision to end its participation in the NATO libya campaign, is rather crazed.

  • mary

    Behind closed doors I see Dreoilin.
    The man who has admitted carrying out Friday’s twin terror attacks in Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, has made his first appearance in court in Oslo.
    The hearing was held behind closed doors, as ruled by the judge, who will make a statement later.

  • Old Trot

    Faithful Reader,

    It is clear that the Oslo and Utøya attacks were literally years in the planning and certainly begun long before the Arab Spring. Also, why would such an attack persuade Norway to continue bombing Libya? I agree there are legitimate questions to be asked about whether there was a second shooter and police are investigating the possibility. No doubt forensic tests will show if there were other weapons involved in addition to those already recovered.
    The idea police bomb drills in the area around government offices are indicative of something suspicious going on is frankly ludicrous. Of course they train for that sort of thing, it’s called basic security.
    Far-fetched conspiracy theories are the last thing anyone needs right now

  • Eunice


    …Oh. My apologies. I have almost no sarcasm meter on the internets, my bad.
    Carry on…

  • Paul Johnston

    Did anyone notice the use of the word Quisling?
    “The quisling media is the propaganda arm of jihad”
    What a moron she is, I would think among the far right Quisling is a positive adjective!

  • Eunice

    It’s too bad all that CSI “perfectly zoom in on a 1-pixel photograph and come up with a crystal-clear image” crap doesn’t work in real life. That would be quite useful here.

  • Faithful Reader

    Old Trot

    You raise some interesting points.

    Although the infrastructure for this sort of attack would need to be well established, I contend that a particular project could be executed fairly quickly.

    Who said anything about persuasion. Punishment is not persuasion. You can be sure the powers-that-be in Norway know the score.

    Of course security drills have a legitimate purpose. That’s what makes them so useful as preparation/cover for false-flag attacks.

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